Memorial to Piercy Pace
b 1869 HODNET
who died at Pretoria 1890

of Hodnet parish Shropshire

Hodnet Paces likely originated from adjacent PREES. The first Hodnet Pace family appears as JOHN and ANN - marriage not found. 1st child b 24 Feb 1675-76 Assuming JOHN was from Prees, I see three JOHNs of early 1650s Christenings - one died, possibly two.
  1. 20 JUN 1650 Father: JOHN PACE
  2. 03 OCT 1651 Father: JOHN PACE
  3. 27 APR 1652 Death: 15 DEC 1660 Father: GIDDION PACE
My assumption - if same father - JOHN PACE - the JOHN Chr. 20 JUN 1650 likely died and another JOHN Chr. 03 OCT 1651 - if same father so this JOHN would fit the Hodnet John Pace and Ann family.

Records show - THOMAS PACE b 28 May 1724 likely the THOMAS that MIGRATED to STOCTON and descendants - eastward to other Shropshire areas, ALBRIGHTON SHIFNAL WORFIELD PATTINGHAM in Shropshire, then to Staffordshire towns of WEDNESFIELD and WILLENHALL, where some became LOCKSMITHS

HODNET Information

SEE PACES of PREES web page

JOHN PACE whose wife was ANN
possibly was from the Paces of PREES where the PACE family went back a few generations, showing up as early as 1600. This JOHN PACE named a son ROBERT. He may have been from the PREES family, father ROBERT PACE Christening: 8 Jun 1606 Prees; his father being RICHARD PACE but this statement is just my speculation, rather than fact. You can view the PR entrys and make your own judgement.


likely JOHN PACE Chr. 03 OCT 1651
possibly the JOHN married ANN in early 1670's - no marriage found -
and first born - JOHN Chr. 1675-76

+ ANN - (surname unknown)

from 1881 census
Dwelling: Hodnet, Hodnet, Shropshire

PIERCY PACE Head 53 born HODNET abt 1827
Occ: Draper & Grocer
ELIZABETH PACE (Jones) 36 Wife born Wrexham, Denbigh, Wales

  • AGNES M. PACE 7 Daur born HODNET
  • EMMA G. PACE 21m Daur born HODNET
ALSO in household

U 24 born Addroy, Denbigh, Wales
Rel: Asst Occ: Draper
probably a relative of PIERCEY PACE's wife

O 19 born Stoke, Shropshire Rel: Servant

"Educational Institute" Constitution Hill
Census Place: Wellington, Shropshire

John BAYLEY M 28 M N K, Lancashire
....Rel: Head Occ: Teacher Principal Of E I
Emily S. BAYLEY M 24 F Orlestone, Kent
....Rel: Wife
Herbert W. BUTLER U 14 M Warehorne, Kent
....Rel: Bro In Law Occ: Scholar
Sandford PACE 11 M Hodnet Shropshire
died abt 1890 Pretoria South Africa - buried Hodnet churchyard

....Rel: Boarder Occ: Scholar
Piercy PACE 12 M Hodnet, Shropshire
....Rel: Boarder Occ: Scholar
George HAMPTON 12 M High Ercall, Shropshire
....Rel: Boarder Occ: Scholar
Tom HAMPTON 11 M High Ercall, Shropshire
....Rel: Boarder Occ: Scholar
Sidney ROWE 13 M Bristol, Gloucester
....Rel: Boarder Occ: Scholar
Ernest HEATLEY 11 M Oldspring, Shropshire
....Rel: Boarder Occ: Scholar
Frank HEATLEY 10 M Old Spring, Shropshire
....Rel: Boarder Occ: Scholar
Tom DRINKWATER 14 M Hyde, Cheshire
....Rel: Boarder Occ: Scholar
Fred HEWITT 13 M Hyde, Cheshire
....Rel: Boarder Occ: Scholar
Colley HAMPTON 14 M N K, Shropshire
....Rel: Boarder Occ: Scholar
William LANGFORD 11 M Berriew, Montgomery
, Wales ....Rel: Boarder Occ: Scholar
Colley DICKEN 13 M Wellington, Shropshire
....Rel: Boarder Occ: Scholar
Sarah HAYWARD U 15 F Lawley, Shropshire
....Rel: Serv Occ: Genl Domes Serv

+ Richard CARTWRIGHT - Marriage: 2 May 1811 HODNET, Shropshire M008731
  • Mary CARTWRIGHT - Christening: 12 Jun 1814 HODNET, Shropshire C008732
  • Richard CARTWRIGHT - Christening: 28 Jun 1817 HODNET, Shropshire- C008732
  • Percy CARTWRIGHT - Christening: 9 Aug 1819 HODNET, Shropshire- C008732
  • Sandford CARTWRIGHT - Christening: 25 Nov 1820 HODNET, Shropshire- C008732
  • John CARTWRIGHT - Christening: 30 Oct 1822 HODNET Shropshire- C008732
  • Anne CARTWRIGHT - Christening: 2 Dec 1824 HODNET, Shropshire- C008732
  • Richard CARTWRIGHT
    Christening: 9 Nov 1817 Hodnet, Shropshire
    Mother: Mary CARTWRIGHT

