of Middlesex County VA

2 WILLIAM PACE 1711- abt1782
- b Mar 25 1711 Middlesex d abt 1782
+ HANNAH BOOTEN - m 26 Dec 1733

  • 3 ELIZABETH - d/o William & Hannah b 18 Apr 1735 Bap 11 May
  • 3 JOHN - s/o William & Hannah b 31 Oct 1740 Bap 23 Nov
  • 3 WILLIAM - s/o William & Hannah b 06 Aug 1742
  • 3 HANNAH - d/o William & Hannah b 09 Mar 1744/5
  • 3 BENJAMIN - s/o William & Hannah b 28 Jan 1747/8
    + ANNA ROBINSON 1767

    In regard to

    Bruce's account (on pages 58 and 313 of his new book) is that this BENJAMIN is not the son of WILLIAM PACE (b. 3/25/1711) and HANNAH BOOTEN but rather the son of BENJAMIN PACE b abt 1700, d. 4/1781 who married FRANCES WILLIAMSON. This BENJAMIN was a son of JOHN PACE of Middlesex.

    However, there is a contradiction
    in Bruce's record which needs to be resolved.

    On page 58 of his book he says
    "Benjamin, born approximately 1747 in King & Queen County.... married to Ann Robinson."

    Then on page 313 he says
    Benjamin Pace "is shown in the Bible record as being the son of Benjamin Pace & Frances [Williamson], his wife,
    [and] was born in King & Queen Co, Aug 12, 1764."

  • 3 ANN - d/o William & Hannah b 18 Nov 1750 Bap 20 Dec

  • 3 JOHN PACE - b. 10/31/1740 Middlesex Co, VA, d. bef. 1810
    + ANN "Nanny" PACE - b abt 1755 m 1774
    Nanny on 1810 and 1820 census Fluvanna Co VA.

    • 4 JESSE PACE 1775-1806
      - b 1772 Albemarle Co m 18 Jan 1797 Fluvanna Co -

      [PACE-L] 04/06/01 Elbert Co. GA - Jeanne Park - Elbert County Heritage Book mentions a PACE. Under the JAMES ALLEN ADAMS Sr. Family, it shows one of his sisters, by the name of MOURNING ADAMS, married JESSE PACE on 1-16-1796.

      b 1777 Fluvanna County VA
      moved to Ross county, Ohio 1814-1829
      then to Fayette Co Ohio 1829-1841
      then to Delaware Co Indiana
      - to be near sons Uriah, Horatio & daughter Julia

      - m 14 Dec 1797 date of death unknown
      WILLIAM and his family
      moved to Ohio in 1814 and later to Indiana
      stayed in Fluvanna Co.VA

      • 5 URIAH PACE 1802-1856
        + MARY BOOTS 1811-1893 m 6 Feb 1833
        d/o Garret Boots & Elizabeth Peterson
        • 6 JESSE PACE b 1847 m Mary C
          • 7 EDWARD A PACE b 1870 m Stella
          • 7 CLOYD PACE b. 1872
          • 7 WILLIAM B. PACE b 1878 m Bertha A
      • 5 WILLIAM MOMENT PACE b. abt 1806
      • 5 HORATIO PACE b. abt. 1818
        born March 1 1820
        m Dec 2 1841 Delaware Co IN Dec 2 1842 d/o JACOB PENDROY & MARGARET BOOTS.

      HORATIO died probably 1844,
      the probate from Delaware County
      is dated February 1845.

      • JEMIMA went with her PENDROY family
        to Iowa from Indiana.
      • JEMIMA married DANIEL MOSIER
        in Marion county, Iowa.
      • HORATIO and his father, WILLIAM B.PACE
        are most probably buried in Albany cemetery
        with URIAH and his family.

        The grave markers state "Father" and "Brother".

      Dawn Sharpe writes:
        I found the following quote in
      Past and Present of Randolph County, Indiana
        by John L. Smith and Driver,
        published by A. Bowen, 1919, page 355.

      "First school was winter of 1837,
      in a little round log cabin near the bridge, on the river bank at FAIRVIEW. HORATIO PACE was the teacher, and the school was very small."

      FAIRVIEW is in western RANDOLPH COUNTY, not far from ALBANY, home of Uriah, in DELAWARE County, Indiana.

