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Barford, Warwickshire

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ARCH History

"We'll All Be Union Men"
a book by author Bob SCARTH
I bought my copy at the Warwick Public Library

Page 36 of BOB SCARTH's 1998 book describes ARCH's welcoming visit to BOSTON and NEW YORK CITY. This affected the destiny of JOSEPH's son EDWARD, hence LAWRENCE ARCH, EDWARD's son, lives in Massachusetts, a New England state.
- Gord Pace - webmaster
- Lawrence Arch writes

EDWARD was a talker, like his father, and JOSEPH had plans for him going into Government service when he was older, so it was a terrible disappointment when my father emigrated to Canada and subsequently to Massachusetts.

Coincidentally, like his father, Edward also had seven children, of whom I was the youngest. Between my brother and me we have three grandsons, but none of them are married, so unless something happens with them this line dies out with them.
There are a number of Arches in Florida, according to MARY ARCH THOMPSON of Grand Cayman, these are Cayman Island descendants of HEBER JAMES ARCH, who was ship-wrecked off Cuba.
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Youngest son, Thomas' wife, Elisabeth, died in childbirth, leaving a daughter, Daisy Isabella, who was eventually adopted by her Aunt Annie and her husband, Rev. Leuty. Daisy Isabella was her grandfather’s favorite and inherited the Cottage and its contents upon the death of Josephs' second wife. The Leuty family settled in York and Daisy's son, Bill Taylor, lives there now. Bill was the only descendant of Joseph that Harry ever could find in England.

In the Mills family there has been discussion as to my grandmother's first name, Mary Ann or Marian. Her given name was Mary Ann, but she preferred Marian. I know this because I have a sampler that she did when she was twelve years old and on this she embroidered her name as Marian Mills and not Mary Ann.

In 1987, 1988 and 1993 we had the pleasure of visiting with Harry in Pavenham, visited Barford on all three occsions and in 1987 were invited by the then occupant of the Cottage to walk all through it. A very exciting trip with very pleasant remembrances.

Lawrence Arch, Massachusetts, USA
who is pleased to announce

on November 26, 2008
Mason Joseph Arch
my great grandson was born
He is therefore Joseph Arch's
great, great, great grandson.

The following - received from
Lawrence Arch, a grandson of Joseph

All of my Arch information, except that of my own family, was obtained from our dear friend and distant relative, WILLIAM HENRY (Harry) ARCH
of Pavenham, Bedford, a most extraordinary gentleman.

JOSEPH ARCH had seven children, three girls and four boys, John, Joseph, Edward and Thomas. EDWARD was my father and the only child to leave England, for which I don’t think he was ever forgiven.

After Joseph visited Canada and the U.S., particularly New York City and Boston, where he was treated royally by union people, and related these experiences to a young boy, my father looked upon Canada and the U.S. as the land of milk and honey.

Lawrence Arch, Massachusetts, USA


notice the beautiful WISTERIA flowering vine

Anyway - I visited the pub - when I mentioned I was a PACE and Joseph ARCH's mother was a PACE
and my grandmother was an ARCH - the ale was on the house - GTP

The family background
includes other local BARFORD area surnames



maternal grandparents were

JOSEPH PACE 1746-1818
MARY LAMPIT - c abt 1747

wed 4 Oct 1766 TYSOE, Warwicks.

The present day ARCH COTTAGE
across the road from Saint Peter's Church
was originally home to the JOSEPH PACE family

as did his daughter HANNAH who was Chr 31 Aug 1783 at Barford.
She later became mother of JOSEPH ARCH Chr 17 Dec 1826 at BARFORD in her second marriage.

Her first marriage was to Mr. SHARRARD,
who was a coachman at the castle. He died about 1816.
HANNAH SHARRARD nee PACE then married
JOHN ARCH 12 Oct 1818.

TAKE NOTE of the oblisk from
The National Agricultural Workers' Union
behind the JOSEPH ARCH Memorial


in Saint Peter's Church Cemetery
Barford, Warwickshire

It's said
his hedging and ditching skills.

"The Cottage" opposite St.Peter's Church, Barford
in the County of Warwick
From an Abstract of the Title
John ASTON in the parish of St. Nicholas
sold the property
1st May 1794 for £ 35 to JOSEPH PACE.

