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From: Gord Pace
Subject: Jukes - Naylor
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Jim, On your page - is mentioned:
"Following Sarah's death, he married again to widow Hannah Naylor (nee Jukes)"

I have Jukes & Naylor too - Here's what I have:

3 EDWIN / EDWARD CULWICK - (brother of my great-grandmother) - born abt 1845 BROMSGROVE Worcestershire - 1851 census at REDNAL shows as 6 years old
+ PHOEBE NAYLOR of Sedgley m 16 May 1864


- EDWARD, x, 22, bach, carter of West Brom, father VICARAGE, carter
and PHOEBE, (x), 23, spinster, father JOB NAYLOR, miner.
Witnesses SAMUEL CULLWICK (signed) and PHEBE ANN JUKES, (x).

EDWARD was a coal miner in Laney Green, Staffs. He died there on 6th November 1873 from bronchitis and pneumonia Đ informant EMILY PACE (sister) of Laney Green, present at death (she signed).

EMILY PACE (nee CULWICK) was my great grandmother

PHOEBE NAYLOR was bt at Sedgley on 11 Apr 1841, parents JOB and MARY NAYLOR. She appears to have been named after an older sister PHOEBE b 1831 died age 3

PHOEBE married, secondly, JOHN FASEY on 9 August 1880 at Sedgley (VTR).

I believe this FASEY/PHASEY may have come to Canada as I worked with
one at Oshawa. It was said that there were only about four
Phasey/fasey folks in Canada..

Emily Pace nee Culwick was my great grandmother

3 SAMUEL CULWICK 1843-1901
- born abt 1846 KINGS NORTON, Worcestershire.
1851 census at Rednal - shows as 5 years old Occ: Moulder
Marriage was 29 Jan 1866 at West Brom All Saints Samuel, (signed), 22,
bach, brass caster of West Brom, father Vicarage, labourer and
Harriet, (signed), 23, sp, father Thomas PADDOCK, labourer.
James LONGMORE and Harriet CULLWICK (sister of bridegroom).

On another of my pages,
I have JUKES again in HICKEN THACKER FARLEY ancestry of Norton Canes area.

This is in connection to my 2X great grandmother HANNAH HICKEN
who married JOSHUA PACE 1808-1895 - marriage September 30, 1833 at Walsall.

Maybe warrents a closer look.
Gord Pace in Ontario

Hello Gord,

It looks as if we have a probable link with the Naylors and a more remote possibility with the Jukes.

Hannah Jukes' first marriage was to Isaac Naylor 11 Sep 1818 in Dudley, but they lived in Sedgley (or possibly Gornal, which was a part of Sedgley). They had three children, the first of whom was Job, baptised 1820. He could well be the father of your Phoebe.

Hannah was the daughter of Isaac Jukes and Mary (nee Tinsley), who had a son Thomas born 1798 - could he be the one on your list who died in the 1870s?

Most of my Naylor information came from another researcher (Lynn Naylor), but I have not (after 6 years!) yet put all of it into my database. Perhaps I should look out the original email I received and pass it on to you?



Mr Pace,
Found your webpage whilst researching my own family tree
- this page in particular - click here

I noticed that under the children of
you have "no info" next to THOMAS PACE (b 1875)

Well, he was my great grandfather
who married a ROSE LLOYD in Walsall, 1907.

They had several children including my grandfather, and the Pace family is still going strong and expanding in Walsall.

My granddad
used to tell us stories
that he had cousin in Ohio.
Now I think he was wrong and meant Ontario!
Perhaps that's of interest?
Regards - Dr.RT (My mother was Pace!)

Webmaster's NOTE:

  • your grandad was right
  • he DID HAVE family in Ohio, at Toledo
    His elder sister FRANCES EMILY PACE
    LOOK - in the right hand column ->

Here is what I have, so far,
on your great grandfather,
THOMAS PACE's family

THOMAS PACE - b 5 Apr 1875 LANEY GREEN, Shareshill, Staffordshire
- (couple remained in MIDLANDS)
1901 census
-THOMAS was living in Green Lane, Walsall, with his brother WILLIAM and mother, EMILY, who had earlier remarried REUBEN DUDLEY and was now widowed again.

    + VIOLET
    • a son and daughter
  • EDWARD "Ted"
    + CONNIE
    • they had 5 children, 3 boys and 2 girls
  • ELSIE - died in 2000
    • John (from a previous marriage) had a son and daughter
    • John and Elsie had one daughter
      Reginald never married
      He worked as a milkman

who went to OHIO
after marriage to

Toledo Ohio

1891 Census - 175 East St, Bridgtown STS:
GEORGE EMERY head 27, ag lab, b Cannock FRANCES EMILY, (PACE) wife, b Shareshill
.....elder sister of CV PACE

1930 census
-Toledo, Lucas County, Ohio
shows a son, wife and parents

JOSEPH E EMERY 1891-1952 head, 38

  • ..born 12 Dec 1891 England
  • ..immigrated in 1909, naturalized
  • ..married age 23 (1914)
  • ..died 8 Dec 1952 in Toledo
  • .....parents

    born England
+ FLORENCE E EMERY 1892-1931
wife, 37 (nee Wootton)
  • ..born 1892 in Leamore, Bloxwich
  • ..married age 22, born England
  • ..immigrated in 1911, naturalized
  • .....parents:
  • ..Florence Emma Emery
    died 19 Dec 1931 at Toledo OhioĘ

October 30, 2011
from another cousin, in the UK - 1st cousin to above
Hello Gord, Just by chance I stumbled on your information on facebook. Over the years I'd looked for more Pace history but not in a serious manner. My grandfather Thomas and Rose my gran were lovely. They lived at 9 Green Lane Leamore all their married life and bought four children up there in a two up two down terraced house with an outside washhouse, coalhouse and toilet. The house is still there. They had Thomas, Edward, Elsie and Reginald Charles. The three boys slept in the front bedroom and my grandparents and my mom Elsie shared the back bedroom. Because Reginald was still at home my mom slept in that room with her parents until she married aged 31. None of them were in a rush to marry Gord. My uncle TOM married quite late to Violet and had a son Ronald and a daughter Audrey who is more like my mom than me!. EDWARD (Ted) married Connie, he was near 30 years of age, they had 5 children, 3 boys and 2 girls (one son now deceased with no issue) My mom ELSIE married at 31 and only had me although she married a widower with 2 children so I have a half brother and sister. REGINALD never married . All four are now dead, my mom being the last to die in 2000. As I child I spent a fair bit of time with my grandparents and remember two brothers of my grandad Edward and William. I understood Edward was local and Billy lived at Chadsmoor which is Cannock. One of them looked very much like my grandad. My grandad died when I was around 5 and my grandmother died just before I was 8. I was there when she passed away. Both were cremated at Perry Barr and I attended both funerals. I am surprised that you were born in Birmingham. My mother wrote to her Aunt Mary Ann for years and then to her daughter Emily (Mitchell?) who had a daughter Betty Jane. I was born in December 1949 and have moved to Grimsby in Lincolnshire to live by the sea. I was born in Bloxwich maternity home, as was my son, and grew up in Walsall. Well enough for now Gord. I have a few photograps of my side of the Paces I will get them out. Hope to speak soon

Best Regards, Carol

July 15th, 2013
Just come across your website. Fantastic!!
I am Andy Pace and Live in Staffordshire England.
My Parents are D.... and C.... Pace.
My Paternal Grandparents Fred and Dorothy Pace were from Wednesbury, close to Walsall, England.
I am related to Derek 'Doc' Pace, he is mentioned on your web site. My Great, Great Grandparents, Alice and John Pace moved out to McKeesport Pennsylvania in 1904, before returning to England some years later!!

Alice and John Pace - Were married in McKeesport Pennsylvania in 1904,
before returning to England some years later (before 1916).
John Henry Pace 4/8/1880 - 11/1/1945 - My Great Grandfather
Alice Pace (Nee Wilkes) 11/10/1881 - 1975 - My Great Grandmother

Feel free to get in touch if I can help with any family ties

Andy Pace

Note Andy Pace's great grandparents went to McKeesport, Pennsylvania - same place where some PACE POPE PEARSON WILKES people went also, about 100 years ago and andy's great grandmother's maiden name was WILKES - so this WILKES name seems to form a connectiom with this other McKeesport, Pennsylvania family, This is interesting and why we do research work on our ancestors.
Click on this - - and see notes about the other family that went out to McKeesport, Pennsylvania and also had a WILKES connection. Gord Pace-webmaster


Coughton Court Re: Feckenham Pace family
Hi Gord,
Have just found your wonderful site and wish to place on record my admiration! !


