Grace PACE

   GRACE PACE, mother of Captain JAMES COOK.

James born 27 Oct 1728, Yorkshire village, ag lab's son bound shopkeep's apprentice at 12, abused, ran away, became coal ship cabin boy 13 years becoming mate. Jame's naval career began 1755 his coal ship in London as Britain soon to declare war with France, merchant seamen seized for duty, joined crew of HMS Eagle present at capture of Louisburg, NS 1758, 4 years spent little leisure mastering navigation rising to full master. His ship HMS Mercury, sent to join Gen.Wolfe's fleet at Quebec

Does anyone connect with a PACE family in Yorkshire?
In particular John PACE and Deborah BUTLER married 1695 at Stainton in Cleveland.
They are said to be the parents of Grace and at least one more daughter.

I have a Grace Pace in my Family Tree.
Daughter of John Pace and Deborah Buttler
. She was b. 1702 at Thornaby-on-Tees. d. 1765 at Great Ayton. = James Cook 1725 Stainton.

James and Grace had 8 children one of whom is my husbands 7th great grand parent
Deborah was born in Stainton 1671 fathers name possibly Thomas.
John Pace was from Roxborough in Scotland.

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CAPTAIN James Cook and his wife Elizabeth Batts had six children, but none left descendants. Three of the children died young, one died as a teenager and two were tragically drowned at sea, attempting to follow in their father's footsteps.

Cook's parents, James Cook (1694-1779) & Grace Pace (1702-1765), married at Stainton-in-Cleveland, Nth Yorkshire, on Oct 10 1725, and lived at Marton (then a small village, today a suburb of Middlesbrough) where James Cook was born in 1728, and then at Great Ayton, Nth Yorkshire.. They had 8 children altogether, but the only one to leave descendants beyond the next generation was Capt. Cook's younger sister, Margaret Cook, who married JAMES FLECK at Great Ayton on Sept 4 1764.

All descendants of the Cook family alive today descend from Margaret Cook and James Fleck (so, of course, their name is not Cook). There are literally scores of Cook web sites and the family tree can be downloaded from a number of them for anyone interested. There are numerous descendants of Margaret Cook today in Australia, New Zealand and America, I believe, and maybe elsewhere. These are the only ones who can claim even a remotely direct relationship to Capt James Cook. A few years ago, some elderly lady in Jersey in the Channel Islands claimed to be a direct descendant via an alleged illegitimate son of Capt Cook, but this was dismissed as a fantasy.

In genealogical terms, people who can claim a distant blood relationship to someone, though not a direct descendancy, are called collateral descendants.

Roy Stockdill
Editor, The Journal of One-Name Studies

Captain James COOK
- account on Family Education Network - Columbia University

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I don't claim any connection
to the PACE family from Stainton-in-Cleveland parish
but it is interesting/coincidental that my paternal grandmother, Annie ARCH's mother, MARIA MASON was from this area - daughter of JOHN MASON b: 26 Dec 1813 Litchfield, Staffordshire Her father, WILLIAM ARCH died in 1912 at Middlesborough, Yorkshire, which today is a metropolitan urban area that takes in several parishes, one of which is Stainton-in-Cleveland. There are also many MASON Christenings, marriages in these Middlesborough parishes, including Stainton.

GT Pace

My immediate family background also includes DODSWORTH, which originates from YORKSHIRE.

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