It seems that the cottage
passed through a number of families over the years
  1. Mary Pace
  2. Hannah Arch
  3. John Arch
  4. Mary Pace Arch
  5. Mary Pace Colledge
  6. Charles Colledge
  7. Anne Pace Arch
  8. John Cogbill
  9. and the last one, of course
    being Daisy Isabella

Joseph's first wife was
Chr 1 May 1825 WASPERTON
who was married to CHARLOTTE TIMMS - 7 Sep 1824 WASPERTON

Joseph's second wife was
- Banns read on 29 Oct/5 Nov/ 12 Nov 1899
- Married 27 Dec 1899
Joseph ARCH Widower
and Miriam BLOMFIELD
   both of this parish.

JOSEPH - died 12 Feb 1919 at BARFORD
MIRIAM - died 26 Mar 1922 at BARFORD

Social History

ARCH Family History

JOHN ARCH 1795-1862
    - b 16 Aug 1795 Rowington
    - marriage 12 Oct 1818
    - JOHN died 15 October 1862

+ HANNAH SHARRARD nee PACE 1783-1845
HANNAH's maiden name was PACE - she and her father JOSEPH PACE were employed at WARRICK CASTLE - married 1st - Mr. SHARRARD a footman at the castle     - after HANNAH's 1st husband died about 1816 - HANNAH married JOHN ARCH 12 Oct 1818     Witnesses - ELIZABETH RYMILL and JNO COOK, Clerk. - Pamela Horn's book - - HANNAH died 8 Sept 1845 and was buried 11 Sept 1845 at BARFORD.

  first two children - had PACE as 2nd Christian name

  1. MARY PACE ARCH 1819-1905
    - Chr 17 Oct 1819 BARFORD buried 28 Jan 1905 at Barford

    + THOMAS COLLEDGE 1830-1905 - b 1830 CLAVERDON Warwick
    Blacksmith - married abt 1850 buried at BARFORD 7 Oct 1905
    • Charles Thomas COLLEDGE - a bachelor - bricklayer
      buried 8 Feb 1909 at LEAMINGTON Spa.

  2. ANN PACE ARCH 1821-1886 - Chr 25 Mar 1821 BARFORD
    m 9 Nov 1841 Barford - d 1866 KNOWLE

    + John COGHILL - died & buried at KNOWLE - 1886

  3. JOHN ARCH 1823-1825 - Chr 14 Dec 1823 BARFORD
    died and buried 16 Apr 1825 at BARFORD

  4. JOSEPH ARCH 1826-1919 - Chr 17 Dec 1826 BARFORD
    founder of Ag Workers' Union & Member of Parliament
    m 3 Feb 1847 BARFORD - Minor Bachelor Labourer
    Father: John ARCH labourer

    + MARY ANN MILLS - full age Spinster - Barford
    Chr 1 May 1825 WASPERTON
       Father: ISAAC MILLS - Carpenter Both signed

    • HANNAH ARCH - Chr 8 Aug 1847 BARFORD
    • JOHN ARCH - b 14 Nov 1848 (Regular Army)
    • Annie ARCH - b Mar 10, 1851
      + Rev. LEUTY (Leute) lived in YORK
    • Elizabeth ARCH - b Aug 1853 d Mar 12 1859
    • JOSEPH ARCH - b 1 Apr 1856
    • EDWARD ARCH - b 31 Jul 1861 - d 24 Sept 1948
      + Clara Eliza WRIGHT -- seven children
    • THOMAS ARCH - youngest son - b 15 May 1864
      + Elisabeth BARBER - wed 24 Jun 1891 All Saints WARWICK
      • Daisy Isabella ARCH - adopted by her aunt ANNIE
        + John Francis TAYLOR - m 19 Apr 1922

    - 2nd wife of JOSEPH ARCH

    - Banns read on 29 Oct/5 Nov/ 12 Nov 1899
    - Married 27 Dec 1899
    Joseph ARCH Widower and Miriam BLOMFIELD
       both of this parish.
    JOSEPH - died 12 Feb 1919 at BARFORD
    MARIAN - died 26 Mar 1922 at BARFORD

The TANDY name comes into the picture.
Elizabeth TANDY - Chr 6 Oct 1678 BARFORD dau of JOHN TANDY

Information wanted
Joseph Arch family

My name is Dave Tandy. Both I and my father, Ronald George Tandy grew up in Warwick. My father knows that his Grandmother's maiden name was "Arch" and believes that she was related to Joseph Arch, but he doesn't know her first name.

