William John Pace & Margaret Tierney's interesting life

WEBMASTER's NOTE - posted on Staffordshire-L@rootsweb.com
Recognized THOMAS PARKER, possibly son of HUMPHREY PARKER & wife ANNE PACE

Subject: PARKER and MURRAY
Date: Thurs. 9 Sep 1999 From: Carol Ann Wilson wilsonc@kwic.com

My greatgrandfather, WILLIAM PARKER, aged 21, married MARY MURRAY, aged 21 on 18 March 1878.
  • He was a coal miner and lived on Walsall Street in Willenhall.
  • She lived on Clark's Lane in Willenhall.
  • They were married at St. Mary's Roman Catholic Church , Hall Street in Willenhall.
  • His father was THOMAS PARKER, deceased, who had been a brickmaker.
  • His mother's name was ANN BAKEWELL.
  • I know that in l891, the William Parkers' were living in Bulwell, Nottingham, and had three children.

I also have no information on Ann Bakewell ( the mother of William Parker and wife of Thomas Parker) or her family. Only that at the time of William's birth, on March 30. l858, Thomas and Ann Bakewell Parker were living on Farrington Street in Walsall. Thomas at that time was listed as a brickmaker. At the time of William's marriage, though deceased, Thomas Parker is listed as a coalminer.

If anyone has any information on any of these families, I would be most grateful to receive it. I don't know if there were any siblings, though being Roman Catholic, I'm sure there was.

click here - PACE lineage - THOMAS PARKER, William's father
son of Humphrey PARKER & Anne PACE m 10 Feb 1834 Wolverhampton

Thank you very much
E-mail Carol Ann Wilson Westbrook in Brantford, Ontario, Canada.

WEBMASTER's NOTE - I may have a piece of your PARKER puzzle here.
PACE, ANNE bap 7 Jul 1814 m. Humphrey PARKER Wolverhampton 10 Feb 1834
..........son THOMAS PARKER b 1842

Date: Sat, 4 Sep 1999 From: "I. Eleanor Newsome" EleanorNewsome@compuserve.com

My ancestors are PAICEs from DOCKYARDS London; POPLAR, London; LECHLADE in Gloucestershire [GLS}, Oxfordshire and OXFORD proper as well as ONTARIO. Since all the spellings of PAICE, PACE, PASE, PAISH, etc are somehow linked, here is my PAICE lineage as far as I have gotten.

- PAICE, WILLIAM chr 9 Oct 1803 LECHLADE wed ELIZABETH GILES (GILLS or GILL) chr 13 Oct 1799 LECHLADE d 3 Nov 1846 Lechlade (no confirmed marriage date)

-- PAICE, EDWIN WILLIAM b abt Oct 1833 LECHLADE d 28 Jun 1895 POPLAR, Greater London
-- m KEYES, Frances Ann

--- PAICE, EDWIN Henry, b 22 Sep 1863, ISLINGTON, Middlesex
--- PAICE, MARY Emma, b 18 Dec 1869, POPLAR, London m GILL, M PAICE, Maggie
--- PAICE, FRANCIS Kate, b 3 Feb 1872, POPLAR, London m WEBB, 2 May 1898 WILLIAM WEBB
--- PAICE, WILLIAM Keys, b 16 Oct 1875, COWLEY MARSH, Oxford wed GERTRUDE GARROWAY, 5 children
--- PAICE, HENRY Thomas "Harry" b 22 Jun 1875 COWLEY MARSH, Oxford, d 19 Feb 1920, TORONTO, Can
--- m BROWN, ADA Elizabeth 3 Children one was my father HENRY Gordon William PAICE now deceased
--- PAICE, FRANCIS Rose b 17 Mar 1877, COWLEY MARSH, Oxford
--- PAICE, FRANCIS Julia "Fanny Francis" b 1 Jan 1879, COWLEY MARSH, Oxford m KIRBY, Will 3 children
--- PAICE, ROBERT Hames "Bob", b 20 Jan 1885, PLAISTOW, London m (1) HALL, Annie 1 child m (2) ?
--- PAICE, SARAH Mary, b 13 Jun 1843, LECHLADE GLS

The family was mobile and appeared to have worked on various railroad and canal jobs.
Any further info appreciated. If anyone thinks they may have a link, please contact me...
I. Eleanor (Paice) Newsome

Subject: Re: PACE FAMILY in the United States - Date: Sun, 11 Jul 1999
NFraley000@aol.com wrote:

I was fortunate enough to receive a great deal of information on the Pace's who appear on my mother's side of our genealogy, in the 1800's. This information goes back to Pace's in England in the 1700's. I will try to e-mail a GEDCOM file of the information to you, since there are many "John's" and "Edwards" in the genealogy, I suspect they tie together.

