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  • NOBLE PACE of Mississippi USA, in 1963 founded The PACE Society of America
    and author of book - "PACE - One of America's Earliest Emigrant Families"
    - had aquired a 1911 letter from CHARLES L. PACE of Southport, Lancashire England
    The letter - below - is on page 3 of Noble's book.

    Who was CHARLES L. PACE ?? - in the 1881 census of Britain - I found him . Further work with PACE lineages in Shropshire, origin of my ancestors, with help from other PACE descendents in Australia, the UK, etc., we are putting together some interesting connections between related families of:

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  • Shropshire Lancashire Wales Staffordshire Cheshire

  • OBJECTIVE - this page is for research-LDS material-the 1881 census of Britain, etc.
    If you'd like to contribute something.....

  • CHARLES PACE letter to EDWARD PACE - below

    Was given by Mrs. Arthur Cochran Adam of Jacksonville, Florida. The records of John Pace were taken from the records found in "Richard Pace - The Tudor Diplomat" by Wegg.

    16 Alexander Road
    Southport, Lancashire, England
    February 27, 1911

    Edward A. Pace, Esq.

    Dear Sir:
    I am enclosing a pedigree of the early Paces, which will no doubt interest you as a member of the family. I should be very pleased to hear from you if you have any particulars of the American Paces, or you know of any of our name living in the States. There are apparently some descendents of the family of the Bishop Thomas Pace (?) in your country for an accredited book-plate emblazons his Armorial Coat. (Argent, a chevron sable between three gillyflowers proper.) X Crest

    John Harvard, the founder of Harvard University, is descendent from the Paces of Shottery, near Stratford on Avon

    Pace de Shottery
    Margaret Pace and Thos. Rogers mar. Jan 31, 1962 (expected error of date)
    Robertus Harvard and Katherine Rogers (born Nov. 25, 1584
    John Harvard (Founded Harvard University in 1638)

    Archbishop Peter Pace of Malta was knighted by King Edward VII. There is, however, no modern connection with the English Paces. He was the son of Francis Pace of Gozo (Italy).

    The name is uncommon in England and seems to have originated in the southern counties and spread northwards. As far as I know, there is no locality where the name can be termed common. Newbold Pacey, a village not far from Shottery, took it's name from it's early possessors, the Pacey (Pace) family.

    Believe me - Dear Sir

    Faithfully yours
    (Signed) Charles L. Pace

I believe there's a possibility, the letter above, signed by
Charles L. PACE addressed to Edward A. PACE
was correspondence between two members of the Shropshire-Staffordshire PACE family

Noble Hamilton PACE obtained the 1911 letter from a
Mrs. ADAMS of Jacksonville, Florida.

The right hand column shows a related PACE family
a link to ADAMS of Laney Green, SHARESHILL parish.
Several members of this family emigrated to the USA

The 1881 census shows CHARLES PACE
of Heaton Lancashire near near Southport, Lancashire
as being born at Whitchurch, Shropshire.

Dwelling: Markland Hill, Heaton, Lancashire

Charles PACE 35 born Whitchurch, Shropshire Occ Gardener Domestic
Elizabeth PACE 32 Wife born Llanfyllin, Montgomery, Wales
Elizth. Jane PACE 4 Daur born Heaton, Lancashire

  • 7 William PACE - b 29 Mar 1840 Shareshill/Saredon
    In 1861 William was working with his two cousins ENOCH & THOMAS RICHARD PACE

    + Ann (Elizabeth) HILL - of W Bromwich (LIZZIE PACE in 1881 census)
    • 8 Arthur PACE - b 1863 Willenhall
      + Fanny ADAMS - of LANEY GREEN
    • 8 William PACE - b 1864 Willenhall
    • 8 Anna Maria PACE - b 26 Apr 1865 WILLENHALL
      Anna Maria PACE, born 1865, daughter of William PACE
      and the former Elizabeth HILL. In checking the 1881 census index,
      Maria PACE was in the household of a William HILL at West Bromwich.
      Maria's age was given as 16. Also in William HILL's household was a
      Lizzie PACE, widow, aged 35, and an Emma PACE, aged 14.
      All are "borders".

      + Josiah PEARSON - of Willenhall / W.Bromwich
      Josiah and Anna Maria emigrated to McKeesport Pennsylvania USA
      • 9 ADA
      • 9 JOSIAH
      • 9 ELIZABETH
      • 9 LILLIAN
      • 9 ANNE MARIA
      • 9 SAMUEL
    • 8 Charles - b.1869 WILLENHALL
    • 8 Mary Ellen PACE - b 1872 emigrated to US
      + Thomas POPE - of TIPTON
    • 8 Fanny [Selina] PACE - b 1877 SHARESHILL emigrated to US, MacKeesport, Pennsylvania - after getting married to a WILKES fellow.

