BENNETT Family History

Sambourne Coughton Studley (near REDDITCH)

In the 1800s, numerous Bennetts populated the area of SAMBOURNE, COUGHTON, STUDLEY, and AVON river towns of ALCESTER, CLEEVE PRIOR, INKBERROW, EVESHAM.
My paternal surnames ARCH PACE LAMPIT VICARAGE CULLWICK also come from this area.

COUGHTON Hall, Warwickshire
ancestral home of the Throckmorton family

Cumberland County



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United Empire Loyalist
history of Wallace area

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I'm working on this maternal BENNETT research with two Bennett cousins, Keith Bennett and Dave Markley. We are stuck at William BENNETT b Studley War 23 Nov 1828.

comments welcome

George & Margaret Bennett
reunion pictures

born abt 1845 SAMBOURNE Warwickshire

and likely related to other BENNETT folk of nearby STUDLEY and FECKENHAM near REDDITCH


Marriage: 25 DEC 1821 Studley
(uncertain of above)
Batch Number: M071452

    Chr: 24 JUL 1825 Studley
    Mother: SARAH
    Batch Number: C071452

    Chr: 23 NOV 1828 Studley

    Mother: SARAH
    Batch Number: C071452

      - b abt 1845 SAMBOURNE, Warwickshire
      s/o WILLIAM BENNETT b Studley War 23 Nov 1828

      - b LEAMINGTON, Warwickshire abt 1851
      d/o - William James FLOWERS & Mary Ann STOPP

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St Peter's Church, Dale End,
in the Parish of St Peter, Birmingham.
Marriage after Banns, On 2nd October 1870
Witnesses - William HANSLOW and Jane HANSLOW

address in
1873 - 26 Court Moland Street, Birmingham
1881 - 34 Gough Street, Holloway Head

Edward BENNETT - aged 22, bachelor, a carter, living in Birmingham
Elizabeth FLOWERS - aged 18, spinster, living in Birmingham

Father of Edward was William BENNETT, a carpenter
Father of Elizabeth was William James FLOWERS, a labourer

FROM - 1891 census

  • 2 LILLY FLOWERS b: 1872 Erdington, Birmingham
    + SAMUEL MORGAN b 1871 wagoner, b Birmingham
      From 1891 census
      Living at 8 Back 50, Tindal, Ladywood, Birmingham

    1. 3 LILLY MORGAN 10 months, daug, born Birmingham
    2. 3 MARY ANN FLOWERS 68, mother-in-law
      born Birmingham this would be MARY ANN STOPP wife of WILLIAM JAMES FLOWERS
    3. 3 JAMES FLOWERS 22, brother-in-law, boatman, born Birmingham
    4. 3 WALTER BENNETT, 17, nephew,
      brass dresser, born Birmingham
      1901 census shows

        1. 3 JOHN BENNETT 26 son
        2. 3 HARRY BENNETT 22 son
        3. 3 CHARLES BENNETT 20 son
        4. 3 NELLIE BENNETT 12 dau
        5. 3 ALFRED BENNETT 4 son
      2. WILLIAM PARKER 54 boarder

    1 WILLIAM JAMES FLOWERS b abt 1819, Warwicks
    + MARY ANN STOPP b: abt 1829 BROMFORD FORD, Staffs
    • 2 ELIZABETH FLOWERS b Sep 22 1852 Court Street LEAMINGTON, Warwicks
      d Jul 6 1933 Birmingham
      Age at death 80
      Elizabeth was born in Leamington and her father moved the family to Birmingham in 1870. She married Edward Bennett when she was 17 and he was much older than her.
      + EDWARD BENNETT b: Abt. 1850 SAMBORNE, Warwickshire
      m Oct 2 1870 BIRMINGHAM St.Peter Dale End, Warwick
      d 1893 Age at death 43 est

      • 3 WILLIAM BENNETT b: Abt. 1870
      • 3 WALTER BENNETT b: Abt. 1874

        From 1891 census we learn that WALTER 17 was Living at 8 Back 50 Tindal, Ladywood, Birmingham with his uncle & aunt SAMUEL & LILLY MORGAN nee FLOWERS and his grandmother MARY ANN FLOWERS nee STOPP