I live in Sacramento, California, but the connections go back to Montana, which I noticed in some of the other queries. Nedra Fraley, NFraley000@aol.com

EMERY family, possibly connected with ARCH family of my Grandmother. Emery folk went to Toledo, Ohio, USA. Dwelling: 35 Blakenall Lane, Blakenall Heath, Bloxwich, Walsall, Staffordshire, England

Jonas EMERY 54 M b Blakenall, Stafford, England Rel Head Occ: Bridle Bit Maker
Caroline EMERY M 53 F b Dudley Rel:Wife
Esther EMERY... U 20 F b Blakenall, Stafford, England Rel: Daur Occ: Pupil Teacher
Richard EMERY. U 18 M b Blakenall, Stafford, England Rel: Son Occ: Bridle Bit Filer
Ann EMERY........U 15 F b Blakenall, Stafford, England Rel: Daur
Caroline EMERY..U 12 F b Blakenall, Stafford, England Rel: Daur Occ: Scholar
Jonas EMERY.....U 9 M b Blakenall, Stafford, England Rel: Son Occ: Scholar

Date: Tue, 09 Mar 1999...To: Gord Pace ... From: calichm@banet.net

I have MATHER & WALTON in my family tree. My gggrandfather's name is ROBERT MATHER. He had a son ROBERT who married ELIZABETH WALTON (daughter of Joseph & Elizabeth (KENDALL). They had three chldren: Joseph b.1868 d.1958, Annie & Mary. Does any of this sound familiar to you? Thanks, Jan

SUBJECT: - PITT Genealogy
Date: Wed, 27 Jan 1999 From: - PBirch2@webtv.net (Phyllis Birch)

I am interested to find out if you have any information about a WILLIAM PITT m to JANE AYRES. I think you said that you have information from Staffordshire. That is next to Worcestershire County. William might of had relatives there in Stafforshire. The only information I have is about my grandmother who is MARY JANE PITT m to CARLOUS THURLOW in MAINE USA. She was born in KIDDERMINSTER, Worcestershire in Feb 1881 d 20 Aug 1970 in BOYLSTON, Mass. I am new at this. I am disabled and it is hard for me to get to libraries etc. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

E-mail Phyllis BIRCH

Subject: Re: DUDLEY surname
....Date: Tue, 2 Feb 1999... From: "Kelley Videbeck" k.videbeck@clear.net.nz
Reply-To: "Kelley Videbeck" your_login@clear.net.nz

I am also tracing some DUDLEY's and very stuck on this line, so tend to follow up every possible lead I come across - hope you don't mind! Anyway - here's what I have on this family of mine:

I have a MARY DUDLEY, daughter of JOHN, who was born pre 1837 (being at least 20 in 1857 when she was married). I suppose John would have been born around 1800-1810 sometime. Mary married HENRY SANDERS in 1857, at EDSTASTON, Shropshire. From my limited information, it appears they moved around a bit, and they had a son called DUDLEY JOHN SANDERS, b 1859 in Worcester. Dudley John eventually emigrated to NEW ZEALAND, marrying here in 1883.

As you can see, I don't have a lot to go on - but hopefully that may be enough anyway to see if these folk fit in to your information at all. I do know the family was quite proud of their DUDLEY connection - but as you can see, I have yet to find any reason for that!

Kind regards
Kelley Videbeck...NZ...k.videbeck@clear,net.nz...
E-mail Kelley Videbeck in New Zealand

Subject: DUDLEY surname
....Date: Sun, 24 Jan 1999 From: "woodside@bicnet.net"

My Grandfather GEORGE ALBERT DUDLEY was from ONTARIO, Canada, according to my Parents' marriage certificate! How he got there from England I do not know. But he ended up in NOVA SCOTIA where he married my Grandmother GELLING (from the Isle of Man Gellings)

Grandfather George came from an extensive family. What are the names of your Dudleys- they may be great uncles of mine. I may just have them right here on my chart! Do you have dates for them? I am fascinated!

Barbara Washburn-Lienhard....Woodside@Bicnet.net
E-mail Barbara Washburn-Lienhard....Massachusetts, USA

Date: Sun, 24 Jan 1999 From: Bryan Slim - minstart@istar.ca

I have a DUDLEY married into the SLIM family in Dudley, England.