Can anyone help establish the link between our family and Joseph Arch?
We would be most grateful.
Dave Tandy

Note from Webmaster GPace

There is a PACE-TANDY connection

    - Christening: 6 Oct 1678 BARFORD
    + RICHARD PACE - wed 1700 BARFORD

    I do not have exact info just how this RICHARD PACE of your ancestry may relate to JOSEPH PACE 1746-1818.

    Looking at dates -

    1. RICHARD's marriage 1700 BARFORD
    2. and JOSEPH's 1746-1818
    it would seem a connection between
    Richard and Joseph likely exists.

    Absence of this fact makes me all the more curious, especially since my grandmother was an ARCH and I am a PACE. Further research results need to be uncovered, to learn this TANDY-PACE-ARCH connection.
    Gord Pace - webmaster
    however, I am in Canada and do not have access to local records that may reveal this connection.

    John TANDY
    + Elisabeth

    • Judith TANDY - Chr 24 Jun 1677 BARFORD War
      - Christening: 6 Oct 1678 BARFORD
      + RICHARD PACE - wed 1700 BARFORD
    • Mary TANDY - Chr 7 Aug 1680 BARFORD
    • John TANDY - Chr 12 Nov 1682 BARFORD
    • Thomas TANDY - Chr 1 Jan 1685 BARFORD
    • Anne TANDY - Chr 22 Apr 1688 BARFORD
    • William TANDY - Chr 13 Jul 1690 BARFORD
    • Samuel TANDY - Chr 13 Jul 1692 BARFORD

    • source LDS Batch Number: C035461

    Thomas MILLS
    + Anne TANDY

    • Hannah TANDY Chr 5 Dec 1762 Wasperton

    Marriage: 19 APR 1772 Wasperton

    Marriage: 28 NOV 1820 Wasperton

    Spouse: ISAAC MILLS
    Marriage: 07 SEP 1824 Wasperton

  • Information wanted

    Working through the family tree with my uncle, we have traced my great great great grandfather to ISAAC MILLS born 1801 in Wellesbourne.

    My grandmother now deceased (maiden name MILLS) always maintained that we had a family link to JOSEPH ARCH, and she would have been able to talk about that with Isaac's son, WILLIAM, her grandfather.

    I note from research on Joseph Arch's life (and what a lot of achievements) that his wife was Mary Ann (or Marian) nee MILLS, born In Wasperton in 1824 or 1825, and that Mary Ann was the daughter of a carpenter. ISAAC was definitely a carpenter.

    I wonder if there is information on ISAAC, where he was born and lived, who his wife and children were. Notably was MARY ANN his daughter, as we suspect - or just possibly his much younger sister??

    We know ISAAC moved through Staffordshire (where his son was born) and ended up in WARRINGTON where all subsequent generations have lived, and where ISAAC died. Would Isaac have been a Primitive Methodist lay preacher like JOSEPH ARCH, maybe that explained why for his time, he moved quite often and long. We would welcome any help or comment as to these questions either from local sources in Barford, or from others who know about Joseph Arch's life.

    John Weaver, Henley-on-Thames, UK

    Thomas MILLS
    + Hannah
    • Isaac MILLS
      + Charlotte TIMMS - Marriage: 7 Sep 1824 WASPERTON
      • Marianne MILLS Christening: 1 May 1825 WASPERTON
        + Joseph ARCH - m 3 Feb 1847 BARFORD
      • William MILLS Christening: 25 Aug 1826 WASPERTON
      • Thomas MILLS Christening: 26 Oct 1828 WASPERTON
      • Charles MILLS Christening: 24 Oct 1830 WASPERTON
      • Elizabeth MILLS - Christening: 13 Jan 1833 WASPERTON
    • Hannah MILLS - Christening: 10 Mar 1765 WASPERTON

    JOSEPH ARCH 1826-1919 - Chr 17 Dec 1826 BARFORD
    founder of Ag Workers' Union & Member of Parliament
    m 3 Feb 1847 BARFORD - Minor Bachelor Labourer
    Father: John ARCH labourer

    + MARY ANN MILLS - full age Spinster - Barford
    Chr 1 May 1825 WASPERTON
       Father: ISAAC MILLS - Carpenter Both signed

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