      JEMIMA JANE PENDROY, born Mar 1 1820
      wed HORATIO Dec 2 1841
      was apparently the daughter of
      See: Pendroy-Boots - Jemima - sources for this data. There is more information on Horatio's children as well. The Boots and Pendroys intermarried several times.
      John Krall

        • 6 MARION PACE b 1842 in Indiana.
      See INFO on PENDROY web site
          ggreat uncle -during 1850 census
          MARION PACE, the 3rd brother
          was in the home of JACOB PENDROY, his grandfather,
          He died in ND

          + SARAH McBRIDE

          • 7 MARK PACE
          • 7 MINNIE M. PACE

      Both MARK and MINNIE were born in Union County, SD
      and moved with Marion and Sarah when they left SD in 1882 or 3

      See Pendroy-Pace web page

      "Daniel Mosier and Jemima Jane Pace
      "1850 IOWA CENSUS 29 Nov 1849 Marion Co IA"

      • Daniel Mosier - 35 M Indiana
      • Jemima 28 F Ohio
        • Minerva 11 F Ill.
        • Harriet 10 F Ill.
        • Howard 8 M MD
        • Jane 6 F MD
        • James M. Pace 9 IN
        • Jacob H Pace 5 IN
        • Adeline 3 IA
      Author note:
      MARION PACE, the 3rd brother
      was in the home of JACOB PENDROY
      during this census.

        HORATIO and JEMIMA
          b. 1842 died in ND

          b abt 1845 Delaware County, Indiana
          great grandfather died in Union County, SD
          • 7 NANCY J. PACE
          • 7 ROBERT L. PACE
          • 7 SARAH M. PACE
          • 7 GLEN G. PACE
            b Aug 6 1896 Union County SD
            d Sioux City IA
          • 7 HULDAH PACE b Oct 10 1880
      • 5 JULIA PACE b. 6/15/1822

    • 4 JOHN PACE Jr.b 1781 - Fluvanna Co, VA
      + BETSY WILKERSON - b 1785 m 1803
      On 1810 and 1830 census Fluvanna Co, VA.

      • 5 JOHN R PACE 1809-1892 - b/d VA
        + ELIZABETH P. - b 1814 VA

        In 1850 there was a WILLIAM CAPTAIN, age 50, Black, carpenter living in the household of JOHN R. PACE and ELIZABETH

        WILLIAM CAPTAIN was sent to Canada to look after a LUCY CAPTAIN and child NANCY. This Lucy Ann White? was born on June 16, 1827 in Charlottesville, Va (Per family Bible) The bible also has the name Mayhew written in it.

        William C Captain is on the census for the town of York (Toronto, Ontario) in 1842. He is from Charlottesville, Virginia. By 1846 he is living in Toronto with Ann Captain born 1812 in Charlottesville, Virginia and her daughter Lucy Ann (White) born June 16, 1827 in Charlotteville, Virginia. The Captain family received land in the will of Col. John Boswell who was married to Ann Johnson. Ann Johnson's parents were Ann Meriwether and Thomas Johnson. It's thought that Ann Meriwether Johnson had a second marriage to a Cosby, after Thomas died ? The family bible also has the name Mayhew written in it.

        Col. John Boswell, owned a plantation and Boswell's Tavern, which was visted by quite a few famous people, left land to a WILLIAM CAPTAIN in his will. The Whites are often connected to the family of William Moment Pace b. 1806 and Dicy King. William Moment Pace is somehow related to my John R. Pace b 1809 in whose home William Captain b. abt. 1800 was living in 1850. Another family name mentioned by the person who sent me all this is Mayhew. 3/1/05 Lois Carey Pace-L

        In a deed in 1880 John R. Pace bought 47 acres from William G. Haden, adjoining Richard Noel and Jesse Pace. These 47 acres embraced 6 acres conveyed to John W. Pace at the request of John R. Pace. Then in a deed of 1892-James L, William H. and Francis J. sold 41 acres to Richard A. Pace, adjoining Richard Noel, decd.>

        • 6 JOHN WALKER PACE b 1843
          + REBECCA ANN ROBINSON 1843-1941
          dau/of David C. Robinson and Mary A. Herndon
          Rebecca Ann Robinson Pace b 1843 died Sept 1941 in Charlottesville, Virginia and is buried in Riverview Cemetery
          Lois Carey - Pace-L - 19 Mar 2001

        • 6 ELIZABETH PACE
          • 7 JOHN B. MURRAY
            + CROSS
          James O. Hughes - PACE-L - 29 Feb 2004
          "A DNA Question"

        • 6 RICHARD ALPHONSE PACE - b 1863 VA
          d before 1913 working for railroad.
          + MARY SUSAN GREGORY b 1865
          1st m Richard Alphonse Pace 1863-1913
          s/of JOHN R. PACE 1809-1892
          2nd m WALTER W. PACE
          son of JOHN HARTWELL PACE.
          • 7 BESSIE PACE
            + GROVER FAILES
          • 7 NANCY PACE
            married a BREEDEN and WILKINSON
          • 7 CHARLES PACE

[PACE-L] 02/09/02
Paces in Fluvanna,Virginia
- Mourning Pace,Barnett,Jess,Etc. - Lois Carey
Have just received a copy of the estate inventory of Jesse Pace who must have died in 1807 as that is when the inventory was presented to the court.