E-mailBryan SLIM in Vancouver, British Columbia
researching SLIM in Staffordshire, Worcestershire, Warwickshire and anywhere else

Subject:   KITSON surname
Date: Thu, 5 Nov 1998 From: Allen Ricketson atarick@worldnet.att.net

I've been looking for information on the KITSON surname.
I noticed at the end of your queries page there is reference to a Mrs. Kitson. Do you have any info on this person. I've traced my ancestry to a JAMES BIRCH KITSON in the U.S. but haven't been able to go back any further. Any info would be great.

Tara Ricketson - Tasrick@aol.com

"Telegrams were sent to his daughter, Mrs. Kitson, in St. Paul, and to his brother Sidney, in Great Falls. The latter arrived here on Tuesday night's train and a telegram was received from his son-in-law in St. Paul, " ....The Lethbridge News...1899....

NOTE:....A DR. JOHN KITTSON was Surgeon of the Mounted Police, at the same time and almost the same place...I'm looking for connection...DR. KITTSON later ran a drug store at MAPLE CREEK, Saskachewan, 15 miles from Fort WALSH,...There's a book, "VET in the SADDLE" the story of his life. Dr. KITSON is buried at Maple Creek, Saskachewan.....GP.

PACE, HENRY 1836-1899 b England Watchmaker/Jeweller at OTTAWA, Ontario, 1870's and later LETHBRIDGE, NWT (ALBERTA today) 1880's/90's Brother of FRED PACE of STANDOFF, Alberta, and SIDNEY PACE of GREAT FALLS, MONTANA (Henry's partial obituary above, in italics).... Comments welcome on possible connection. GP

MORE on this PACE family on the FRED PACE PAGE

Subject: Re: PACE cousins in MALTA
Date: Mon, 07 Feb 2000 From: pickard@hunimex.com To: gtp3066@nexicom.net

My gf married a Maltese girl by the name of BEATRICE FRENDO.
Every time I went there, we were always meeting various PACE cousins,(also pronounced Parchay) including several fairly prominent individuals.

Pickard Trepess, Sharjah, UAE
send any reply to pickard@hunimex.com

click here - PICKARD'S other PACE query in the UK

Date: 98-09-23...From: CyBLOUNT@aol.com...To: gordpace@eagle.ca

Have you come across the fact that some of the PACE family in Australia come from MALTA or ALBANIA in the Mediterranean ?  In fact I think my  BEULAH BLOUNT married one of these.

Cyril [UK}

Date: 98-04-14...From: space@bedfordstmartins.com (SUSAN PACE) To: pacenet@worldnet.att.net

Do you ever get queries from PACES of MALTESE heritage? My father's family is from MALTA and I know there are many MALTESE PACES living in CANADA, AUSTRALIA, the U.S., and MALTA (of course). I am interested in information on any Maltese Paces.

Susan Pace  space@bedfordstmartins.com

click here - Pace of Malta page

NOTE: MALTA, an Island in the Mediterranian, south of ITALY and SICILY. Britain maintained a Naval base there for about 200 years. Many Maltese worked in the British Merchant Marine, travelling throughout the Empire & the world. Hence, MALTESE PACES settled throughout the British commonwealth of Nations, etc.

Check these later on the Pace Network
Italian PACES - Maltese PACES

Date: 98-06-20...From "Norm/Barb Kivinen" - nkiv@Quetico.tbaytel.net To Gord Pace

Greetings from THUNDER BAY, Ontario, Canada.
Very interesting site, the Pace Page.  I have a MARCELLA PACE (KIVI), daughter of ARTHUR KIVI and AILI KIVI (KENTALA). No information of birth/death of MARCELLA. She married HERBERT PACE and had children: JEFFERY, DIANA, CAROL Last Known Residence was in OREGON, USA.

Thanks for the help.
Norm Kivinen - nkiv@Quetico.tbaytel.net
E-mail Norm/Barb KIVINEN

From: BRENDA HOWORKO nee PACE of Edmonton, Alberta Date: 98-02-10
E-mail:   Brenda HOWORKO (nee Pace)

Roy, the following may be of interest to someone checking out your page and needing some information on these folks.

JAMES WILLIAM PACE m. SARAH ALICE BANNISTER in Center, Saguache Co.,Colorado, and immigrated to Canada in 1902.  JAMES WILLIAM PACE was the son of THOMAS ROBERT PACE who came from KANSAS to COLORADO in 1883, and brother to GERTRUDE who married SCOTT ARMOUR. GERTRUDE and SCOTT were the parents of EDITH AND EUNICE.