I am related to the Feckenham, Worcesterhire branch of this family .My great x5 grandfather was JOHN PACE. His son SAMUEL, born 1770, married MARY WOODWARD, born 1776 also from Feckenham. They wed on 7th january 1799 at Coughton, Warwickshire and I am descended from their daughter ANN. After seeing your hard work, it makes my 2 years research of my family seem pretty feeble! I can only dream of recording my tree as you have. An inspiration to us all! ~ SS ~

see SS's PACE ancestry
of Coughton, Feckenham in Warwickshire

Ancestral home of the THROCKMORTON Family

- my maternal BENNETT great/grandmother is buried at
Saint Peter's Churchyard - beside
a NATIONAL TRUST preserved estate
- " For ever - for Everyone "

Click On either photo to visit COUGHTON COURT
also nearby is PACKWOOD HOUSE

Thomas was a brother of JOSHUA PACE b 1808 - my 2X great grandfather

There is now more than one reply
from members of this side of the PACE family
This is getting interesting


Hello. My name is Les Pace
and I have just come across your Pace website. Very interesting.

My dad's name was

  • He was a locksmith in Willenhall
    and Walsall Staffs.
  • He married LT from Smallbrook, Birmingham.
  • He was born in 1895 the youngest of six;
    five sisters. Annie, Ada, Clara, Winifred and Lavinia.
    and all of them (except Lavinia went to live in USA and Canada, Toronto and Sault Ste. Marie.
    Many of their descendants still live there.
My brother Roy and I are the surviving children in the UK with other family members (I live in Finland)
  • If anyone would like to get in touch with me
    I'd be happy to be in contact!
    Thanks very much for such an interesting site
    I will be delving deeper as time goes by.
    - atb Les Pace.

  • 6 THOMAS PACE bapt 26 May 1805 SHARESHILL
    • 7 ALFRED PACE b 1851 WILLENHALL Lock Maker 1881
      + DINAH b 1855 BUSHBURY
      • 8 RUTH A. PACE b 1877 Heath Town
        + GEORGE WEBB
      • 8 RACHEL J. PACE b 1878 Heath Town
        + JOHN PEARCE
      • 8 ROSE ANN (Lil) 1883
      • 8 VIOLET GERTRUDE (Gertie) 1886
      • 8 THOMAS EVAN PACE 1890
        + MAUD BEATRICE GUMBLEY 8 children
        Ivan Alfred Pace b 1932 last surviving died recently
      • 8 GEORGE 1891
      • 8 SAM 1901

    THOMAS PACE b 1805 was older brother of
    JOSHUA PACE b 1808
    JOSHUA - was webmaster's 2X great grandfather
    Webmaster note GTP - Interesting
    I wrote back to Les Pace but wasn't able to reach him
    Les Pace would be referring to THOMAS EVAN PACE
    To see where THOMAS EVAN PACE fits into the PACE FAMILY LINEAGE - Click Here
    He said his family members went to Ontario, Toronto & Sault Ste. Marie
    - I live in Ontario too.

    BELOW - is a photo of IVAN and LES PACE
    I am not certain NOW who sent me this photo, very likely, could this be the LES PACE who was writing to me?

    THOMAS PACE - brother of
    my 2X great grandparents of Laney Green

    THOMAS PACE's descendants - Yvonne Pace-Buckinghamshire who posted in 1998 on ROY JOHNSON's PACE NETWORK, learning of Roy's bulletin board site about the PACE family in America while she was studying at a Michigan college.

    Yvonne Pace who wrote me back in 1998
    is also from this leg of the PACE Family
    I wonder if she is still around
    Here are her words

    25/09/1998-I've just started researching my family tree here in ENGLAND. I've only been at it about a month, but have got back to 1835 and ENOCH PACE's marriage to HANNAH WOOTTON in ETTINGSHALE, near WOLVERHAMPTON, Staffordshire (now West Midlands). His father was a THOMAS PACE but I have little information on him yet, except that I believe he was born in LANEY GREEN, Staffs. ENOCH & HANNAH's children all became locksmiths, keysmiths until my father broke the tradition.

    THOMAS PACE from the 1881 census was living with his son RICHARD (aged 41) and his wife ELIZA and their children MARY J (aged 7) and STEPHEN (aged 13)

    THOMAS also had my great great grandad ENOCH born circa 1833.

    These are the names in my tree:

    Y PACE, Buckinghamshire

    Surnames that may be connected in the PACE lineage:

    • THOMAS EVAN PACE was my grandfather,
    • the others would be my mother's uncles and aunts
    • and it was partly because I knew very little about them that I became interested in genealogy.
    • This family lived in BILSTON, West Midlands.
    Ivan Alfred Pace, born 1932, has died. He was the last surviving child (of 8) of THOMAS EVAN PACE and MAUD BEATRICE GUMBLEY (below) None of the 4 boys had any children so the Pace line in Bilston has ended. All 4 of the girls did have children but obviously had changed surname.

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    bapt 26 May 1805 SHARESHILL
    and brother of JOSHUA b 1808
    webmaster's 2X great-grandfather
    b 1810 BILSTON
    • 7 ENOCH PACE - b 15 Jan 1832 WILLENHALL Locksmith
      + HANNAH WOOTTON - b abt 1835 WILLENHALL
    1861 census - Willenhall has
    • ENOCH PACE 29, born Willenhall head of household,
    • THOMAS PACE 19 brother, born Laney Green,
    • and WILLIAM PACE 21
      ...In 1861 William was working with his two cousins ENOCH & THOMAS RICHARD PACE

    • 8 WILLIAM PACE b 1855 - d 30 Mar 1882 Locksmith Brass Pad
    • 8 ENOCH - b 1857 - d 1936
      Locksmith Brass Pad
    • 8 ADA ELIZA PACE b 1860 Willenhall
    • 8 CLARA PACE 1863 Willenhall
    • 8 LEONARD PACE - b 1864 Locksmith Brass Pad
      • 9 ABEL PACE b 16 Apr 1892 Chr 15 May 1892 St Giles Church Willenhall
    • 8 CAROLINE - b 1866
    • 8 HANNAH PACE 1870 Willenhall
    • 8 LOIS PACE 1871
      b 1871 Willenhall m 1893 ASTON Birmingham
      • 9 ENOCH RAGDALE 1894 Willenhall
      • 9 ADA RAGDALE 1898 Willenhall
      • 9 LOIS RAGDALE 1900 Willenhall
    • 8 CLARA - b 1872
    • 8 CALEB - b 1874
    • 8 HENRY - b 1877
    • 8 GEORGE - b 1880
  • 7 MARY PACE - b 1836 BILSTON
    + ELIZA
    • 8 STEPHEN PACE 1868-
    • 8 MARY J. PACE 1874-
  • 7 ALFRED PACE b 1851 WILLENHALL Lock Maker 1881
    + DINAH b 1855 BUSHBURY
    • 8 RUTH A. PACE b 1877 Heath Town
    • 8 RACHEL J. PACE b 1878 Heath Town
    • 8 ROSE ANN (Lil) 1883
    • 8 VIOLET GERTRUDE (Gertie) 1886
    • 8 THOMAS EVAN PACE 1890
      + MAUD BEATRICE GUMBLEY 8 children
      Ivan Alfred Pace b 1932 last surviving died recently
    • 8 GEORGE 1891
    • 8 SAM 1901
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    I posted this coincidental happening - meeting a PACE of MALTA - on the PACE mailing list
    and received an interesting reply

    --- Gord Pace wrote:
    Last month I visited my daughter who is working in New Brunswick, Canada, actually on the Bay of Fundy where the tides can get as high as 52 feet or more. This is a wonder of the world, the Bay of Fundy tides. I took some video of fishing boats at high tide, then came back at low tide, about 6 hours later, and took some more video of the same boats. You'd have to see this to believe the difference. Anyway, what went on during the 6 hours, may be of interest to PACE folk.

    George & Mary Pace

    A local NB Maritimer suggested - go down the coast a mile or two - see the lighthouse, the rocks, surging current and view of Nova Scotia, about 25 miles across the bay - Clarinda and I drove along, found the rural lane and hiked around the light house for a while. On the way back, up the lane, a man and woman walking along, waved us to stop and talk, probably seeing Ontario licence plate on the car.

    The people had lived in Toronto, Ont. prior to New Brunswick. The woman had an English Accent. She was from Staffordshire. I said I had a web page for my ancestors from Staffordshire, Shropshire.

    The man said he was from Malta. I said "I also have a web page for people of my surname, from Malta.