        WALTER BENNETT was to have gone to the Boer War (which would be the second of the Boer Wars from 1899-1902) and he is also supposed to have done his bit in WW1

      • 3 CHARLES BENNETT b: Abt. 1880
      • 3 GEORGE FREDERICK BENNETT b Jun 15, 1884 BIRMINGHAM d: 1973 WALLACE, Nova Scotia Age at death: 89 est.
        b 1883 Nova Scotia
        m abt 1902 in Methodist Manse - WALLACE, Nova Scotia
        d 1975 WALLACE, Nova Scotia Age: 92 est.

        told me, personally in 1965 he came to CANADA in 1895 before my grandfather ALFRED, his half - brother was born. - GTPace -

        GEORGE came to CANADA
        as a BERNARDO or MIDDLEMORE child first to PEI. He was sick and to be returned at Halifax where he met with a family from Wallace, NS who took a liking to him and needing farm help, took and cared for him. George did well with these people at Wallace. As you can see, he had a family and we are thankful of so much. Unfortunately, I do not know the name of these people who came to George's rescue. GTPace

      • 3 JOHN BENNETT b Abt 1886
      • 3 ELLEN ELIZABETH BENNETT (aunt Nellie) b Abt. 1887 shown standing in picture of family below
        + LIPSETT (given name not known)
      • 3 HARRY BENNETT b: Abt. 1888
      • 3 ALFRED BENNETT b: Abt. 1898 Birmingham d: 1976 in Birmingham Age at death: 78 est.
        + AGNES HAYES b Nov 13 1899 Birmingham
        m Dec 24, 1919 in St. Asaphs Church, Birmingham
        d Sep 1996 Birmingham Age at death: 96 est.

      b Mar 16 1855 13 Althorpe St Leamington, War.
      + ROBERT LEES b 1850 Kings Heath or Hollywood Birmingham,War

      1. 3 ALBERT LEES b: Abt. 1874 Leamington, Warwicks
      2. 3 ARTHUR WILLIAM JAMES LEES b: 1876 Aston Birmingham, WAR
        + MARY FRANCES MASON b London 1870
      3. 3 DANIEL LEES b: 1877 Birmingham, WAR
        died in 1904
      4. 3 ROBERT LEES b: 1880 Birmingham, WAR

        Received from a descendent May 29 2007
        Hi, my gg grandmother was DINAH FLOWERS who was married to ROBERT LEES. ROBERT was born in 1851 in Holywood, ASTON, Birmingham. DINAH's father WILLIAM JAMES FLOWERS was a labourer for a gas company who died before 1881

  • 2 LOUISE FLOWERS b: 1854
  • 2 DANIEL FLOWERS b: 1858 Leamington,War
  • 2 SUSANNAH FLOWERS b: 1860 Leamington,War
  • 2 FREDERICK FLOWERSb: 1861 Leamington,War
  • 2 MATILDA FLOWERS b: 1863 Leamington,War
  • 2 AMY FLOWERS b: 1865 Erdington, Birmingham
  • 2 JAMES FLOWERS b: 1869 Erdington, Birmingham
  • 2 WILLIAM FLOWERS b: 1869
  • 2 LILLY FLOWERS b: 1872 Erdington, Birmingham
    + SAMUEL MORGAN b 1871 wagoner, b Birmingham
      From 1891 census
      Living at 8 Back 50, Tindal, Ladywood, Birmingham
    • 3 LILLY MORGAN 10 months, daug, born Birmingham
      mother-in-law, born Birmingham
    • 3 JAMES FLOWERS 22
      brother-in-law, boatman, born Birmingham
      nephew, brass dresser, born Birmingham

    I've been looking at the PENN's on the various census CD's only to find them in Redditch, Alcester, Stratford on Avon, Exhall and that sort of area. My great grandfather Edward BENNETT was born in Sambourne which is in the same area. His father was William BENNETT. It is possible that the BENNETT's who married into your PENN family back in the 1700's may have moved into this area. I wonder if our William is a descendant. I need to confirm a birth date and obtain a birth certificate (around 1850) for Edward to find out who his mother was before I can track back any further.