I think his wife was a Mourning Adams. A Mourning Pace later married a Barnett inFluvanna in 1812. Does anyone know if this is the same Mourning?

Re: [PACE-L] 22/08/02 Jesse Pace died intestate-Fluvanna-1807
According to my records there were 3 Jesse Paces in that area of VA about that time, ca. 1807. Jesse Pace, Sr. m. Christian unknown was still alive on the 1810 and 1820 censuses of Goochland Co. VA. Another Jesse Pace, Sr., who married Francis Hall, died in 1802, probably in Goochland Co.

The one you mentioned is probably the Jesse Pace b. 1775, probably in Fluvanna Co, VA., married Mourning Adams b. 1772 Albemarle Co, married 1/18/1797 in Fluvanna Co. The last record of him I have is the 1802 Tax List of Fluvanna Co, VA. Apparently he died before the 1810 census. This Jesse was a son of John Pace b. 1740 Middlesex VA, m. Ann Nanny Pace. Gordon W. Pace

    • 4 TARLTON PACE b 1784
      - Talton Tarlton Tarleton
      Tarleton had 4 sons under 10 in 1820. The only ones identified are Tarleton Jr. b. abt. 1811 and William Hullum b. abt. 1817. from Re: [PACE-L] 29/11/03 James Henry Pace of Fluvanna Co, VA - GW Pace

      1. 5 TARLETON PACE Jr. b abt 1811
      2. 5 WILLIAM HULLUM PACE - b abt 1817 Fluvanna Co Va
        - of Dinwiddie Co Va 22 Dec 1846
        - of Chesterfield Co Va 16 Feb 1870 - born in Surry Co Va

    I do have information on a WILLIAM HULLUM PACE who was born in Fluvanna County abt. 1817, he married ADA ANN WILLIAMSON of Dinwiddie County Va. 22, Dec.1846. They resided in Richmond Va. He also married ELIZABETH T. MILLER ROBERTSON of Chesterfield Co. Va. 16, Feb.1870. She was born in Surry Co.VA.

    They had a son JOHN HARTWELL PACE. WILLIAM HULLUM was a son of TARLTON and JENNY PACE. He died in 1881. Will share info on this family.
    Jack Pace 15 Feb 2003 Pace-L


    JH PACE - listed as a huckster in the 1881 Richmond Directory. On May 9, 1883 he married Margaret Ann Miller, her father George Miller was a Blacksith
    not sure about this but:
    GWPace mentions Re: [PACE-L] 14/05/02 the Jesse Pace's in Fluvanna
    In regard to John Hartwell Pace, there were three Hartwell Paces in Virginia in the early 1800's. Their ancestry is known but not their descendants.

          + MARGARET ANN MILLER - m May 9, 1883

          • 7 WALTER W. PACE b 26 Sept 1876
            + MARY SUSAN GREGORY (Molly)
            1st m RICHARD ALPHONSE PACE
            Killed in railroad accident
            b 1863 son of JOHN R. PACE 1809-1892
            • 8 FRANK H. PACE

      • 5 HARMON PACE 1818-1848

    b 1818 Fluvanna Co Va d 1848 son of TARLTON and Virginia (Jenny) Pace - born Fluvanna County Va. died Feb. 8 1848 of pneumonia at 30 years of age Blandford Cemetry Records

  • 3 HANNAH PACE - b 19 Mar 1744 Goochland Co VA
    + WILL ASHLEY - m 9 Mar 1762 in Goochland

    Is this WILL ASHLEY
    connected to the 1st wife of MURRAY PACE ?