    1881 census - Pace families, possibly descendent from Hodnet

    Dwelling: Station Road, Prees, Shropshire

    Emma PACE 55 Head born Hodnett, Shropshire Occ: Annuitant
    Rebecca PACE 53 Rel: Sister born Hodnett, Shropshire Occ: Annuitant

    Dwelling: 25 North Gate, Bridgnorth St Leonard, Shropshire

    Henry PACE M 56 M Stockton, Shropshire
    ...Rel: Head
    ...Occ: Engine Driver
    Sarah PACE M 57 F Ackleton, Shropshire
    ...Rel: Wife
    Albert E. PACE U 16 M Albrighton, Shropshire
    ...Rel: Son ...Occ: Carpenter
    Ernest V. PACE 7 M Madeley, Shropshire
    ...Rel: Grandson Occ: Scholar
    Sarah PACE W 24 F Bridgnorth, Shropshire
    ...Rel: Daur In Law Occ: Employed At Factory (Tex) William WYER U 45 M Kidderminster, Worcester
    ...Rel: Lodger Occ: Labourer

    Source: FHL Film 1341632 PRO Ref RG11 Piece 2629 Folio 19 Page 30

    Dwelling: Cheswardine Lane, Census Place: Stockton, Shropshire

    Sarah PACE W 73 F Stockton, Shropshire
    ...Rel: Head
    Hannah PACE U 46 F Stockton, Shropshire
    ...Rel: Daur Handicap: Idiot
    Hugo PACE U 21 M Stockton, Shropshire
    ...Rel: Grandson Occ: Labourer (Farm)
    Ellen EVANS 14 F Stockton, Shropshire
    ...Rel: Granddaur

    Source: FHL Film 1341633 PRO Ref RG11 Piece 2632 Folio 113 Page 11

    Dwelling: Lloyds New Buildgs Census Place: Madeley, Shropshire

    George PACE M 55 M Stockton, Shropshire
    ...Rel: Head Occ: General Labourer
    Eliza PACE M 46 F Treasle, Stafford
    ...Rel: Wife
    William PACE 18 M Stockton, Shropshire
    ...Rel: Son Occ: Bricklayers Labourer
    Eliza PACE 15 F Claverley, Shropshire
    ...Rel: Daur Occ: Scholar
    George PACE 13 M Worfield, Shropshire
    ...Rel: Son Occ: Scholar
    Sarah A. PACE 10 F Madeley, Shropshire
    ...Rel: Daur Occ: Scholar
    Annie E. PACE 2 F Madeley, Shropshire
    ...Rel: Daur

    Source: FHL Film 1341634 PRO Ref RG11 Piece 2638 Folio 67 Page 30

    Dwelling: 9A North Gate Census Place: Bridgnorth St Leonard, Shropshire

    William PACE M 47 M Stockton, Shropshire
    ....Rel: Head Occ: Engine Driver At Carpet Factory
    Mary S. PACE M 39 F Bridgnorth, Shropshire
    ...Rel: Wife

    Source: FHL Film 1341632 PRO Ref RG11 Piece 2629 Folio 15 Page 22

    Dwelling: Claverley Village Census Place: Claverley, Shropshire

    George PACE M 33 M Cound, Shropshire
    ...Rel: Head Occ: Blacksmith
    Harriet PACE M 32 F Wellington, Shropshire
    ...Rel: Wife
    Ann PACE 11 F Roxeter, Shropshire
    ...Rel: Dau Occ: Scholar
    George PACE 8 M Oldbury, Staffordshire
    ...Rel: Son Occ: Scholar
    John PACE 5 M Oldbury, Staffordshire
    ....Rel: Son Occ: Scholar
    Harriet PACE 2 F Claverley, Shropshire
    ....Rel: Dau

    Source: FHL Film 1341632 PRO Ref RG11 Piece 2631 Folio 55 Page 10

    Dwelling: 8 Severn Sq Census Place: Shrewsbury St Chad, Shropshire

    Thomas PACE M 26 M Madeley, Shropshire
    ...Rel: Head Occ: Bricklayer
    Annie PACE M 27 F Middle, Shropshire
    ...Rel: Wife

    Source: FHL Film 1341637 PRO Ref RG11 Piece 2653 Folio 104 Page 22

    Dwelling: 26 North Gate, Bridgnorth St Leonard, Shropshire

    William H. PACE M 26 M Stockton, Shropshire
    ...Rel: Head Occ: Labourer
    Sarah PACE M 30 F Cleobury Mortimer, Shropshire
    ...Rel: Wife
    William PACE 8 M Bridgnorth, Shropshire
    ...Rel: Son Occ: Scholar
    Henry E. PACE 4 M Bridgnorth, Shropshire
    ...Rel: Son Occ: Scholar
    Frederick B. PACE 2 M Bridgnorth, Shropshire
    ...Rel: Son

    Source: FHL Film 1341632 PRO Ref RG11 Piece 2629 Folio 19A Page 31

  • Some occupations etc. of names appearing in the
    Trades and Commercial Directory of Shropshire 1879

    Grocers and Tea dealers

    PACE Piercy, Hodnet & Market Drayton
    PACE Samuel, Dodington Whitchurch


    PACE Piercey, Hodnet & Market Drayton

    info - thanks to Graham Price in Melbourne

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