  • Children of

      born 7 Aug 1873 Birmingham (St.Mary) - wife not known yet
      • Nellie Bennett
        ....+ BECKER
      • Elsie Bennett
        ....Frank STYLES
        19, bachelor, soldier, living at 5 court 9 house Allison Street (father Albert STYLES - window cleaner)
      • Richard Bennett
      ...b abt 1877 Birmingham
    • HARRY BENNETT b 1878 Birmingham photo, front row right
      born 1880 Birmingham.... his wife in photo, sitting
      b abt 1882 Birmingham
      born 15 Jun 1884 Birmingham, WAR. went to Nova Scotia 1895....where he wed MARGARET BELLE CARD
      married LIPSETT d Plymouth TOP photo, standing
      • Austin LIPSETT
      • Percy LIPSETT
        ........+ Percy's wife - ELIZABETH

    • ALFRED BENNETT - a half brother
      b 1897 Birmingham d 1976, Birmingham - falsified age - joined army 1st WW
    EDWARD BENNETT 1845-1893 b Samborne, Warwickshire
    + ELIZABETH FLOWERS b 1851 Leamington Warwickshire
    - married 2 Oct 1870 at St.Peter's Dale End, Birmingham

    went blind in 1886 and died in 1893

    Elizabeth BENNETT nee FLOWERS group

    Front - ELIZABETH BENNETT nee FLOWERS, Charles wife, Harry (end) and Charles's children, standing, Nancy & Ellen Elizabeth "aunt Nell" Bennett


    married LIPSETT d Plymouth, DEVON
    sister of
    GEORGE FREDERICK BENNETT of Wallace, Nova Scotia

    She came to NOVA SCOTIA in 1949 to visit her brother GEORGE FREDERICK BENNETT and his large family at WALLACE. - In 1965 I visited her at RUNCORN ROAD in Harborne, south Birmingham - she sent me off to the corner pub for a half dozen Makeson Stouts and played the piano for me. It was a good visit. She told me she liked my father, he had stayed with her during the WW2 and was happy to meet me. I was born at that time at Selly Oak. She told me she took up piano lessons at the age of 70 to help console her upon the death of a grandson.

    B E N N E T T
    Wallace, Nova Scotia

    Nova Scotia flag
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    other CUMBERLAND County
    and WALLACE surnames
    that have a peculiar connection.
    Dodsworth Harrison Hatfield Tuttle

    George Frederick BENNETT
        b Jun 15 1884 Birmingham, England
         d 1973 Wallace Nova Scotia - Age 88 est - GEORGE on left, photo

    + Margaret Bell CARD
        George's wife - b: 1883 in Nova Scotia
        m Abt 1902 in Methodist Manse, Wallace NS
        d 1975 Wallace NS Age 92 est

    their family
    1. Lyman Dwight BENNETT - b: 1904 d 1969 Age 65 est
      + Margaret COLLINS - b 1904 d 1944 Age at death 40 est
      + Carrie Benjamin EDGETT - b: Sep 24, 1905

    2. Stewart Duncan BENNETT - b Jul 25 1906
      d 1978 Amherst NS rests Wallace NS Age at death 71

      + Florence Lucetta CHAMBERS - b Apr 6, 1917
      m Dec 18 d Jun 1994 in Tatamagouche, rests Wallace NS age 77 est

    3. Edith Mae BENNETT - b Oct 25 1908 d 1994 Age 85 est
      + Walter HARPEL - d Abt. 1954
      + Ralph BRADLEY - b 1905 d 1995 Age at death 90 est

    4. Irene BENNETT - b 1911
      + Ralph Stewart BRADLEY - b Dec 15 1905 d Abt 1995 age 89
      + John THOMAS

    5. Alice BENNETT - b Feb 24 1914 Wallace NS
      d Apr 1998 Wallace NS age 84 est

      + Hubert Harlan BYERS - b 1913 m Sep 27 1940
      d 1991 Age at death 78 est.