    My name is GORD PACE.
    The man seemed a bit surprised for a second or two,
    then said, I'm GEORGE PACE"

    Well, we spent a good part of the six hours, with them, waiting for the spectacular tide to change, discussing the PACE story, etc. George and Mary Pace have a computor and had already seen the Pace web sites.

    George and Mary Pace have another house they rent out during the summer, Nearby, at St. Martins, where the boats are, were two of New Brunswick's picturesque covered bridges. You can get both bridges and the boats, and the incredible tidal difference, if you wait the 6 hours, on the same photo.

    Anyway, I thought you'd like this story.
    You never know where a PACE will show up.

    GTPace Ontario,Canada

    Reply to my post on PACE mailing list

    Great story about meeting Geo. Pace!
    They say it's a small world, and it's either that or there sure are a whole lot of amazing coincidences.

    On my 1st evening in Wales I had dinner in a Pub, was asked by a person at the next table what I was doing in Wales. I told him I was researching my family, he asked me to name some names, and the result was he knew a cousin (that I never knew about) and hussled out and had her at the Pub in 20 minutes! We had a wonderful visit, and shared pictures and letters.

    My JOHN of MIDDLESEX line goes through
    (dau of Robert Groom)
    so I'm also interested in the Grooms.

    And my Grandfather was EDWARD BENNETT PACE, and I've never figured out how he got that middle name!
    _____ in Seattle:
    PS: and I hadn't yet figured out there were two (2) Gordon Paces. No wonder I was so confused!

    Jozef Pace

    Pace - Steam Engineer - Went to Poland
    August 20, 2005
    The following received from a Polish person who posted on the PACE Bulletin Board who mentions descendency from a PACE Engineer who had emigrated from England to Poland for the start-up of a steam engine manufactured in England and purchased by a Polish Industrial operation about 1830.

    I followed up with some research
    and found he was referring to a brother of my 3X great grandfather
    - 6 WILLIAM PACE - Chr 14 Jul 1765

    Jacek writes in English, then to Polish to go further.

    From GenForum:
    CLICK HERE To read the episodes on GenForum

    I apologize for weak English, I think that text will be comprehensible aly. - jacek_lowinski@wp.pl

    August 20, 2005
    I'm looking any information, on JOHN PACE from BIRMINGHAM, born abt 1789 in England, died April 1831 in Bialogon Poland. He married Ann Tetley (Fitley), her dougther Mathilde Pace as Christening in July 1817 Wedensbury.

    Here is the Christening record:

    Christening: Jul 1817
    WEDNESBURY, Staffordshire
    Father: JOHN PACE
    Mother: ANN
    Batch Number: C05520-1

    Ludwika Pace September 04, 2005
    Jacek, this is interesting,

    They were sons of JOSEPH PACE - b 1 Feb 1735
    at LITTLE SAREDON, Staffordshire (Shareshill parish).....my 4X gg/f.

    In JOSEPH's 2nd marriage, to MARY PITT
    his PACE family went to BILSTON, adjacent to WEDNESBURY where your JOHN PACE was born 1794. JOHN's parents, JOHN & CATHERINE also had Christenings at BILSTON. This JOHN PACE who married a Catherine (Elizabeth) looks to be brother of my 3X great grandfather WILLIAM PACE.

    It's making sence.
    This JOHN must have followed his father JOSEPH PACE b 1735 to the BILSTON/WEDNESBURY area - south/east of Wolverhampton and carried on life there. Not a great distance anyway, about 5 miles south of SHARESHILL - click on BILSTON-WEDNESBURY area, above. to see where this is.

    Previously, I knew nothing of JOHN PACE, brother of my 3X gg/f WILLIAM PACE b 1765 until I read your posting.


    If you look at this page, it'll help. I'll have a look for the marriage of JOHN PACE b 1761 SHARESHILL to CATHERINE. Maybe Catherine's surname was HARGROVE. probably where the JOHN HARGROVE PACE b 1794, got his middle name from.

    September 05, 2005
    JOHN PACE, along with wife ANN, and children JOSEPH FOUNES-PACE and daughter MATILDA, in the latter part summer 20, XIX century. Arrived from him also his Ludwika's sister Pace, which went out married for JOSEPH KUGLER. Different mechanics along with was imported to Polski by duke DRUCKI - Lubecki to start metal factory in BIALOGON, near KIELC - CLICK to see where this is in POLAND - Factory these had to be started in April 1831. before actuation factory, he got lost tragically, (killed) was drawn in by near steam-engine and he got lost. Wins over of aunts writes about this in one's remembrances.

    GOOGLE MAPS - KIELCE - where it is in POLAND

    1. John Founes - Pace our the great grandfather Białogon this wins over of the oldest factories metallurgical in Poland. Established in 1817 year on suburb Kielc by Stanislaw Staszic initially as foundry to melting the non-ferrous metals, and then the factory of Budowy of Machin, because the natural resource, which oneself Staszic he expected in neighbourhood, they disappointed. It machines hereinto were imported was factory from Englandi and to setting of their English arrived, and between them John Pace our great great grandfather. Dressed in some jacket with of the the time fashion the whether frock coat the modes of machine drew in for tail and he got lost - (killed). The board towards his memory was has built in on walls of factory which exists to today. Two of these English machines worked till 1956 year. The factory exists up to here, the factory of pumps, part of factory documents is in Archiwum at present in Kielcach. John he had son and daughter, which hid at Skarbków for some time, then hr. Skarbkowie gave wife - widow after John Pace, aswidow's pension, Mstyczów property and brick-yard. Son got Mstyczów, daughter went out married for Schirmer. Supposedly Schirmer, Helusia and they know Olek they interest them oneself genealogy and have message about family.

    2. Z beginning XIX century the duke Xawery Drucki - Lubecki he imported to Poland the - the experts the aim of extension evolvent oneself the home industry. In 1826 year the engineer arrived from Anglii John Founes the Pace which was charged the device of mechanical factory in Bialogon under Kielce. He got lost tragically, drawn in through flywheel in eve actuation in 1831 year the plates shop new. His son he - Józef Pace - received from Russian government high damages, for which purchased Mstyczów in 1856 year from Leon Skorupka.

    3. Aleksander Bocheński, Wędrówki po dziejach przemysłu polskiego, część II. IW „PAX”, Warszawa 1966. S. 360.

    Tragical starting - spring 1830

    Wolicki ordered and with this duty machines he arose pretty well. And despite this - just whether it it is not better from machines yet English technicians' personnel was: the engineer William Preacher from machine factory on Solec and mechanics: John Founes Pace and the William Mac Connol. If machines were so well tinned then then therefore, that they taught this our mechanics not only professional, but first of all reliable and conscientious work. Installation 27 machine tools and drills - just except English more far produced already factory on Solec - mechanic directed Pace. "The spring 1830 year - how Jan writes Pazdur - in eve of prospective arrival the comission from Warszawa, in persons Piotra Michałowskiego, the later famous painter and Leona Sapiehy, John recommended the Pace to raise the flood-gate to to make sure or the whole functions without accusation. Having noticed in time of movement the need of small correction, he approached to screw tight slack screws personally. They kidnapped cog-wheel him for jacket, and got lost on the spot.”

    I over this grave will return in next report yet - because saddens me and angers, that nor Pace, nor so many of different dead the and carbon papers it near building and production did not it wait for it then the poetry, but just the beautiful prose which their memory would keep. Let's there nowlet's finish about these chapter first, what work dead they led still.