      The WILKES name shows up
      in another PACE family
      that went to MacKeesport, Pennsylvania

      Take note of these facts:
      WILKES - on another page

      Norma Brown said:
      and settled in Mckeesport PA

      - in Andy Pace's family - great-grandmother's maiden name
      ALICE PACE 1881-1975 (nee WILKES)
      - in Nancy Brown's family - HILL of West Bromwich

      SELINA HILL was a daughter of:

      WILLIAM HILL 63 Coal Miner born West Bromwich, Staffordshire
      + MARY HILL 59 wife born West Bromwich
      Dwelling: 18 Grout St. West Bromwich in 1881 census.

      CLICK on THIS to see where 18 Grout Street is using Google Maps

  • PACE, George - Lodger born 1842 Malpas, Cheshire (near Whitchurch)
    ....Census place - Newton In Makerfield, Lancashire

    The 1881 census of BRITAIN

    is available on LDS CDs
    some PACE folk as they show up on the census and links to their lineages

    Dwelling: Village, Hough, Cheshire

    James EDGE W 59 Tilstone, Cheshire....Rel: Head Occ: Grocer

    Dwelling: 288 Gt Howard St. Liverpool, Lancashire

    Joseph PACE 54 Occ Team Driver (Carter) born Cheshire
    Lucy PACE 60 Wife born Ireland
    Joseph PACE U 30 Son Handicap Imbecile born Lpool, Lancashire
    Martin KELLY U 48 Boarder Occ Cotton Porter Foreman born Ireland

    Dwelling: 2 Viaduct Street Grocers Shop, Widnes, Lancashire

    John PACE 51 Over, Cheshire, England
    ....Rel: Head Occ: Grocer
    Eliza PACE 43 born Minshull, Cheshire
    ....Rel: Wife Grocers Assistant
    John Thomas PACE 10 Son born Coppenhall, Cheshire
    Jesse PACE 8 Son born Widnes, Lancashire
    Samuel PACE 6 Son born Widnes, Lancashire
    William PACE 3 Son born Widnes, Lancashire

    Dwelling: Wrenbury Frith, Wrenbury Cum Frith, Cheshire

    Annie Sarah MADDOCK U 22 born (British Subject) India
    ....Rel: Head Occ: Teacher
    Ada Florence MADDOCK U 14 born Little Brighton, Lancashire
    ....Rel: Sister Occ: Scholar
    Mary Jane PACE U 19 born Whitchurch, Shropshire
    ....Rel: Servant Occ: General Servant Domestic

    Dwelling: 6 In 1 Ct Frank St., Toxteth Park, Lancashire

    William PACE 31 Head Fireman born Whitechurch, Shropshire
    Ann PACE 30 Wife born Liverpool
    William PACE 2 Son born Liverpool
    Joseph PACE 11m Son Liverpool

    Dwelling: Markland Hill, Heaton, Lancashire (near Southport)

    Charles PACE 35 Head Gardener Domestic born Whitchurch, Shropshire
    Elizabeth PACE 32 Wife born Llanfyllin, Montgomery, Wales
    Elizth.Jane PACE 4 Daur born Heaton, Lancashire

    Possibly, author of the letter Noble Pace received from Mrs. Adam, Jacksonville, Fla.
    read letter - above, signed by Charles L. Pace to Edward A PACE

    Dwelling: Dodington, Whitchurch, Shropshire

    Samuel PACE M 55 M Whitchurch, Shropshire ....Rel: Head Occ: Coal Agent (Dlr)
    Ann PACE M 57 F Prees, Shropshire ....Rel: Wife Occ: Nurse (Sub Med)

    Dwelling: Havannah Buildgs, Whitchurch
    Source:FHL Film 1341640 PRO Ref RG11 Piece 2670 Folio 86 Page 2

    George PACE - 27 M born Whitchurch ....Rel: Head Occ: Joiner
    Emma PACE - 26 F born Wem, Shropshire Rel: Wife
    George Fred PACE - 11 months old M born Whitchurch Rel: Son

    Samuel SHAW - Unmarried 25 M born Market Drayton, Shropshire Rel: Boarder Occ: Railway Fireman

    Dwelling: 7 Chapel St., Wolstanton, Staffordshire

    Richard PACE - 61 born Whitchurch ....Rel: Head Occ Shoe Maker
    Hannah PACE - M 71 F born Minshall Vernon, Cheshire ....Rel: Wife
    some confusion exists between her name being Hannah or Mary HAMLET
    It's thought MARY died and RICHARD remarried HANNAH CARTLEDGE

    Dwelling: Blackfield Lane, Broughton In Salford, Lancashire

    Frederick CUTHBERT 49 Head Occ Coachman Domestic Serv born Cahwell,Lincoln
    Mary CUTHBERT 56 Wife born Belshford, Lincoln
    Drewery CUTHBERT U 21 Son Joiner born Widall, Nottingham
    Richard PACE U 23 Lodger Groom (Dom) born Whitchurch, Shropshire