    6. Blanche BENNETT - b 1916
      + Austin C. LANGILLE - b 1911 d 1990 Age at death: 79 est

    7. Lloyd George BENNETT - b 1918 d 1969 Age at death 51 est
      + Isabel HARPEL - b Jun 6 1929

    8. Vera BENNETT - b 1921
      + Arthur DEWAR
      + James BAXTER

    9. Walter Frederick BENNETT - b 1925 in Wallace, NS
      + Catherine Frances CARSON - b Jun 23, 1924 in Louisiana
      d May 26, 1999 - Age at death 74

    10. Phyllis BENNETT b 1927
      + John BENT

    11. Richard Bedford BENNETT - b: 15 Nov 1930 Wallace Bridge,Cumberland Co.,N.S.
      + Shirley WILLIAMS
      • Mark BENNETT

    GEORGE - MARGARET - 1943

    Keith BENNETT & Gordon PACE
    with family dog

    George Frederick BENNETT group

    son - Stewart Duncan BENNETT
    b Jul 25 1906
    his son Keith Bennett
    with son

    a half brother, falsified his age to join the army at right at 16 about 1914
    b Abt 1898 in Birmingham Eng
    d 1976 Birmingham Eng Age at death:78 est

    + AGNES HAYES - Alfred's wife
    b Abt 1899 in Birmingham Eng
    m Dec 24 1919 in St Asaphs Church Birmingham Eng
    d Sep 1996 Birmingham Eng Age at death 97 est

      b Aug 6 1920 Birmingham Eng
    2. PHILIP BENNETT b Oct 16 1921
      ........+ Connie GREEN
      ........+ Elizabeth Veronica CHAPMAN

    Parish Records for St Martins Church in Birmingham:-
    Marriage 26th July 1919

    19, bachelor, soldier,
    living at 5 court 9 house Allison Street (father Albert STYLES - window cleaner)


    21, spinster, screw turner, living at 5 court 9 house Allison Street
    (father Walter BENNETT - carter)

    Witnesses were
    Thomas HARPER and Nellie BENNETT

    Conclusions based on thise facts:

    Elsie BENNETT, who married Frank STYLES
    is possibly the daughter of WALTER BENNETT,
    son of our EDWARD and ELIZABETH BENNETT, above,
    considering the mention of her father WALTER and witness NELLIE BENNETT

    ALFRED BENNETT - 16 years old

    falsified age to join army
    photo about 1915

    George Enid Margaret

    neice of GEORGE
    Wallace Nova Scotia

    around SAMBOURNE, Warwickshire
    -There are many Bennett grave stones
    and from the library at REDDITCH,
    the following census records were found:

    1851 SAMBOURN, Warwickshire

    At 28 Sambourn Lane, Sambourn
    Thomas BENNETT, head, M, aged 50, farmer of 14 acres, b. Sambourn
    Mary BENNETT, wife, M, aged 60, farmers wife, b. Wilford ??, Gloucestershire

    At 37 Sambourn Lane, Sambourn
    Elizabeth BENNETT, head, W, aged 42, laundress, b. Sambourn
    Thomas BENNETT, son, aged 12, ag labourer, b. Sambourn
    John BENNETT, son, aged 8, scholar, b. Sambourn
    Ann CLINTON, lodger, U, aged 27, needlemaker, b. Abbotts Morton, Worcestershire

    At 38 Sambourn Village
    William BENNETT, head, M, aged 54, wheelwright, b. Sambourn
    Ellen BENNETT, wife, M, aged 53, b. Sambourn
    Harriet BENNETT, dau, U, aged 23, needle straightener, b. Sambourn
    Thomas BENNETT, son, U, aged 21, wheelwright, b. Sambourn
    Ellen BENNETT, dau, U, aged 18, needlemaker, b. Sambourn

    At 65 Birmingham Road
    James BENNETT, head, M, aged 65, retired needle manufacturer, b. Inkberrow, Worcestershire
    Mary BENNETT, wife, M, aged 63, b. Hadley, Warwickshire
    Jane HOUGHTON, servant, U, aged 21