At least three of their children died in infancy and one was named Britamarte/Britamonte. The family moved back to the U.S. around 1914 and WILL and SARAH both died in Susanville California (1955 & 1956).   The family lived in Utah as well and I just noticed that both girls died as children in California. They farmed in south central Alberta (Nanton)

Thomas Robert PACE - from KANSAS to COLORADO in 1883

  • Gertrude PACE
    + Scott ARMOUR
  • James William PACE
    + Sarah Alice BANNISTER
    - married at CENTER, Saguache Co.,Colorado
    and immigrated to Canada in 1902
    • James Stanley PACE
    • Percey Llewellyn PACE
    • Dorothea Elizabeth PACE
    • Amy Alice PACE
    • Maroe PACE b Calexico

  SUBJECT: PACE Family - VIENNA, Elgin County, ONTARIO, Canada
Date: 98-03-10 - From: John Terry catymarko@aol.com

Looking for ancestors of my great grandfather and great grandmother,

Per the 1881 Canadian census,

  • CALVIN was 62 years old at the time of the census
    (20 years senior to his wife RACHEL).
  • He was born in ONTARIO Province about 1819
    and of Prussian decent.
  • He was a machinist by trade.
  • Was a member of the Methodist church.
  • RACHEL moved to VIENNA from the NIAGARA District
    with her family when she was 2 years old (about 1841).
  • Per the 1881 Canadian census:
    RACHEL was born in the Province of ONTARIO
    and of ENGLISH decent.
  • Her father was a builder of houses
    and built the first grist mill in VIENNA, Ontario.

  • After she married,
    she had a farm on the OTTER CREEK Bank overlooking VIENNA.
  • She was a member of the Methodist Brethren in pioneer days.
  • Have newspaper clipping
    commemorating RACHEL's 98th and 100th birthdays
    (one printed in the ST THOMAS TIMES,
    the other from a paper in PORT BURWELL).
  • Their son, JOHN BURGESS PACE (my grandfather)
    • moved to TACOMA, Washington
    • and married my grandmother SIGNA AUGUSTA ANDERSON.
  • JOHN BURGESS PACE was killed
    in a hit-and-run auto accident in 1937.

Please respond to
211 Campbell
Redlands, CA 92373

E-mail John TERRY  or catymarko@aol.com

Webmaster's Note
CALVIN and RACHEL PACE are from the German Pace/Pees line.
CLICK HERE to see where CALVIN fits into that lineage

Subject: EMERY GENEALOGY - Date: 98-02-20 From: dickinfl@southeast.net Email: Bill DICK To: Gord Pace

I am looking for information regarding my great grandfather and his brother, GEORGE & JAMES EMERY, born 1829 & 1823 respectively, in BRIGHTON, SUSSEX Co., ENGLAND...

Bill Dick dickinfl@southeast.net
E-mail: Bill DICK

SUBJECT: - PACE FAMILY Ontario, Canada
Date: 98-02-18 From: Lawrence Scott Pace sshpa@napanet.net

If you e-mail me, please put - attn: Scott, in the subject area

What a great stroke of luck to have found
the Pace family history on the internet

Let me tell you what I know to see if this ties in with your family: My Grandfather, FRANCIS "Frank" PHILIP PACE was born in GUELPH, (Gwelf) Ontario, Canada 5/20/1874. He became a N.Y. lawyer. His family lived in a house which was torn down to make room for the building of the Library of Congress. He married MARIE BREITBARTH.

He had brothers CHARLES, DELBERT (an MD), JOHN EDWARD, FREDERICK, WILL (boxing champ of the U.S. Navy), and two sisters(don't know their names. Francis P.Pace's father was JOHN BRICE PACE  (believed to be born in England)...He was married to MARY BEGY. Does any of this look familiar? I'll look forward to hearing from you.

Take Care. L. Scott Pace, Sonoma, CA [California, not Canada]

Date: 97-12-28 From: Gord Pace To: PaceNetWrk@aol.com

Hello Roy,
Thanks millions for the entry on the UK PACE QUERIES, The second one, JAN ANDERSON, from NORTHAMPTON, ENGLAND, originally, STAFFORDSHIRE must be a second cousin of mine. Now I know what my great grandfather's father's name was, EDWARD PACE - 1845 - 1912...My grandfather's name was CHARLES VICARAGE PACE - 1871 - 1926. My father's name was THOMAS HENRY PACE 1914 - 1964 The CHARLES PACE, that JAN mentioned, emmigrated abt, 1930 to OTTAWA, Ontario, Canada as her father's cousin, is my UNCLE CHARLES, married EMILY WEBBER, a jeweller, HUNTINGDON, Que.

Once again, thanks greatly for your help,..... GORD PACE@eagle.ca

Would very much appreciate any information on :  William MATHEWS married Martha FREE  and had a least one child/daughter Ora (possibly Orianna?)  b: 1874 in Edmonson Co., Kentucky.