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    September 04, 2005
    BILSTON is near Wednesbury;
    JOHN PACE & CATHERINE show up:

    Christening: 10 APR 1803
    Bilston, Stafford
    Father: JOHN PACE
    Mother: CATHARINE
    Batch Number: C010562

    Christening: 06 NOV 1808
    Bilston, Stafford
    Father: JOHN PACE
    Mother: ELIZABETH
    Batch Number: C010562

    Christening: 09 APR 1815
    Bilston, Stafford
    Father: JOHN PACE
    Mother: ELIZABETH
    Batch Number: C010562

    Christening: Jul 1817
    WEDNESBURY, Staffordshire
    Father: JOHN PACE
    Mother: ANN
    Batch Number: C05520-1
    Film Number: 497343, 497344, 497345

    JOSEPH PACE - b 1 Feb 1735 Little Saredon, Staffordshire
    + 1st wife - MARY EVANS - of BREWOOD - m 19 Jul 1757 - d abt 1770
    my 4X great gransparents
    • JOSEPH PACE - Chr 02 Jul 1758 SHARESHILL
      This JOSEPH may have emmigrated to AMERICA.
      Of five children, two died, including mother MARY EVANS in 1770. Three brothers survived, JOSEPH, JOHN, WILLIAM
    • MARY PACE - Chr 25 Jan 1760 SHARESHILL
      - bur 26 Jul 1763
    • JOHN PACE - Chr 18 Oct 1761 SHARESHILL
      This JOHN is likely the one in the left hand column who married CATHERINE. We do know that his father JOSEPH, married 2nd time MARY PITT and moved to BILSTON. Another researching descendent of the 2nd marriage lives in PITTSBURG,PA.USA and has sent me his detailed PACE ancestry which agrees with that of another cousin from WALSALL.
      + (possibly) Catherine (Elizabeth) HARGROVE
    • THOMAS PACE - Chr 29 Jan 1764 SHARESHILL - bur 22 Jun 1764
    • WILLIAM PACE - Chr 14 Jul 1765 - my 3X great grandfather
      buried William PACE - of Laney Green 21 May 1811

      + MARY BROWN - m 1 Nov 1785 bur 15 Nov 1800 - Laney Green
      dau of THOMAS BROWN & MARY REEVES of HAUGHTON - stepmother Jane JANE SLIN
    Women often alternated between their primary & secondary Christened names, in this case I'd say Catherine & Elizabeth are the same mother. I believe this is part of my PACE ancestry going back to JOSEPH PACE Chr 1735 Shareshill whose 1st wife MARY EVANS died 1770; John's 2nd wife was MARY PITT 10 Jun 1771 I descend from the 1st marriage. The PITT surname is also popular in the SHARESHILL parish.

    I'd be interested to learn about
    JOHN PACE's time in Poland. Maybe HARGROVE has a story to this also.

    RICHARD PEACE/PACE in Cheshire
    I`m trying to find the birth of a RICHARD PEACE or PACE in Cheshire about 1800 to 1803. So far I have the following,

    RICHARD PEACE married JANE LEE in Hanmer, Flintshire on 31st December 1822. He was of "Wrenbury in County of Cheshire" They had a son RICHARD baptised in Hanmer on 9th March 1823. I have found Them in the 1841 census in Dodington Whitchurch Shropshire.

    RICHARD PACE age 38
    JANE " " 42
    there are 4 children with them and their son RICHARD is working as a male servant a short distance away. The name has also changed from PEACE to PACE

    1851 Census- They are still in the same village.
    RICHARD PACE age 50 born in WRENBURY
    JANE " " 54 " in HALGHTON, Flintshire

    The son RICHARD is 25 and working as a labourer for a nearby farmer. (This younger RICHARD is my Gt Grandfather, and finally, after 15 years of searching, I have found what happened to him and his wife.

    He married a MARGARET ROBERTS in Manchester in 1853 and my mother`s mother, JANE, was born in 1855 in Manchester. Until now, I was only able to track JANE. In 1861 she was living with her aunt in THREAPWOOD, Cheshire and working in MALPAS, Cheshire in 1871. There was no sign of RICHARD and MARGARET. I found a RICHARD on his own in Manchester in 1861 but couldn`t prove he was `mine`

    I have now found that his wife MARGARET died in 1860 back in Threapwood. It was `my` RICHARD in Manchester in 1861, he then moved to Monks Coppenhall near CREWE, Cheshire and in 1871 married a MARY GREEN who was over 20 years younger than him. They had a family of 5 children which has never been known to our family. If only my mum was still alive to tell her.
    I am now trying to find more about my GT GT Grandfather, hence my appeal to you in case you can help with his birth as stated in the beginning of this email.
    Thanks for anything you can help with
    Audrey - a.may@ozemail.com.au


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    Pace Family Tree
    My name is Joanne Harris - We live in Stafford England and are e-mailing yourself after seeing details of the Pace family from Canada and Staffordshire. My mom and two aunts are daughters of
    Arthur James Pace (born Laney Green) Staffordshire DOB 22/3/1903.

    He had two brothers WILLIAM and THOMAS and a sister called FANNY and his parents were ARTHUR PACE and FANNY ADAMS.

    CLICK on NAMES above - see where they appear in PACE LINEAGE

    Please reply as we are sure we can fill in missing pieces to your 'jigsaw'.
    Thank you - JH in Stafford (town) in Staffordshire

    Yes, your family is obviously related. In the 1881 census, the ADAMS family were neighbours of my 2X great grandfather JOSHUA PACE 1808-1895 at LANEY GREEN

    MORE INFO - PACE Lineage

    JOSHUA PACE 1808-1895
    d Jun 1895 - my 2X great grandfather
    b 1812 NORTON CANES - m 30 Sept 1833 WALSALL
    click here - for descendents
      b 29 Mar 1840 Shareshill/Saredon
      + MARY - 1901 census WILLIAM PACE 60 Head born LANEY GREEN, Sardon Staffordshire coal miner with wife MARY PACE 57 Willenhall
      • ARTHUR JAMES PACE b 1862 Willenhall
        + FANNY ADAMS b 1868
          b 22/Feb/1903 Laney Green
        • WILLIAM PACE
        • THOMAS PACE
        • FANNY PACE

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    Friday, January 30, 2004
    Subject: ARCH or GOODE family history

    I have only recently started to research the ARCH family tree, and I was pleased to find the Arch's of Exall web site.
    I offer the following information regarding George Henry Arch and his wife Ruth Penrice.(not Penrick) my grand parents.

    George Henry Arch
    Born 1867 in Bloxwich Died 23/07/1924 buried at Rycroft Cemetary Walsall Married Ruth Penrice 03/08/1896 in the Salem Chapel Wakefield (Yorkshire) in the presence of Joseph Hargraves, Walter F. Blanchard, Abigale Penrice and Annie Arch. (my grandmother-GTPace)

    Vol. 9c Page 98
    His Father William Arch & Mother Maria Mason born in Durham.

    Ruth Penrice
    Born 18/04/1873Halesowen Stourbridge Worcester.
    Died 19/03/1967 buried in Rycroft cemetary Walsall.
    Father Samuel Penrice, Mother Anne Gill.
    2nd Husband James Amos Married 17/04.1928
    They had two children.
    Further family info considered private.

    On page 4 of the web site the 1881 Census for William Arch is listed, and one of the four chilren is named Thomas aged 4. On 1881 census I have, there is a son William aged 7, it does not mention a Thomas. Do you know if they had five children. My mother said that she had cousins in Canada and we have found a photograph of three young ladies which may be them. She also said that our family was related to the Barford Arch, Joseph Arch founder of the National Agricultural Workers Union. Do You know if there is a connection and where it might be?
    I trust the information above is of some use,
    Regards and best wishes,
    See - ARCH Page

    Subject: PACE web site reply
    Mon, 28 Jan 2002

    I have, for some years, being looking for George PACE - father William brassdresser; George was 27 when he married on 3 March.1862 in St Georges church Birmingham .He married Rebecca Lucas SMITH her father John Smith a tailor . In 1871 they lived in Hospital Street, Birmingham with their children Jane ,Alfred, George ,Thomas.

    I can not find them on the 1881 census. In 1891 George is with his daugther Annie in New Summer Street. She married Willam Sambrook on 22,11.1896 in Bishop Ryders church Birmingham.

    I wonder as any one got any information as to George Pace's parents. He says he was born in Birmingham on the census. Any information would be grateful.

    email - Vicki Pryce
    Birmingham England

    Hi Vicki,

    I don't think I have a George on my pages that would fit. I've tried the 1851 census and the 1881, which is all I have, also some Warwickshire Paces, Tanworth in Arden, Warwick, Kenilworth, Barford.

    George would be born about 1835.
    Considering just the two addresses, and the church
    George Pace obviously didn't move very far,
    - between his marriage in 1862
    - 1871 lived on Hospital Street
    - 1891 lived on New Summer Street

    Looking at the A/Z map, from 1871 to 1891
    George moved around the corner, and New Summer Street runs into St. George Street, across Hospital Street.

    Even though he doesn't show on the 1881 census, for whatever reason, I think it's safe to say George was probably in the area, the whole time.

    I looked at the National Index for 1881 but that's no use if he didn't show on the census.
    Next, I looked for a suitable THOMAS in 1881 census. one looks suitable, West Bromwich is close and this THOMAS is living in a HILL family, indicating some sort of family split.

    I don't think the following is the right one but never know.

    I'm familiar with this Pace family:
    .The LIZZIE (Elizabeth) PACE nee HILL was actually married to a WILLIAM PACE.