    1851 STUDLEY At 24 Rickhills ???
    Abel BENNETT, lodger, W, aged 30, ag labourer, b. Mickleton, Gloucestershire

    At 41 Gorcott Hall
    Thomas ADDINGTON, head, U, aged 51, farmer of 160 acres emploing 3 labourers and 3 at house, b. Morton Baggot, Warwickshire
    Ann BENNETT, servant, U, aged 21, b. Upton Snudgbury ???, Warwickshire

    At 144 Redditch Road
    John GIBBS, head, W, aged 58, fish hook maker, b. Studley
    Thomas GIBBS, son, U, aged 17, needlemaker, b. Studley
    Elizabeth BENNETT, dau in law, U, aged 21, needlemaker, B. Studley

    At 1 Priory
    John ROBBINS, head, M, aged 27, farmer of 170 acres emploting 4 labourers, b. Wolverton, Warwickshire
    Jane ROBBINS, wife, M, aged 24, farmers wife, b. Stratford On Avon
    Mary Ann GARDNER, servant, U, aged 19, b. Gloucestershire
    John BENNETT, servant, U, aged 20, farm labourer, b. Gloucestershire

    At 7 Alcester Road
    Mary GIBBS, head, U, aged 64, needlemaker, b. Studley
    Ellen GIBBS, niece, U, aged 22, needlemaker, b. Studley
    Benjamin LOWE, lodger, U, aged 30, b. Studley

    At 110 Littlewood Green
    Joseph BENNETT, head, M, aged 68, butcher, b. Sambourn
    Ann BENNETT, wife, M, aged 60, b. Studley
    William BENNETT, g.son, U, aged 15, butchers assistant, b. Sambourn
    Mary LOXLEY, step mother, aged 87, field labourer, b. Inkberrow

    At 111 Littlewood Green
    John BENNETT, head, M, aged 61, farmer of 11 acres, b. Sambourn
    Ann BENNETT, wife, M, aged 50, b. Norton Kinas ???, Warwickshire
    Charles BENNETT, son, U, aged 23, labourer, b. Studley
    Mary A BENNETT, dau, U, aged 21, needlemaker, b. Sambourn
    Eliza BENNETT, dau, U, aged 17, needlemaker, b. Sambourn
    Harriet BENNETT, dau, U, aged 15, needle striaghtener, b. Studley
    Elizabeth BENNETT, dau, aged 8, scholar, b. Studley

    At 26 Bromsgrove Street
    Henry BENNETT, head, M, aged 30, needlemaker, b. Sudley
    Charlotte BENNETT, wife, M, aged 39, b. Cleob Prior ???, Worcestershire
    Gordelian FLOWER ?????, dau in law, aged 12, needlemaker, b. Studley
    John BENNETT, son, aged 11, needlemaker, b. Studley
    Walter Allen BENNETT, son in law, aged 9, needlemaker, b. Studley
    Emely BENNETT, dau, aged 9, b. Studley

    At 43 Bromsgrove Street
    John BENNETT, head, M, aged 42, clerk in manu factory ????, b. Studley
    Mary BENNETT, wife, M, aged 33, shop keeper, b. Studley
    James BENNETT, son, aged 3, b. Studley
    Mary HOLLOWAY, servant, U, aged 20

    At 98 Green Lane
    Rowland BENNETT, head, M, aged 27, needlemaker, b. Studley
    Ann BENNETT, wife, M, aged 26, b. Stratford On Avon
    Charles BENNETT, son, aged 3, b. Studley
    Maria BENNETT, dau, aged 9 months, b. Studley

    In Redditch we have Forge Mill Museum which is dedicated to the history of needle making for which the area is famous. They have a historian called Joanne whom I visited and she looked up manufacturers and there was a Thomas BENNETT who had been extracted from the Trade Directories for 1868. There was also a GIBBS. I'll check all the Trade Directories in Redditch Library when I get a minute.
    Dave Markley, Redditch, Worcestershire