    • 4 MURRAY PACE 1751-1831
      - born GOOCHLAND Co Va ca 1751
      married 1782 FLUVANNA Co VA
      - died CLARK Co KY ca 1831
      s/o JOHN H PACE b MIDDLESEX Co 1721/22

      m GOOCHLAND Co 15 Sep 1775
          a widow with dau POLLY

      • 5 FRANCES dau

  • 3 BENJAMIN PACE 1747-1817 ca.
    b 28 Jan 1747 MIDDLESEX Co VA d abt 1817
    + ANNE ROBINSON 1767 - m 1784
    b 13 Jan 1767 m 4 Oct 1784

    • 4 AMANDA POLLY PACE 1786-1853 m 13 Mar 1807
      b ALBEMARLE Co VA 12 Mar 1786 d ALBEMARLE Co 1853

    • 4 SUSAN PACE b 1788 FLUVANNA Co VA

    • 4 JOHN R. PACE 1790-1868
        b ALBEMARLE Co VA 18 Apr 1790
        d CAMDEN Co MO 6 Jul 1868
      + EMILY TAYLOR 1803-1878 m 1829
        b KY 20 Jan 1803
        m 1829
        d COLE Co MO 17 Oct 1876

        • 5 BENJAMIN FRANKLIN PACE b 1830 TN
          + MARTHA JANE PRINE b 20 Sept 1854
          • 6 SYNTHA PACE b 1855
          • 6 JAMES CHRISTOPHER PACE 1857
          • 6 JOHN PACE b 1859
          • 6 GRIFFIN PACE b 1864
          • 6 MARY PACE b 1871
          • 6 AMANDA PACE b 1873
          • 6 GEORGE ALLEN PACE b 1875
          • 6 MISSOURI ALLEN PACE b 1877

        • 5 JOSEPH GRIFFIN PACE 1832-1917
          b 30 Nov 1832 d COLE Co MO 5 Jul 1917
          + 1st wife MARGARET MURRAY 1835-1869
          b COLE Co MO 1 Jun 1835 m abt 1857 d COLE Co 3 Sept 1869
          • 6 JOHN ISAAC PACE b 1858 COLE Co MO
          • 6 JAMES THOMAS PACE b 1864 COLE Co
          • 6 WILLIAM FRANKLIN PACE b 1866 COLE Co

          + 2nd wife SARAH CATHERINE BYRD 1852-1925
          b MO 1852 m 1874 d COLE Co 15 May 1925

          • 6 MARY ETTA PACE b 1875 COLE Co
          • 6 ROBERT DANIEL PACE b 1876 COLE Co
          • 6 BENJAMIN MARSHALL PACE b 1878 COLE Co
          • 6 CORDELIA PACE b 1879 COLE Co
          • 6 ELVANNA PACE b 1884 COLE Co
          • 6 HENRY C. PACE b 1886 COLE Co
          • 6 EDWARD PACE b 1888 COLE Co
          • 6 LUKE FRANCIS PACE b 28 May 1890 COLE Co
            + MINNIE ELMA BOLTON b COLE Co

was born in Fluvanna County Va. abt.1817

His parents were Talton (Tarlton, Tarleton) Pace and Jenny Pace (Marriage Certificate Feb. 16, 1870)

It is believed that Jenny was Virginia or Jane Haggard. The info from this source reads "John Pace and Ann (Nanny) Pace had four male children.

The first,

  1. JESSE PACE born in 1775, married
    + MOURNING ADAMS in 1797 and died in 1806.
  2. WILLIAM PACE was born in 1777, married
    + MARY THOMAS in 1797, date of death unknown.
  3. JOHN PACE Jr was born in 1781 married
    + BETSY WILKERSON in 1803, date of death unknowm.
  4. TARLTON PACE the youngest son,
    was born in 1784 and married
    + JANE HAGGARD in 1806 (bulletin 18)
Research suggests that this Tareton is the same one who married Virginia, who may also be the same as "Jenny" married to Talton.

Note: Blandford Cemetry Records of Internment lists

  • HARMON PACE, son of Talton and Virginia Pace, born in Fluvanna County Va. died Feb. 8 1848 of pneumonia at 30 years of age.
  • A JOHN PACE was listed in
    Petersburg Hustings Court Records
    as marrying a Mary A.C. Baird on Nov. 27, 183
  • A JOHN H. PACE was listed in
    the 1852 Richmond City Directory
    near where WILLIAM HULLUM lived.
  • Both are listed as millers.
  • Descendants of this Pace line
    still live in the Richmond area.

This information has not been documented by me personally
but I do have some source information.
Jack Pace

Subject: [PACE-L] William Hullum Pace, John Hartwell Pace
Date: 15 Feb 2003
From: "Lois & John Carey"

Would like to know more about this family.
I have quite a bit of information on a John Hartwell Pace
who married a Fannie Houchins May 27, 1875 in Fluvanna, Virginia

Their children were:

  1. Walter W. Pace b. Sept. 26,1876-
    + m.Mary Susan Gregory
  2. James M. Pace b. Jan. 1,1879
  3. John Floyd Pace b. Aug.1,1881
  4. Edward A.Pace b. Dec.11,1883
  5. George N.Pace b.June 13,1886
  6. Lessie L.Pace b.Aug 5,1889
  7. Ollie V.Pace b. Aug.26,1892
  8. Oley H.Pace b. July 29,1895
  9. Cammie N.Pace b. Sept. 25,1898

The above information was sent to me by
the grgranddaughter of John Hartwell Pace,
who still resides in Fluvanna County, Virginia.