In 1892 Ora MATHEWS married William James PACE b: 1871... they had +/- 8 children:...

  1. HELEN PACE   b: 1892 (likely adopted);
  2. WALKER ELGIN PACE b: 1894 d: 1955;
  3. GEORGE PACE b: 1896,
  4. twins: ROBERT S. PACE and
  5. WILLIAM P. PACE b: 1899;
  6. RICHARD ?;
  7. BELLE  b: 1906 and
  8. MARTHA  b: 1918.

Either Belle or Martha (maybe even both) married an Oscar DEMLING.

In 1900 the family PACE lived in ROCKY HILL Station, EDMONSON Co., Kentucky.
Ora died in 1945 in Louisville, Jefferson Co. Kentucky and is buried at Cave Hill.   Would appreciate any information at all. Thanks.

Brenda Howorko,    Ph: (403) 427-7727   Fx: (403) 422-3920 ]
Executive Assistant Office of the Deputy Minister
10th Floor, North Tower Petroleum Plaza, 9945 - 108th Street

Brenda Howorko was next....
So far, connection between these queries was not established.

Subj: WALTER JAMES PACE - Date: 97-10-31 From: Brenda Howorko howorkb@enr.gov.ab.ca To: PaceNetWrk@aol.com

I had written some time ago requesting information specifically on my paternal grandfather WALTER JAMES PACE and so far nothing. So, perhaps I could make the inquiry more general and inquire after any Canadian Pace entries? Walter was probably born between 1985-1905. He married my grandmother WINIFRED JEAN (Jenny) SHANNON in PIAPOT, SASKACHEWAN around 1916. The only other thing I do know about him is that his mother's name was likely ORA MATHES and he lived in both MEDICINE HAT and CALGARY, ALBERTA until his death in 1956/1957. P.S. My web address has also changed since my last query . News...Through digging, BRENDA finds..name on death certificate for 'WALTER'....WALKER ELGIN PACE born 1894, Feb.25th GEORGETOWN, KENTUCKY, son of WILLIAM JAMES PACE.......Mother unknown (at present) howorkb@enr.gov.ab.ca (Brenda Howorko) She is looking for information on ORA MATHES or MATHEWS in KENTUCKY, GEORGIA, TENNESSEE web sites.

WALKER's parents were WILLIAM J. PACE and ORA PACE. He had one sister, HELEN, and three younger brothers, GEORGE, and twins, ROBERT S.. & WILLIAM P....the father WILLIAM J. PACE was a railway worker and they lived in the village of ROCKY HILL, KENTUCKY

Gordon Pace puts it all together -- now these three are working together.
It's great to see the Pace Network work this way !!

Subj: WALTER JAMES PACE - Date: 97-12-26 To: Brenda Howorko howorkb@enr.gov.ab.ca - From: Gord Pace

Hello there Brenda

I read your letter of Oct. 31st from the PaceNetWrk Perhaps this may or may not be any help but nothing ventured is nothing gained....While on vacation in southern ALBERTA last July, I visited the PINCHER CREEK Museum and Kootenay Brown Historical Park. Farley Wuth, the curator, had some books there. One listed the obituary names from  Alberta newspapers, going back many decades. In it were two Pace obituaries. FREDERICK PACE of STANDOFF Alta., The Lethbridge News, Dec.15, 1898, page 1;....also The Macleod Gazette, Dec. 9, 1898, page 4.....HENRY PACE, LETHBRIDGE,

The Lethbridge News, March 23, 1899, page 1

My grandfather was CHARLES VICARAGE PACE 1871-1926 died at Lethbridge too. My grandfather was related to a Jones, conductor on the Canadian Pacific Railway, at MEDICINE HAT, Alberta, His wife was a PACE, don't know her name. Could be my grandfather's sister?... Son William joined North West Mounted Police...I have photos of them.

The Alberta Provincial Archives has the Lethbridge News on microfilm if this is any help, I have more info. Perhaps it would be useful to see the obituary, the surviving members of the family are usually mentioned, and go from there...