    Interesting PACE connection click here

    Subject: Re: Pace's in Manitoba Canada
    Sat 2/2/2002

    I have been searching for any info on a JAMES PACE who went to North Dakota and married a Ida SEIM or SIEM in Esmond, North Dakota. He died back in Winnipeg about 1915 or 1916. Leaving 3 children orphans. One was my husbands father.
    Can you help me?

    Louise Pace - lpace@frazee.k12.mn.us

    email - Louise Pace - Minnesota

    I am a descendant of REUBEN DUDLEY who wed EMILY PACE nee CULLWICK in mid 1870's. I have reached deadlock trying to find any details about Reuben's first wife ELIZABETH RAYBOLD. I believe your great grandfather was CHARLES V.PACE, one of the 6 children brought up in the Dudley household together with my Grandmother ANN MARIA DUDLEY and her brothers and sister.. This is a long shot I know, but if any of your family have any information however slight, about Elizabeth, I would be very pleased to hear from them. Fantastic web site by the way!
    Regards - SB

    Thomas Pace, Coleford, Gloucestershire - Transported - to Australia

    Thomas Pace 1870s photo
    THOMAS PACE of Coleford
    Subject: Thomas Pace ex Coleford about 1844
    Date: Wed, 05 Dec 2001
    From: George Brian Pope - gbp@onetel.net.uk

    Gordon, In our local Free paper today there's an item about Thomas Pace convicted of sheep stealing in 1844, gailed for 10 years and transported to Tasmania. He was married to Ann (nee George) who followed him out to Tasmania with two children.

    If its of interest to you I can scan the arcticle and photograph to send to you.
    Brian POPE

    Brian - of the Forest of Dean in Gloucestershire - sent me the info and I gathered more on the GLS Paces, of which I now think my SHROPSHIRE PACES came from nearby WESTBURY on SEVERN. See - EARLY PACES in Gloucestershire

    A descendent of the Gloucestershire Paces was also interested in those that went to AUSTRALIA and we were able to exchange some info and a TV Presentation included these events on The History Channel here in Canada.

    You can learn more about this PACE group at
    Paces of Gloucestershire & Australia

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    Date: Sun, 25 Nov 2001
    From: Sue Challenger - sue.challenger@btopenworld.com

    Would you have any info on a
    born 9th Feb 1904 at Rotherhithe, London.
    died in 1978 at Whistable Canterberry, Kent.

    He was a manager of a steam ship company.

    Any help appreciated.

    email - Sue Challenger
    West Midlands

    Subject: PACE - South Africa
    Date: Fri, 9 Nov 2001 From: "ronaldnoeline" ronaldnoeline@wanadoo.nl

    Dear Gordon,
    thank you so much for the information.
      I have the following, from a family bible:


      ROBERT HENDRIK PETRUS PACE, BORN 17/06/1891 - SWELLENDAM - CAPE PROVINCE, SOUTH AFRICA, died 26/01/1969 - OUDTSHOORN, SOUTH AFRICA, SON OF HENRIK PACE (Date of birth unknown,) died 18/02/1931 - & MARIA MAGDALENA LINDEN (DATE OF BIRTH UNKNOWN) DIED 27/01/1916   He married Gertina Petronella Johanna RADEMEYER on 29 April 1912, place unknown, (her details: born 15/07/1892 - died 06/03/1978.) She was the daughter of Gert Petrus Johannes Rademeyer - d.o.b. unknown died on 22/04/1928 and Johanna Katrina CLASSEN born 1852 died 03/01/1953

      They settled in Van Wykskraal District, near Oudtshoorn, where they raised 10 children. My father Johannes Rademeyer PACE was born on 18 November 1929.

    My dad's sister, Katrina Gertha d.o.b. 25/07/1919 married Edwin DIXON in 1944 (Oudtshoorn) and subsequently left South Africa to settle somewhere in Newcastle, U.K.  Their children are Edwina, Cathleen, Robert, Lavinia, Gerald and David, although I cannot verify the details.  She died approx. 1998? 

      How can I continue with my search? I am (as you MUST have noticed), a novice.
    I have also forwarded the details to my brother in South Africa.
    Thank you so much for the information.
     Best wishes Noeline

    email - Noeline

    subject: Sherratt family tree
    Date: Mon, 15 Oct 2001
    From: "Cath Preen" - cathandmaurice@preen.fslife.co.uk
    To: gtp3066@nexicom.net

    Have been trying to trace Levina/Lavinia/Serina SHERRATT or similar born about 1830 BUGLAWTON / CONGLETON, Cheshire probably married to Charles and mother of William Henry/Manary Sherratt born c1864. Would be grateful if you could help- I know there are a lot of ifs and maybes but that's the nature of the game!!

    regards Cath

    email - Cath Preen

    click here - PACE - SHERRATT descendents - Cheshire and north Staffordshire page

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    subject: Pace Family - Willenhall Staffordshire
    Date: Sun, 14 Oct 2001
    From: "Irene Greenwood" - Irene.Greenwood@btinternet.com
    To: gordpace@eagle.ca

    FLORENCE PACE of Bentley,W.Midlands

    My grandmother (whom I never knew) was called FLORENCE PACE
    and was born in Bentley, Nr Walsall, West Midlands, England.
    I do not know anything about her except that she had seven children and died in 1923.

    Her husband John Thomas Markland (my grandfather whom I also never knew) died in 1943. Somewhere along the line I am sure there must be a connection but I have no other information. Thanks for such interesting information.

    I H Greenwood - irene.greenwood@btinternet.com

    email- I H Greenwood

    INFO from GTP-webmaster
    I have some info on your FLORENCE PACE, born 1883

    FLORENCE PACE b 1883 was the daughter of

    WILLIAM PACE & ELIZABETH MUNSLOW of Snape, near Rattlinghope, Shropshire.

    WILLIAM b 24 May 1853 m 6 Apr 1873 St Stephen's Church Willenhall
    died at Lucknow, Short Heath 25 Mar 1914
    ELIZABETH Chr 27 Mar 1854 - died 23 Sept 1929
    .....BOTH are buried at Holy Trinity cemetery, Short Heath.

    THEY would be your great grandparents.

    William b 24 May 1853 at Long Knowle, Wednesfield, registered as Samuel
    His parents were SAMUEL PACE & LOUISA STURGES

    SAMUEL & LOUISA would be your great great grandparents.

    Samuel was Chr at Pattingham 6 Mar 1825 - died 22 Jul 1893 - 65 yrs
    Louisa was Chr at Harlaston nr Lichfield Staffs 4 May 1828
    married at St. Peter's Collegiate church Wolverhampton 15 Oct 1848
    She died 27 Dec 1882 - 55 yrs

    George PACE - b 27 Jun 1802 St. Chad's, Pattingham
    + Elizabeth LEWIS - marriage: 3 May 1824 St. Chad's Pattingham
    - died 19 Feb 1855

    Samuel PACE - b/c 25 March 1762 Stockton, Shropshire
    + Elizabeth TOTTY - b16 Aug 1773 - married 28 Feb 1793 Albrighton
    - buried 19 Mar 1820

    John PACE - b 17 May 1724 - HODNET Shropshire
    + Jane

    John PACE - b 24 Feb 1675-76
    + Ellinor FOWLER - married 15 Sept 1703

    click here - see HODNET page

    The above is the work of another Midlands PACE researcher

    William Leonard PACE
    1 Gainsborough Drive,
    Perton, Wolverhampton WV6 7NR

    subject: Mathers ...
    Date: Fri, 12 Oct 2001
    From: MathersLorraine@aol.com

    My husband's name is Mathers and his father is from Killileagh in Ireland. Apparently his great grandfather came over as a mill worker to the Linen Mills in N Ireland from Lancashire via Scotland and, as you probably know, there are hundreds of Lancs Mathers! So I'm stuck trying to track down his family!

    If you come across anyone who's seriously studying the Mathers name in Lancs, or doing a one-name study - Please let me know!

    Lorraine Mathers, Warks

    webmaster's note - my 5X great grandmother was Margaret MATHERS
    click here - MATHERS in PACE lineage

    from South Africa
    Date: Tue Jun 12 07 2001

    I am trying to trace my Mother's family tree.
    Her maiden name is KATHLEEN MARGARET PACE, born around 1919.
    My grandfather, who died in 1958 was Captain GEORGE PACE.

    My grandfather George Pace was, I believe, from Cork County in Ireland, he had four or five children the eldest was uncle Charles Pace(deceased). I am still trying to find more facts.