    Dwelling: Station Road, Prees, Shropshire

    Emma PACE 55 Head born Hodnett, Shropshire Occ: Annuitant
    Rebecca PACE 53 Rel: Sister born Hodnett, Shropshire Occ: Annuitant

    Dwelling: Hodnet, Hodnet, Shropshire

    Piercy PACE Head 53 born Hodnet, Shropshire Occ: Draper & Grocer
    Elizabeth PACE 36 Wife born Wrexham, Denbigh, Wales

    Dwelling: Havannah Buildgs, Whitchurch, Shropshire

    Fredk. BENSHIN OR BEUSHIN Head 30 born Brays, Berkshire Occ: Groom
    Hannah BENSHIN OR BEUSHIN Wife 30 born Chorley, Cheshire
    Ann SINCLAIR U46 Visitor born Chester, Cheshire Occ: Cook Dom Serv
    George PACE U 44 Boarder born Wtchurch, Shropshire
    ....Occ: Wine Merchts Lab (Cellerman)

    Dwelling: 27 Caldmore Rd., Walsall Foreign, Stafford

    John Thos. PACE Head 23 born Norton, Shropshire Occ: Carpenter
    Ann Elizabeth PACE Wife 25 born Walsall, Stafford Occ: Dressmaker
    Annie PACE Daur 2 born Walsall, Stafford
    Fredk. Chas. PACE Son 1 born Walsall, Stafford
    Ann MASON 82 Boarder born Bridgnorth, Shropshire
    ....Handicap: Blind Occ: Interest From Money In Bank

    Institution: "Educational Institute" Constitution Hill
    Census Place: Wellington, Shropshire

    John BAYLEY M 28 M N K, Lancashire
    ....Rel: Head Occ: Teacher Principal Of E I
    Emily S. BAYLEY M 24 F Orlestone, Kent
    ....Rel: Wife
    Herbert W. BUTLER U 14 M Warehorne, Kent
    ....Rel: Bro In Law Occ: Scholar
    Sandford PACE 11 M Hodnet, Shropshire
    ....Rel: Boarder Occ: Scholar
    Piercy PACE 12 M Hodnet, Shropshire
    ....Rel: Boarder Occ: Scholar
    George HAMPTON 12 M High Ercall, Shropshire
    ....Rel: Boarder Occ: Scholar
    Tom HAMPTON 11 M High Ercall, Shropshire
    ....Rel: Boarder Occ: Scholar
    Sidney ROWE 13 M Bristol, Gloucester
    ....Rel: Boarder Occ: Scholar
    Ernest HEATLEY 11 M Oldspring, Shropshire
    ....Rel: Boarder Occ: Scholar
    Frank HEATLEY 10 M Old Spring, Shropshire
    ....Rel: Boarder Occ: Scholar
    Tom DRINKWATER 14 M Hyde, Cheshire
    ....Rel: Boarder Occ: Scholar
    Fred HEWITT 13 M Hyde, Cheshire
    ....Rel: Boarder Occ: Scholar
    Colley HAMPTON 14 M N K, Shropshire
    ....Rel: Boarder Occ: Scholar
    William LANGFORD 11 M Berriew, Montgomery
    , Wales ....Rel: Boarder Occ: Scholar
    Colley DICKEN 13 M Wellington, Shropshire
    ....Rel: Boarder Occ: Scholar
    Sarah HAYWARD U 15 F Lawley, Shropshire
    ....Rel: Serv Occ: Genl Domes Serv

    Early Marriages

    Anne PACE Batch Number: M042381
    Spouse: Thomas HARRYSON
    Marriage: 6 Jul 1584 Childs Ercall, Shropshire

    Thomas PACE - E008961
    Misc: 14 Feb 1589 High Ercall, Shropshire
    Marriage(s):Spouse: Jane ARNEWEY

    Roberte PACE
    Spouse: Elizabeth CLEY
    Marriage: 7 Oct 1638 Wem, Shropshire

    Joshuah PACE
    Misc: Spouse: Margarette PALLMER
    Marriage(s): 4 Mar 1653 High Ercall, Shropshire, England


    John PACE Ba: C035081
      C: 24 Apr 1615 Prees, Shropshire   Father: Roland PACE

    John PACE - Batch Number: P006621
       Christening: 22 Sep 1665 Wrockwardine, Shropshire
       Father: Joseph PACE
      Mother: Margaret

    John PACE - Batch Number: C037524
      Christening: 25 Jan 1675 Wellington, Shropshire
      Father: John PACE
      Mother: Jone

    Mary PACE
      Christening: 12 Dec 1677 Wrockwardine, Shropshire
      Father: John PACE
      Mother: Jone

    Hannah PACE - Batch Number: C037524
      Christening: 7 Oct 1681 Wellington, Shropshire
      Mother: Jone PACE

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