Gord Pace, 6 Durham St. south, Colborne, Ont. K0K 1S0 - gtp3066@nexicom.net

Date: 98-01-06....(On a cold Alberta day) From: howorkb@enr.gov.ab.ca To: Gord Pace

Good Lord willing and the creek don't rise, I will go to the archives on Friday and look at all those obits and double check the index - its actually a huge old hand written bound book at least 18 inches tall and about a foot thick.
Brenda Howorko (nee Pace)

Date: 98-02-20 From: dickinfl@southeast.net To: Gord Pace

I am looking for information regarding my great grandfather and his brother, GEORGE & JAMES EMERY
born 1829 & 1823 respectively, in BRIGHTON, SUSSEX Co., ENGLAND

From: Bill Dick dickinfl@southeast.net To: Gord Pace

Dear Gordon , I appreciate your additional information. I located BRIGHTON, Ontario on the map. I worked in OTTAWA a few years ago constructing an addition to the OTTAWA CITIZEN NEWSPAPER plant. My grandfather DICK was born in NIAGARA FALLS, Ontario in 1870 and the family moved to NIAGARA FALLS,NY about 1883.

My great grandfather GEORGE EMERY moved from ENGLAND sometime and the first child was born in NELSON Township, HALTON COUNTY, Ontario, in 1870. The 1871 census shows a GEORGE EMERY in this county but the age is only 35 years instead of 42 or 43 years old.The code is 038 A 1 53 01. There is a GEORGE at the correct age in MIDDLESEX County, (ONTARIO) code 009 C 7 17 33. A JAMES of the correct age is listed in WENTWORTH County code 023 D 1 11 12. If I knew the wife and children of these people I could determine if they are the correct people.

Are the towns of CHIDHAM, RACKHAM, and ARUNDEL near BRIGHTON, England?... I have a couple of matches on the IGI files for the relatives in the SUSSEX County area. I appreciate all of your assistance

Bill dickinfl@southeast.net

NOTE from Gord:....ARUNDEL & RACKHAM are a stones throw apart, both about 10 miles west of BRIGHTON....CHIDHAM is on a channel peninsula, about 9 miles west of ARUNDEL, or 6 miles east of the famous naval center of PORTSMOUTH, and probably within sight of the ISLE of WIGHT, truly a mariner's paradise !

also WENTWORTH and HALTON counties of ONTARIO are where I grew up.

Subj: PACE of Staffordshire, England, and Ontario, Canada
Date: 98-01-25
From: Gord Pace To: PaceNetWrk@aol.com

GO TO Tierney page
(DAVIS formerely thought to be LEWIS)

The information following was from the 1901 census
- British Columbia Provincial Archives

- Crowsnest Pass, Vancouver, Edmonton
Born USA May 6, 1866, entered Canada 1870 (info from 1901 census)
viewed at British Columbia Provincial Archives Victoria, BC.
Researched - GTPace - In Victoria, BC Jan 1998
(now found-born Ontario)

Research on William John Pace by Brenda Howorko, (nee Pace) in Edmonton, Alberta, in his later life - he spent in Edmonton, Alberta - where he used his engineering skills and worked at laying out the city's street railway system.

  • He was a commissioner, City of Edmonton.
  • Prior to that, a contractor with WILLIAM TIERNEY, Vancouver, formerly Nepean, Ontario.
  • Tierney was Pace's father in law, he built roads in Vancouver, Seattle, Victoria, designed Ross Bay Cemetery at Victoria, BC

gave his occupation as 'railroad worker' at CROWSNEST PASS
(a town on the CPR line near Kicking Horse Pass in the Canadian Rockies)
....I had PACE ancestors who worked on that project
and thought, in my earlier research, he may have been one...GTPace

A TIERNEY Descendent-researcher writes
to help correct confusing census information, (is it LEWIS or DAVIS ?)

June 13, 2009 I've since found out quite a bit about WILLIAM JOHN PACE.
  • He may have been down in the States but he was not born there.
  • He was born abt 1863 in either Lambton or Elgin county in Ontario to
    Michael PACE and Catherine DAVIS (not Lewis).
  • Their marriage is on record
    at the Regular Baptist Church in Elgin county on 12 May 1859.
  • Michael Pace was a son of William Pace and Paulina Chapel.
  • Catherine Davis' father was Mitchell Davis,
    her mother's name is not given on the marriage registration.
  • WILLIAM JOHN is found with his parents and siblings,
    THOMAS and SARAH JANE in the 1871 LAMBTON, Ontario census.
  • By the 1881 census, he has left home
    (his widowed father and siblings
    are in the 1881 Sarnia, Lambton census)
  • and is found in the BRUCE City, Bruce, Ontario census,
    aged 18, and a 'sailor'
WEBMASTER NOTE: .....confusing maybe, "Bruce City", there is BRUCE COUNTY on Georgian Bay, part of Lake Huron. My guess is the city is OWEN SOUND, a major grain port and railhead centre.