    Peter Brown
    email - Peter Brown


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    Subject: PACE - South Africa
    Fri, 9 Nov 2001 From: "ronaldnoeline" ronaldnoeline@wanadoo.nl

    died 26/01/1969 - OUDTSHOORN, SOUTH AFRICA,

    SON OF HENRIK PACE (Date of birth unknown,) died 18/02/1931 - &MARIA MAGDALENA LINDEN (date of birth unknown) died 27/01/1916

    He married Gertina Petronella Johanna RADEMEYER on 29 April 1912, place unknown, (her details: born 15/07/1892 - died 06/03/1978.) She was the daughter of Gert Petrus Johannes Rademeyer - d.o.b. unknown died on 22/04/1928 and Johanna Katrina CLASSEN born 1852 died 03/01/1953

    They settled in Van Wykskraal District, near Oudtshoorn, where they raised 10 children. My father Johannes Rademeyer PACE was born on 18 November 1929.

    My dad's sister, Katrina Gertha d.o.b. 25/07/1919 married Edwin DIXON in 1944 (Oudtshoorn) and subsequently left South Africa to settle somewhere in Newcastle, U.K

    Their children are Edwina, Cathleen, Robert, Lavinia, Gerald and David, although I cannot verify the details. She died approx. 1998?

    How can I continue with my search? I am (as you MUST have noticed), a novice. I have also forwarded the details to my brother in South Africa.
    Thank you so much for the information.

    Best wishes Noeline

    email - Noeline

    From: Lorraine Pace
    Subject: PACE in South Africa
    Date: March 5, 2012

    Hello there,
    Could you please create a space for the Pace family of South Africa on the Pace Society website and include this information for other South African's trying to connect the dots? I have searched the Pace family forums etc for years without luck and chanced upon this publication that solved the entire family riddle.

    I am descended from Jurie Justice Pace and my father is George Pace. My grandfather was tried for treason in 1922 for his role in the Rand Revolt (or Rand Rebellion) but the case was ultimately withdrawn. Had he been hanged, my father and our branch of the family would not exist.

    On the off chance that anyone knows where our first ancestor Robert Pace of Cape Town originated (beyond London) in 1784, I would love to know!

    Lorraine Pace

    LORRAINE PACE sent me a pdf file:

    Something looks vaguely similar in Lorraine's pdf information and Noeline's

    When I compare LORRAINE's information to NOELINE's above
    (of the Netherlands, who said she has a brother in South Africa)

    The compared info varies slightly
    in dates, but are close, and the names LINDE and LINDEN may be a speculative variance of the name being researched

    Could these two people be researching the same PACE family of South Africa?

    Lorraine Pace mentions:
    c5. Henry * 18.5.1849 (Riversdale)
    x (Montagu) 22.12.1879 Catharina Magdalena Linde * 1851 + 23.1.1917

    • dl. Henry * l3.11.1880. (Swellendam)

    Noeline mentions:
    died 26/01/1969 - OUDTSHOORN, SOUTH AFRICA,

    SON OF HENRIK PACE (Date of birth unknown,) died 18/02/1931
    - &MARIA MAGDALENA LINDEN (date of birth unknown) died 27/01/1916

    Here is the info from the pdf file that LORRAINE PACE of South Africa, sent me.
    It will take me some time to format the info so the relationships can be seen. gtp


    Robert Pace arrives at the Cape from London in 1808
    as second clerk in the Naval Office
    * c.1784 + 15.10.1830 x 19.2.1809 (Lutheran)
    Femma Maria de Vos o 7.3.1790,
    • bl. Wouter Daniel * 17.7.1810. (o Cape Town)
    • b2. Anna Elizabeth * 20.9.1812. (o Cape Town)
    • b3. Maria Christina * 2.1.1815. (o Cape Town)
    • b4. Robert * 9.12.1816 + 15.4.1892x24.5.1847 (Riversdale)
      Maria Helena de Vos o 1.12.1805,
      widow of Hillegard Marthinus du Preez o 14.4.1800
      x (Stellenbosch) 54.1823, Robert
      xx 19.11.1868 (Knysna) Anna Botha, * 3.3.1844 + 22.8.1927
      d.o. Petrus Johannes Botha and Margaretha Hendrika Cruywagen. (Blacksmith)

      • cl. Maria Helena * 14.2.1850(Riversdale)
      • c2. Robert Peter * 9.11.1869 (Wiiowmore)
        x 24.7.1894 (Uniondafe) Maria Magdalena Mostert,
        d.o. J.H. Mostert. (Trader)
        • dl. Anna Botha * 27.10.1895. + young (o Uniondale)
        • d2. Robert Peter * 2i3.1898. (o Uniondale)
        • d3. Maria Magdalena * 27.7.1900. (o Uniondale)
        • d4.Annie *4.11.1903.(oUniondale)
        • d5. Botha Johannes * 2.10.1905. (o Uniondale)
        • d6. John Mostert * 21.10.1908. (o Uniondale)
      • c3. Margaretha Elizabeth * + 23.2.1906
        x (Uniondale) 1.10.1895 Petrus Johannes Bamard
        xx William Philippus Pitout (Uniondale) .

    • b5. Hemy * 22.11.1818 (o Cape Town)
      x (Riversdale) 21.3.1842 Johanna Margaretha Holtzhausen,
      d.o. Johannes Andries Petrus Holtzhausen and Sara Louisa la Grange. (Wagomnaker).
      • cl. Robert Ryk Petrus * 22.3.1842 (Riversdale)
        x (Montagu) 7.2.1870 Magdalena Cornelia Drotsky * 1847
        xx Anna Cecelia Magdalena Conradie. (Sheep-farmer)
        • dl. Johannes Godfried * 10.11.1873. (o Richmond)
        • d2.Robert Henry *16.12.1884.(Barrydale)
        • d3. Johan Hendrik * 5.6.1895 (Barrydale)
      • c2.SaraLouisa *20.4.1844.(Riversdale)
      • c3. Johannes Andries Holtzhausen * 24.11.1846. (Riversdale)
      • c4. Wouter Daniel *18.5.1849.(Riversdale)
      • c5. Henry * 18.5.1849 (Riversdale)
        x (Montagu) 22.12.1879 Catharina Magdalena Linde * 1851 + 23.1.1917.
        • dl. Hemy * l3.11.1880. (Swellendam)
        • d2. Maria Catharina Hendrika * 25.9.1882. (Prins Albert)
        • d3. Gerhardus Johannes Linde * 3.1.1885. (Ladismith) %
        • d4. Johannes Jurie * 1.8.1891. (Cahtzdorp)
        • d5. Anthoni Michael * 20.1.1896. (Cahtzdorp)
      • c6. Femma Maria Elsabe * 2.10.1851. (RiversdaIe)
      • c7. Emmerentia Maria * c. 1854
        x Pieter Gabriel Conradie * 22.3.1851.
      • c8. Johanna Margaretha Isabella * 1856
        x (Barrydale) 20.6.1882. Johan Hendrik Conradie * 1855.
      • c9. Anthony MichaI * 22.2.1858 (Riversdale)
        x Susanna Margaretha Colijn.
        • dl. Michaehna Antoinetta * 10.1.1879. (Ladismith)
      • c10. PetroneIIa Francina Jacomina * 25.11.1861.(Mosselbay)
        x (Barrydale) 7.7.1881. Pieter Gabriel Haasbroek * 1858.

    • b6. Isabella Johanna * 16.5.1821.(Cape Town)
    • b7.James * 13.6.1823
      x 7.6.1858(Riversdale) Susanna Magda Iena Margaretha Jacomina van Zyl
      d.o. Gideon van Zyl.
      • cl. Robert * 2.3.1859 (Riversdale)
        x 5.5.1892 (Riversdale)
        DanieIina Petronella MagdaIena Johanna van Zyl * 1873.
        d.o. Gideon J. van Zyl.
        • dl. Emerentia Hester * 14.9.1892. (Riversdale)
        • d2. James + 10.7.1894. (RiversdaIe)
        • d3. Gideon Johannes * 22.7.1897. (Riversdale)
        • d4. Susanna MagdaIena Margaretha * 21.5.1899. (Riversdale)
      • c2. Danielina P.M.J. * 27.10.1860. (Riversdale)
      • c3. Gideon van Zyl * 3.5.1863 + Lepper Hosp. R.I. 18.1.1913
        x (Riversdale) 27.10.1896 Susara Magdalena Martina Kleinhans
        d.o. Hendrik P. Kleinhans.
        • dl. Christiaan Jacobus * (RiversdaIe)
        • d2. CorneIia Jacoba Isabella * 1.10.1897. (Riversdale)
        • d3. Susanna Magdalena Martina * 24.10.1899. (RiversdaIe)
        • d4. Susara Maria Sophia * 6.1.1902. d5.Magdalena Catharina *
      • c4. Femma Maria Elsabe * 12.4.1865 (Riversdale) x (Riversdale) 14.2.1888
        Hendrik Christoffel Janse van Rensburg
      • c5. Susanna Magdalena Margaretha Jacomina * 285.1868 (Riversdale)
        x 12.11.1894 Gideon van Zyl Janse van Rensburg.
      • c6. Anna SaIomina Margaretha CorneIia * 25.3.1870 (Riversdale)
        x Gideon van ZyI.
      • c7. James * 10.1.1871.
      • c8. IsabeIla Amerentia Corneha * 29.9.1875 (Mosselbay)
        x (Riversdale) 4.8.1896 Jan Ernst Volschenk.
      • c9. Susarah Maria * 13.1.1877. (Mosselbay) ~10.StoffeIina Georgina * 22.1.1880.(Mosselbay)
    - M. K Botha

