Alsager Congleton Sandbach Kidsgrove Manchester

THOMAS PACE - b abt 1825-30
- lived at Dane Row, Buglawton,Congleton, Cheshire.
+ SARAH SHERRATT - b around 1830-35?
possibly daughter of William and Edna Sherrat.
  1. SAMUEL PACE - b 1852 in Buglawton, Cheshire
    + FRANCES HANCOCK b in Congleton, Cheshire
    1. George Pace - b 1873 in Odd Rode, Cheshire - a coal miner or mine official of some sort.
    2. Daniel Pace - b 1875 in Odd Rode, Cheshire
    3. Samuel Pace - b 1877 in Odd Rode, Cheshire - had a garage in Talke
    4. Bertha Maria Pace
      - b 1879 in Odd Rode, Cheshire -
      +Frederick BIRCHALL
      m: 1903 - picture at right

      1. Frances Birchall
        b Dec 7 1906 - 1993
        +John HOLDEN
        .....*2nd Husband of Frances Birchall:
        +James Ellor POWNALL - 1929 m: March 30 1929
        .....*3rd Husband of Frances Birchall:
        +John Henry TURNER - d 1973 m: February 4, 1936
        Fact 1: Had 3 Children from previous marriage
      2. Edward Birchall - lived in Buxton
      3. Winnifred Birchall
      4. Muriel Birchall b 1921 - lives in Dorset
      5. Samuel Pace Birchall - lives in America or Canada

    5. Thomas Pace b: 1881 in odd Rode, Cheshire - had a garage in Butt Lane
    6. Sarah Pace
      +Albert CONDLIFFE - a blacksmith
      1. Albert John Condliffe
      2. Reginald Thomas Condliffe
      3. George Condliffe
      4. Alice Condliffe
        +Stanley Dean Condliffe - possibly a second cousin
      5. Hilda Mary Condliffe
    7. Frances Pace b: November 4 Fact 1: Butt Lane, Mow Cop, Kidsgrove, Staffs.
    8. Annie Pace

From the 1881 Census: Odd Rode, Cheshire, England, Dwelling: Bank
Source: FHL Film 1341846 PRO Ref RG11 Piece 3536 Folio 40 Page 44

Samuel PACE M Head 29 Coalminer M b Buglawton, Cheshire
Frances PACE M Wife 28 F b Congleton, Cheshire
George PACE Son 8 Scholar M b Odd Rode, Cheshire
Daniel PACE Son 6 Scholar M b Odd Rode, Cheshire
Samuel PACE Son 4 Scholar M b Odd Rode, Cheshire
Bertha PACE Daur 2 F b Odd Rode, Cheshire
Thomas PACE Son 9d (days) M b Odd Rode, Cheshire

Maria Bertha Pace and Frederick Birchall m 1903 Blackpool

Maria Bertha Pace b 1879
and Frederick Birchall

I have discovered, from an aunt, that my grandmother, MARIA BERTHA PACE was born in 1879. FRANCES was a family name. My mother was named Frances, there was an aunt Frances and my first name is Frances. I do remember that my mother's aunt Frances was a sister in a hospital in Staffordshire, she never married and I was led to believe that this was because she lost her fiance in the first world war.

How interesting that you too, have heard of a Frances Pace who was a sister in a Staffordshire hospital, I remember going to visit Frances after she had retired, unfortunately by this time she had lost her sight and had gone blind, she lived in a small cottage in Butt Lane, Mow Cop, near Kidsgrove Staffordshire.

My grandmother MARIA BERTHA PACE had brothers and sisters as follows:
ANNIE, GEORGE, SALLY, DAN, and FRANCES, who was the nursing sister. It is possible that GEORGE married an ELIZABETH. I have a birthday date for FRANCES which reads as November 4th but no year. ANNIE PACE had a son who was connected to a CONGLETON newspaper, I will try to make contact with him or write to the newspaper and ask them to print the letter in their readers' column, no doubt someone out there will have information on the Paces of that area.

My grandmother had six children as follows, they all bore the name BIRCHALL from my grandfather FREDERICK (a miner) - my grandparents Maria Bertha Pace and Frederick Birchall were married in 1903 - the following are their siblings names:

FRANCES (my mother) - EDWARD, WINNIFRED, MURIEL, SAMUEL PACE, THOMAS - it is interesting to note that my uncle Samuel also had the name Pace as as one of his Christian names. - On speaking with my aunt Muriel who is now 79 years of age she gave me a couple more names from an old diary, unfortunately the names do not ring a bell with me - the names are as follows:

SAMUEL AND GLADYS PACE and a date which reads: November 30th 1948? She also had listed a EUNICE PACE - this name too did not ring a bell with me either!

"Brenda" - in UK

SAMUEL PACE - b 1852 in Buglawton, Cheshire
+ FRANCES HANCOCK b in Congleton, Cheshire - 2nd marriage to a SHERRAT

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