I think he was working the lake between Ontario and Ohio and this is where the confusion re his birthplace comes in. He probably lived there sometime after 1881 before returning to Canada. - Eileen Guiliani - Tierney researcher

Also of interest here
is my grandfather, CHARLES VICARAGE PACE's relationship with SAMUEL JONES of MEDICINE HAT, Alberta. His wife was said, by my aunt, to be a relative of my grandfather but I've never been able to find out exactly who she was. She was likely Mary Ann Culwick, younger sister of my great grandmother EMILY CULWICK who had some involvement with a JONES family back in England. This is from other CULWICK family researchers I'm related to in England.

Sam was a conductor with the Canadian Pacific Railway. He achieved fame when the train was robbed at Crowsnest Pass. Ken Liddle, a Calgary newsman, wrote a book, "I'll Take The Train". A chapter on the train robbery, is in the book. Some bandits were shot dead later. The book is very interesting. I bought mine from Alhambra Book Store in Edmonton - Telephone call & mail order.

Sam's new Elgin railroad pocket watch was stolen, pawned at Portland, Oregon, eventually returned to Sam, finally donated to the Medicine Hat Museum, Alberta, along with artifacts, by Sam's grandson, Bill Jones.

Subject: Re: TIERNEY - PACE
Date: Fri, 18 Dec 1998....From: Eileen Guiliani ....To: gordpace@eagle.ca

Hello Gord,

Thankyou for your information on William TIERNEY
and YES I am interested in any newspaper clippings etc. that you have on both William TIERNEY and/or William PACE.

I have other information on WILLIAM JOHN PACE,

  • Born: DAVENPORT, Ohio ..... (now found to be incorrect)
  • Profession at time of marriage: bookkeeper
  • Age at wedding: 24
  • Date of marriage: Mar 5, 1889
  • Religion: Protestant

I also have info on his children if you would like it.

I'll look forward to receiving your other info.

Holiday Greetings,
Eileen from North Vancouver, BC

Date: Tue, 24 Apr 2001
From: Bill Royds
To: Gord Pace

I just found this entry in your Pace family web page.
  • This Willaim John Pace was my great-grandfather.
  • He also had a son named
    William John Pace who won the Distinguished Flying Cross in WWI
  • but died in an automobile accident in 1919.

Here is an entry from:

Lieutenant William John PACE
Distinguished Flying Cross

London Gazette - 2 November 1918.

Born in Vancouver. Home in Edmonton (civil engineer); commissioned in Canadian Militia, 22 September 1914; Lieutenant, 9th Battalion, CEF, 23 September 1914; embarked from Quebec, 3 October 1914; to 4th Battalion, CEF; to UK, 16 January 1916 (bronchiectasis) for medical boarding; to Canada, 21 August 1916; discharged medically unfit; as a pilot, 2nd Lieutenant, sailed from Canada with RFC draft, 19 November 1917; taken on strength of RFC (UK), 14 December 1917; served with No.55 Squadron, 11 March to 3 December 1918; sent to Home Establishment; killed 27 April 1919 in motor accident.

Since this officer joined his squadron in March last he has carried out five photographic reconnaissances and taken part in thirty-two bombing raids. His work has been distinguished throughout by keenness, efficiency and determination. When attacked by hostile planes he has invariably shown coolness and initiative, never hesitating to assist weaker pilots in critical situations. On photographic reconnaissances he has rendered most valuable service.

Some more about the William John Pace family.

I have done some research at the Vancouver City Archives about him.
I was not aware of where he was born, just Ohio, which agrees with your brief biography.
(birthplace Ohio - now found to be incorrect)

He started as a bookeeper
with the engineering firm of McGillivary in Vancouver. This firm built the Vancouver waterworks. He obviously liked engineering as he moved to Edmonton as an engineer and helped build the Edmonton Street Railway.

was the daughter of WILLIAM TIRNEY, one of the pioneers of NEPEAN Township, now part of OTTAWA, Ontario. I knew her as a child as my "nanny Pace" in OAKVILLE, Ontario where my grandparents lived. Her sister Evelyn married James Kennedy Cornwall "Peace River Jim", one of the pioneers of Northern Alberta.
Brenda probably has more about him.


JAMES KENNEDY CORNWALL known as "Peace River Jim" and "Apostle of the North,"
the most effective ambassador of the Canadian Northwest

and they had three children

  1. James Anthony, 1922-1944,
  2. Catherine Peace (Hudson), 1911-?,
  3. and Norah (Pollard), 1913-
The family was based in Victoria
although Jim spent most of his time in the north.

The Canadian Encyclopedia
Brantford, Ontario Public Library

William John Pace had 4 children, one dying in infancy.
The ones surviving were 2 daughters and 1 son (William John Pace Jr.)