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    Subject: Re: COTTRELL
    From: "Stephen Cotterell" - stephen.cotterell@lineone.net - To: gordpace@eagle.ca
    Date: Fri, 29 Dec 2000

    I received your details from Isabelle Newton.
    You might be interested in my website click here - to go there

    If you are in any way related to a Cotterell,
    any where in the world,

    click here - e-mail Stephen Cotterell of Brighton, UK
    with your details and suggestions
    as to how we can build a Cotterell community on the Web

    I have a limited knowledge of my family background and am interested in finding out more.


    • He died when I was in my early teens.
    • He had a half-Brother, Graham
    • and a full brother and sister, Cyril and Barbara.
    • Barbara married (moved to Sutton Colfield) and is now known as DAVIES.

    I have lost touch with them all many years ago. It would be nice to make contact with direct and indirect family members. I have two brothers and sisters. Graham and Barbara are twins, Andrew and Caroline. They all live in and around Gosport and Portsmouth.

    I was born on 2 July 56, I married Carole on 6 September 1980 and had our Daughter 12 May 1986 and our son Elliot on 29 March 1988. We lived in Luxembourg from the end of 1988 until late 1998 and early 1999 (I moved back later due to work commitments). The kids are multi-lingual (English, French (elliot is not so hot at this), German and Luxembourgish). We now live in Brighton on the south coast.


    click here - http://www.cotterell.net/
    "Stephen Cotterell" - stephen.cotterell@lineone.net
    email Steve

    Subject: PACES from Ireland?
    From: Margaret Pace - Pace@agape.twu.ca - To: my guestbook
    Country: USA Date: Sat Oct 14 2000

    Comment: I was always under the impression that most of my Pace relatives were from Ireland, yet I am having difficulty finding them. Does anyone else have Pace ancestors from France or Ireland?

    Subject: [PACE-L] PACE in England
    Date: Mon, 9 Oct 2000
    From: "Antony Pace" ant@antnet.net
    To: PACE-L@rootsweb.com

    "One of the unofficial rules of this mail list"
    is that we would like new members to tell us who their Pace ancestors are and explain who they are looking for.

    I am looking for my ancestors in England.
    My grandfather was WILLIAM CHARLES PACE, born in Norfolk England in 1895. I know that somewhere along the line some ancestor emigrated to New York. American's seem to be far more interested in geneology than the Brits so I am hoping that when I make that connection someone will be able to give me details of that side of my family. I am currently collecting anything about any PACE's from England.


    Antony L. Pace
    4 Parsonage Road
    Welham Green, Herts, AL9 7LZ England

    E-mail Antony - ant@antnet.net
    CLICK HERE - Antony Pace's web site   http://www.antnet.net/family

    ==== PACE Mailing List ====

    Subject: ANTONY PACE
    From: Antony Pace
    Sent: Friday, May 12, 2000

    I'm Antony Lionel PACE born 16 August 1962 in Crayford, Kent England.

    • My father is DEREK WILLIAM PACE,
      born 14 July 1930, grew up in Paddington, London.

    • His father was WILLIAM CHARLES PACE
      born 31 May 1895 died 09 Feb 1950
    • married GWENDOLINE ROSE GILKS born 01 Oct 1904 die 27 Dec 1979

    I would be delighted to hear of anyone who knows anything about my family.

    Antony Pace
    4 Parsonage Road,
    Welham Green, Herts, AL9 7LZ, England.

    E-mail Antony - ant@antnet.net

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    • a name familiar to UK football fans in the 1950/60s
    • comes from PACE family of SHARESHILL and adjacent ESSINGTON.
    • Thanks to local Essington historian, Jim Evans,
    • I learn that DEREK's grandfather was WILLIAM PACE from Laney Green
    • brother of my grandfather Charles Vicarage Pace.

    Jim has given me permission to print some of his stuff
    and I hope we can add more as time goes by.

    William PACE's group

    Famous Professional football player.

    • 98 matches with ASTON VILLA between 1950 and 1957
    • 253 matches with SHEFFIELD UNITED, up to 1964
    • also with NOTTS County and WALSALL

    Date: Mon, 12 Jun 2000
    From "Brenda in UK"

    My maternal grandmother
      who was a miner,
    • they lived in the Ashton Under Lyne area of LANCASHIRE
      which is on the outskirts of MANCHESTER
    • there was a FRANCES PACE
      who lived in Butt Lane, Mow Cop - KIDSGROVE, Staffs.
    • I remember going to see her way back in the early 1960s, possibly my mothers cousin or aunt.
    • There was also a transport cafe/ garage named PACE near ALSAGER, Cheshire
      that appeared to be linked, in some way, with the family.
    • My mother often used to talk about an area named Talke Pits.
    • I know of other distantly related Pace's
      around the CONGLETON area of Cheshire too.
    • I have also been told that my maternal great grandmother married twice, due to bereavement and took the name SHERRAT after PACE.

    I was most interested to read what you said about the Shropshire Paces - it makes interesting reading - thank you!


    CLICK HERE - more on this PACE family of CHESHIRE and north STAFFORDSHIRE.

    the PACE ancestors - likely from Wybunbury - Nantwich in Cheshire - not far from Whitchurch Shropshire

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    Subject: PACE - Looking for a BETTY PACE, NEWCASTLE-UNDER-LYME
    Date: Tue, 9 May 2000
    From: "Howe, Robert" robert.howe@hma.co.uk

    I was adopted and am currently trying to find my birth mother.
    Her name is BETTY PACE.
    I was born 20th Sept 1956 ROBERT PACE in Newcastle under Lyme.
    If you have any relevant information it would be great to hear from you.

    Best regards,

    Bob might be from the 2nd lineage below
    - a branch of Shropshire PACES that migrated to the Pottery areas of Staffordshire.

    CLICK HERE - UPDATE to SHROPSHIRE page. MARY ACKERMAN nee PACE, KANSAS CITY - 1974 notes - granddaughter of WILLIAM CHERRINGTON PACE who came to America in 1851 from SHROPSHIRE... Part of the fabric of American life, recording & sharing family history.

    CLICK HERE - another SHROPSHIRE PACE lineage added - different PACE branch - WHITCHURCH origin, about 5 miles north of PREES, where my 6X ggrandfather was from. GTP


    Subject: Re: Roll Call south Staffs.
    Date: Fri, 07 Jan 2000
    From: David Pitt - markets_north@iig.com.au

    I see you have a MASON and a PITT, by sheer coincidence I have both in one.

    Martha MASON b Pinxton Derby 1885 married 20 Jan 1906 to Sydney John PITT b Bristol 2 April 1884. Martha was daughter to John MASON and MARTHA ? of Wolverhampton and Walsall respectively. Sydney John PITT was son of Thomas Burnett PITT and Ann CARPENTER his gfather was William PITT and Mary Anne BURNETT.

    Doubtless, no connection, but casting bread on water sometimes attracts birds.

    David Cairns, Australia

    Subject: PACE Clockmakers of London
    Date: Sun, 09 Apr 2000
    From: geoff white

    There were quite a few PACE clockmakers in LONDON.
    The dates given are those which have been estimated by a study of known clocks.