    Descendants of FRANCIS HAYES
    1 FRANCIS HAYES - origins unknown

    - possibly connected to PACE & HATTON ancestors of nearby NEWENT area of Gloucestershire
    where a NANCY HAYES & WILLIAM HATTEN married in 1793

    + MARY MORTON - m Dec 21 1758 DYMOCK Gloucestershire
    • 2 Elizabeth HAYES b: May 8, 1762 DYMOCK
      + James PULLEN m Nov 6 1783 Dymock GLS
    • 2 Mary HAYES b Nov 4, 1764 Dymock
    • 2 Richard HAYES b: Mar 6, 1767 DYMOCK
      + Charlotte REYLE m: Dec 18, 1795 DYMOCK
    • 2 Francis HAYES b: Dec 25, 1769 DYMOCK
    • 2 Judith HAYES b: Feb 8, 1772 DYMOCK
    • 2 Thomas HAYES - b Apr 10, 1774 DYMOCK GLS
      + Nancy SYMONDS
      • 3 Hannah HAYES b 6 Jun 1802 - ran the GEORGE Pub DYMOCK
        + 1 Lancelot JONES d early 1830's
        • 4 Elizabeth JONES b 20 Mar 1825 DYMOCK GLS
        • 4 Catherine JONES b 18 May 1831 DYMOCK GLS
          + 1 Alfred BOYES
          • 4 Arthur BOYES b 1855
          + 2 Samuel JONES b 1827 DYMOCK GLS
          • 5 Sarah Kate JONES - bap DYMOCK 29 Oct 1870
            + Philip Thomas SMITH
            • 6 Harry Guy SMITH
          • 5 Samuel JONES - bap 29 Feb 1872 - this JONES went to CANADA with his wife & children - they remained there.
          • 5 Edith JONES - bapt 3 Aug 1873 KEMPLEY
          • 5 Ellen Harrison JONES - bapt 15 Nov 1875 KEMPLEY
        + 2 William CUMMINS a farmer - 2nd husband of HANNAH JONES nee HAYES
        • 4 James CUMMINS b 1839
        • 4 William CUMMINS b 1841

      • 3 Richard HAYES - b Oct 14 1803 BROMSBERROW GLS
        + Mary Ann CUMMINS Marriage: 26 DEC 1826 DYMOCK - M016631 LDS
        • 4 William HAYES - b Sep 10, 1835 DYMOCK
          + Elizabeth
          • 5 Henry Edward HAYES b: 1870 d: Jun 14 1955 Age 85 est.
            + Agnes ROSS d 1938
            • 6 Agnes HAYES b: Abt. 1899 in Birmingham d: Sep 1996 in Birmingham, Age 97 est.
              + Alfred BENNETT b: Abt. 1898 in Birmingham m Dec 24 1919 in St. Asaphs Church, Birmingham d 1976 in Birmingham Age 78 est.
            • 6 Harry HAYES
              + Frances POWEL
            • 6 Doris HAYES b: Dec 29, 1907 d: Dec 1997 Age 90 est.
              + Harry DAVIS
            • 6 Alice HAYES
              + BROOMHALL
        • 4 Sarah Ann HAYES b: Nov 9, 1827 in Dymock
        • 4 Elizabeth HAYES b: Apr 5, 1829 in Dymock
        • 4 Ann HAYES b: Dec 2, 1830 in Dymock
        • 4 Joseph HAYES b: Feb 19, 1832 in Dymock
          + Elizabeth
          • 5 Ada Maria HAYES b: Sep 18, 1864 in Dymock
        • 4 Richard HAYES b: Sep 30, 1838 in Dymock
        • 4 Charles HAYES b: Mar 1, 1841 in Dymock
        • 4 Frederick HAYES b: Feb 17, 1846 in Dymock

      • 3 Thomas HAYES b Sep 11, 1805
      • 3 Henry HAYES b Apr 1, 1807 Bromsberrow GLS
        + Eliza
        • 4 Edwin HAYES b Feb 6, 1832 in Dymock GLS
      • 3 John HAYES b: Sep 15, 1809 in Dymock GLS
      • 3 Charles HAYES b: Oct 31, 1812 in Dymock