Is there a connection to John Hartwell Pace,
son of William Hullum Pace b. 1817 in Fluvanna?

Subject: Re: [PACE-L] William Pace/Richard Pace
15 Feb 2003 - PACE-L

It has been proven that

    was a member of the Commander in Chief Guard,
  • that a WILLIAM PACE
    was granted land in Scott County for service in Rev War.
  • I believe it can be proven
      that the WILLIAM PACE in Scott County
      was the same as was in Fluvanna County
      when he entered the service.
  • This is also the WILLIAM PACE
      who some say did,
      and some did not
    married Widow Wringer.

I have never read that his middle name was Henry
or that he was connected to Richmond Virginia.

I would appreciate any documentation
that is available to this result.

  • I do have information on a
    who was born in Fluvanna County abt. 1817,
  • he married
    of Dinwiddie County Va. 22, Dec.1846.
  • They resided in Richmond Va.
  • He also married
    of Chesterfield Co. Va. 16, Feb.1870.
  • She was born in Surry Co.Va.
  • They had a son JOHN HARTWELL PACE.
  • WILLIAM HULLUM was a son of Talton and Jenny Pace.
  • He died in 1881.
Will share info on this family.
Jack Pace

[PACE-L] 02/09/02 - Lois Carey wrote

This is from:
FHL Film 1255365 National Archives Film T9-1365
Pages 443 C and 443D


  1. Walter Watson Pace b. 1876 - m Mollie Gregory Pace
  2. James Marvin Pace b.18879 - m Ida Lane
  3. John Floyd Pace b 1881 - m Lula Bunch, m Edna Creasy
    (their son Arthur Lewis m Giannini
  4. Edward A.Pace b 1883
  5. George Nelson Pace b 1886
  6. Lessie L.Pace b 1889
  7. Ollie V.Pace b 1892 m Kendrick
  8. Oley H.Pace b. b 1895
  9. Cammie N. Pace b 1898

John Hartwell Pace and Fannie Houchens
were married May 27, 1875

==== PACE Mailing List ====

Trying to trace the following line
back towards John Pace of Middlesex

Joseph S.K. Pace
or Joseph Pace IV
+ Minerva F. Johnson

.....dau. of Octavius Johnson
  • Sarah Frances Pace
    b. Dec. 9, 1842
  • Henry Tuggle Pace
    b abt. 1845 Fluvanna County, VA
    • Julian Harrison Pace
  • Julian Knight Pace
      b 5/24/1853 Fluvanna Co, VA,
      d 5/24/1908 Abbeville Co, GA
    + Susan Doniphan Powers - m Oct. 10, 1882
    ...Julian was a Baptist preacher

Julian K. and Henry were born in VA
and went to Liberty Hill TX
about the time of our Civil War.

8 Apr 2007
The recent discussion of Paces renewed my interest in one of my brick walls. My ggg grandmother was Sarah E. Pace, born about 1825. She married my ggg grandfather, William Young (b. 1805), on 3 Jan 1846 in Albemarle Co. I have no information on the origins of either William or Sarah. Any information would be greatly appreciated!
William and his family are listed in the 1850 federal census for Fluvanna Co.:

William Young, 45, M, laborer
- Sarah Young, 25, F
- James H. Young, 2, M
However, William is not found in the 1860 census or later. Nor is William found in the earlier 1840 census for Fluvanna, although a William Young is listed for Augusta Co.

Also in 1850
I find the following household in Fluvanna Co.: Elizabeth Pace (65), Lucy A. Pace (39), Louisa J. Pace (21).

In 1850, William and Sarah lived near a James M. Pace (age 32) and family (wife Mary J., children Sarah N[?], Harriett W[?], James P., John A., and Lucy M.). James could be a relative (an older brother?) of my Sarah.

In 1860, Sarah's husband, William, was not listed, and she apparently lived in the home of a relative (mother?):

Elizabeth Pace, 70, F

  • - Lucy A. Pace, 42, F
  • - Sarah E. Young, 35, F
  • - James H. Young, 11, M
Compared to the preceding census of 1850, Elizabeth's age is off by 5 years from expected. If the ages were sorted out, it might be possible for Elizabeth to be Lucy's mother, and for Lucy to be Sarah (and Louisa's?) mother.

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