    • Thomas - London, 1630 - 1662 member of the Clockmaker's Company
      - a trade guild which means that he could employ apprentices and other workmen
      - more accurate records for this Thomas will doubtless exist still with the Worshipful Company of Clockmakers

    • John - London. apprenticed 1720
    • Thomas - London (Whitechapel) 1784 - 1825
    • Henry - London (Whitechapel), early 1800s
    • Henry - London, 1832 - 1863 (this Henry may well be the previous one.
      The first is more a guesstimate)
    • Charles - London, 1839 - 1851, successor to Henry
    • Thomas - London 1828
    • Edmund - London, 1839 - 1844

      Some non-London Paces which may be interesting:

    • John - Bury St. Edmunds, 1825 - 1855
    • H. - Loughton, Essex, 1855
    • Hugh - Newry, 1865 - 1892
    • Thomas - Chelmsford, c. 1800

      Then it seems that some moved out:

    • Henry - Ottawa, 1875
    • Henry - Brampton, Canada, 1862
    • C, San Francisco, c. 1850

    Hope this lot helps!

    This fits nicely with HENRY PACE,
    FRED's brother, CLICK HERE

    CLICK HERE - to see SHROPSHIRE page new stuff, GEORGE PACE,
    possible ancestors of PREES parish in 1600s

    Subject: WALTER PICKENS of East Liverpool, OH
    Date: Tue, 21 Mar 2000 From: gordpace@eagle.ca To: mmpickens@prodigy.net

    Hello Mallory,
    I read your entry on the PICKENS cousins list.
    Your grandfather, Walter Pickens came from East Liverpool, OHIO

    By any chance was he one of the ENGLISH folk that came from the pottery district of the English Midlands, Staffordshire?

    East Liverpool was also a pottery area in Ohio
    and I know Staffordshire folk went there as well as Trenton, New Jersey.

    My 6X great grandmother was an ELIZABETH PICKENS
    who married GEORGE PACE at Ranton, Staffordshire 1708.

    Just looking for some descendents. Any comments appreciated.
    Gord Pace - Ont Canada

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    Date: Mon, 07 Feb 2000 send any reply to pickard@hunimex.com

    Hi Gord,
    I have two connections with the PACE family,
    one in England, one in Malta
    though neither of them are direct line.
    The English connection is:

    WALTER TREPESS, Bricklayer, + 1868 brum [Birmingham] directory - coal merchant ICKNIELD Port Road ? b 1832 c 16/12/1832

    married SARAH EMMA PACE at KENILWORTH 26/8/1861

    click here - PACE lineage of Sarah Emma PACE

    • Son WILLIAM WALTER - c 4/5/1864
    • Dau EDITH ANN - c 19/3/1865 @ Birm. St Stephens d ????
    WALTER was the son of JOSEPH,
    who was the brother to my ggggf WILLIAM TREPESS

    The second connection
    is a whole 'lorryload' of cousins in MALTA
    where I am not sure of the link, but my gf married a Maltese girl

    click here - MALTA - Pickard's other PACE connection
    click here - Pedigree page

    Reply to: PICKARD TREPESS - Sharjah, UAE (United Arab Emirates)
    (I'm in the Muddled East at the moment)

    From the 1851 census of Warwickshire
    I found his SARAH EMMA PACE of Kenilworth, War.

    JOSEPH PACE - 49 Comb Manufacturer Employ 21 Men 2 Women & 1 Boy Kenilworth War
    + Elizabeth PACE - Wife46 b Coventry War

    • Henry Ed. PACE - Son 21 Combmaker Journeyman b Kenilworth War
    • Eliza PACE - Daur 18 Milliner & Dress Maker b Kenilworth War
    • SARAH EMMA PACE - Daur 11 Scholar b Kenilworth War
    • Ann PACE - Daur 6 Scholar b Kenilworth War

      ....Address: Castle End, Kenilworth, Warwickshire

    • Joseph TREPESS - Head W 49 M Builder Warwick WAR
    • Caroline TREPESS - Daur U 27 F Builder Warwick WAR
    • Elizabeth TREPESS - Daur U 20 F Builder Warwick-WAR
    • Walter TREPESS - Son U 18 M Bricklayer Warwick-WAR
    • Mary TREPESS - Daur U 14 F Scholar Warwick-WAR
    • Thomas FREELAND - SonL M 27 M Blacksmith SUR
    • John WEST - Lodg U 17 M Labourer OXF

      ....Address: Saltisford, Warwick
      ....Census Place: Warwick St Mary, Warwick, Warwickshire

    Date: Sat, 23 Oct 1999 From: "David Elliott" Djrelliott@tesco.net

    My maternal grandmother was ADAH PACE. Her family came from SUNDERLAND, Co Durham, UK. Some emigrated to NEW JERSEY in late 19th Century. I am tracing the family and have got back to about 1810 in Sunderland. Have details if they are of interest.

    E-mail me, DAVE ELLIOTT if you are interested.

    Regards, David Elliott, in UK

    NOTE - In a previous letter
    of Northumberland Pace researcher, Gil Raymond, in NZ, mentions:

    ...."a lady researching ROBERT PACE...(not another one!)...who married ELEANOR LYDIA SPRAGGON born 14 Feb 1814, Jarrow, Co. Durham) at SUNDERLAND on 8 August 1831.

    I am afraid that is all the information that I have about this particular ROBERT. He does not appear to match any of my lot in NORTHUMBERLAND."

    If any of your correspondents are researching this couple
    I would be happy to pass on the address of this lady.

    Regards, Gil Raymond, New Zealand
    E-mail GIL RAYMOND in NZ

    Subject: Re: PACE - my ancestors
    Date: Mon, 25 Oct 1999
    From: "David Elliott" Djrelliott@tesco.net

    Whoever is researching
    (ref Ed Griffith's mail) is of great interest to me.

    Robert Pace and Eleanor Lydia Spraggon are my direct ancestors
    (3xgreat grandparents) and I have some info re Robert and descendants.

    PACE seems to be quite an uncommon name, judging by the paucity of entries in the General Record Office registers. If I can be of assistance at this end please let me know - I have easy access to the GRO idexes and Probate indexes.

    Kind regards
    David Elliott

    June 25, 2011-Re your website entries,

    I am descended from
    JOSEPH PACE of Sedgefield and MARY ROWNRTREE
    who married at Hartlepool Co Durham in Feb 1792.

    Their children were
    Sarah, Thomas, Joseph, Jane, Robert, Isabella, William.

    ROBERT was my 3 x great grandfather.

    • He was a shipwright and shipbuilder in Southwick, Sunderland.
    • He was born 8th October 1809
    • and married ELEANOR LYDIA SPRAGGON
      8th August 1831 at Holy Trinity, Sunderland

    They had a number of children,
    Ann, Mary, Sarah, Isabella, Robert, Joseph, Thomas, William, Joseph (again), Henry, Eva, Lydia.

    I am descended from this ROBERT
    b Southwick 2nd November 1838
    also a shipwright.

    He married
    ISABELLA SPENCE at Tynemouth 11th March 1861.

    Their children were

    • Isabella
    • William
    • Elizabeth
    • Thomas
    THOMAS was my great grandfather.
    • the family emigrated to the USA
      in the late 1880s
    • settling in Elizabeth, New Jersey
    • where my grandmother's cousins were still living in the early 1980s.
    • All of my grandmother's generation
      are now dead, but I would love to hear from anyone with a connection.
    • The family were strong members of the Salvation Army


    • were also adventurers,
    • several of them,
      Ann, Sarah, Eva
    • leaving the UK for New Zealand
      with their respective families in the C19,
    • and William's descendants settling in Australia

    David Elliott
    Email - David Elliott

    Date: Wed, 6 Oct 1999 From: "john t. pace" pace@england.com

    I am trying to trace the family of my great aunt, NELLY BICKNELL. She was born in Clerkenwell, London in the 1890s. Her dad was JACK BICKNELL. She had two sisters, and one brother, JOHN BICKNELL, (my grand dad). Her mother was CAROLINE ELIZABETH MORRIS. She married a Canadian serviceman during or after the first world war and moved to Canada. We think Ontario, around this time.

    Her son Bobby served in the UK during the second world war when he contacted the family, but we have no way of knowing where her family now live. NELLY BICKNELL was her maiden name, and we have lost her married name, so her son BOBBY would have his dads name.

    My mother, (NELLY) named after her, would dearly love to contact her Canadian cousins. if any one can help us, please contact me we would be very grateful.

    John T. Pace in North Weald, Essex UK
    Email John T. Pace

    MORE interesting news from JOHN on the FRED PACE page. He turns out to be a HOLLOWAY PACE, where pioneer Alberta PACE brothers FRED & HENRY were born. Very likely related - Have a look !!

    NOTE - John may be connected to London PACE family of
    HENRY & FRED PACE, mentioned in Norman Manyfingers section ....click here - PACE-MANYFINGERS of Alberta

    it turned out - he was - imagine - finding out about your ancestor's brother, or whatever, who did these exciting things, in his life

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