William John Pace won the DFC but died with no children in 1919.

I possess the DFC that he won. Daughter Kathleen was my grandmother. She married Cyril Gordon Royds, who worked for the Imperial bank in 1914. They had 3 sons and a daughter. Daughter Judy firstly married a son of Hamilton Gault, then Clive Benson, heir to the Canadian Forest Products empire.

So there were no Paces from that family.
Bill Royds

Confirmed the following to be brothers-sisters: -

HENRY PACE (1836-1899) b.England, d.Lethbridge,Ab. watchmaker/jeweller Ottawa, Ont 1877-79.& Lethdridge, Alberta, later... taken to ST. PAUL for burial by daughter, a 'KITSON'. Henry, father of 4 children (trying to find out about them)

FREDERICK PACE (Aug.26,1841-1898 b Holloway, Middlesex, England. Fred ran a trading post at Stand Off, Alberta; wife Medicine Bear Woman, 2 children. Annie, Fanny, Johnny, (see reply below from FRED'S descendent)

Anyone know about SIDNEY PACE brother of FRED and HENRY ?

  1. Montana born in England 1856 - died PHILADEPHIA, Pa. (unsure of source)
  2. 1891 census - Sidney shows in Lethbridge Russell House bartender
  3. 1901 census - Great Falls Montana - Grande Hotel

FRANCES ELIZABETH POCOCK (nee Pace) of BRISTOL, England (1898)

ADELAIDE MARY DUNCAN (nee Pace) of BRISTOL, England (1898) (no info)

From a query of January, 1997

Date: 97-01-07 From: brothers@hevanet.com   To: PaceNetWrk@aol.com

Hi! I'm quite new to this genealogy stuff, but noticed your site and checked it out. Perhaps you can give me tips on how to proceed. My grandmother was HELEN PACE, and she lived in MONTANA from (at least) 1940 to 1960 (particularly in HAVRE) She had a sister named JUANITA and another named Mary Zoe. She married a HOWARD BROTHERS in HAVRE. Her mother is ZOE PACE.

If you can give me any tips on how to start this search, I'd appreciate it.

Kristin Brothers brothers@hevanet.com

Date: 98-03-08 From:gtp3066@nexicom.net
To; Kristin Brothers brothers@hevanet.com
Subject: PACE family - reply to your query of 97-01-02

Hello Kristin,

I saw your query on the Pacenetwork about ZOE PACE, mother of HELEN PACE who Married HOWARD BROTHERS of Havre, Montana.
I'm looking for info on SIDNEY PACE who lived at GREAT FALLS, Montana back in the late 1800's. He had brothers FREDERICK PACE of STANDOFF, Alberta and HENRY PACE of LETHBRIDGE, Alberta.
GREAT FALLS, Montana. is south of Shelby, MT.  Lethbridge, Standoff, Alberta. HAVRE, not far east of Shelby, MT ...the US/Canada border didn't fence much in, back then.... Perhaps ZOE PACE is a decendent of SIDNEY PACE. I have some history on Fred & Henry, nothing on Sidney except Henry's obituary says brother Sidney came from Great Falls.
They were all related to my grandfather and came from England.

Thanks for your time,
Gord Pace, 6 Durham St. south, Colborne, Ontario, Canada K0K 1S0....E-Mail:.. gtp3066@nexicom.net
Ph. 905 355-9942

Thanks for your E-Mail. I have just begun my search into my Pace family roots. I know my family lived in Fraid, Montana (it might be Froid... I got that from an obituary) for a time. I believe Zoe's maiden name was Grant. I need to get in touch with my family on other Paces... perhaps someone will know of Sidney. I am not sure that my family ventured into Canada, but you never know. I will keep your email on hand and if I learn anything, I will let you know.

Thanks!, Kristin

Perhaps the town was FERDIG, Montana...just below the border town of Sweet Grass, MT...Gord Pace

NOTE of INTEREST: - FLOYD MANYFINGERS of STANDOFF, son of ANNIE PACE, daughter of FRED PACE, mentioned there are KITTSON folk living at BROWNING, Montana, just across the Montana-Alberta border. Perhaps their ancestors were connected with HENRY PACE or DR. JOHN KITTSON, of the NWMP, and later, MAPLE CREEK, Saskachewan...Check KITSON REPLY from a researcher.

 "Telegrams were sent to his daughter, Mrs. Kitson, in St. Paul, brother Sidney, in Great Falls.  The latter arrived here on Tuesday night's train and a telegram was received from his son-in-law in St. Paul,"
...The Lethbridge News...1899...from obituary of HENRY PACE

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