    DYMOCK village - post card - DYMOCK 1851 Census

    RICHARD HAYES - bapt 1803 Bromsberrow, Carpenter
    + MARY ANN

      from 1851 census
    • Joseph 19 Carpenter Dymock
    • Richard 15 Ag. Lab Dymock
    • Richard 12 Scholar Dymock
    • Charles 10 Scholar Dymock
    • William HAYES 44 (b 1835) Head Occ Carpenter b Dymock Gloucestershire
      + Elizabeth 48 Wife Occ Housewife b Gloucester

      • George HAYES 18 Son Occ Laborer b Gloucester
      • Alice HAYES 14 Daur Occ Errand Girl b Birmingham
      • Henry HAYES 11 (1870-1955) Son Occ Scholar b Birmingham, Warwick
        + Agnes ROSS
          Agnes HAYES b: Abt. 1899 Birmingham d Sep 1996 Birmingham Age 97
          + Alfred BENNETT b: Abt. 1898 Birmingham m Dec 24 1919 St. Asaphs Church, Birmingham d 1976 Birmingham Age 78
        • Harry HAYES
          + Frances Powel
        • 2 Doris HAYES b: Dec 29, 1907 d Dec 1997 Age 90
          + Harry DAVIS
        • Alice HAYES
          + BROOMHALL
      • Mary A. HAYES 9 Daur b Birmingham, Warwick

      Thomas BINSBEY 28 Lodger Occ Engine Driver b Bilston, Stafford, England
      Susan BINSBEY 26 Lodger Occ Bedstead Polisher b Bilston, Stafford, Eng
      • Thomas BINSBEY 6 Lodger b Bilston, Stafford, England

    Subject: BENNETT's from ALCESTER, War UK
    Date: Sun, 7 May 2000 07:41:53 +0100 From: "dave markley" To:,,,,

    Hi Folks,

    Take a look at this family below that I found on the 1881 census in Ilkeston, Derby.

    GEORGE and his father GEORGE were both born in Alcester, Warwickshire.

    NELL's father EDWARD, my great grandfather, was born in SAMBOURNE (which is often found on census records as Sambourne, Coughton, and Coughton often comes under Alcester) somewhere between 1840 and 1852. Also EDWARD's father was WILLIAM, who was carpenter.

    Now coincidentally GEORGE's father GEORGE was born 1847 in Alcester and was a carpenter. I wonder if GEORGE senior was EDWARD's brother and took up the carpentry trade of their father WILLIAM.

    DERBY was where the big works was for building rolling stock for the railways.

    Dwelling: 58 Ebenezer St Census Place: Ilkeston, Derby, England
    Source: FHL Film 1341793 PRO Ref RG11 Piece 3325 Folio 120 Page 44

    George BENNETT M 34 M Alcester, Warwick, England
    Rel: Head Occ: Railway Wagon Builder

    Eliza BENNETT M 34 F Shardlow, Derby, England
    Rel: Wife Occ: Railway Wagon Builder Wife

    George SMEDLEY 15 M Stapleford, Nottingham, England
    Rel: Step Son Occ: Railway Wagon Builder

    Harriet BENNETT 8 F Stapleford, Nottingham, England
    Rel: Daur Occ: Scholar

    William BENNETT 3 M Stapleford, Nottingham, England
    Rel: Son Occ: Scholar

    John BENNETT 2 M Ilkeston, Derby, England
    Rel: Son

    Anne BENNETT 6 F Stapleford, Nottingham, England
    Rel: Daur Handicap: Imbecile

    James BENNETT 1 M Cossall, Nottingham, England
    Rel: Son

    Ann SHEPHERD W 68 F Stapleford, Nottingham, England
    Rel: Moth In Law Occ: Retired Laundress

    George BENNETT M 71 M Alcester, Warwick, England
    Rel: Father Occ: Carpenter

    John RODGERS U 23 M Newport, Monmouth, England
    Rel: Boarder Occ: Railway Wagon Builder

    ALF FANTHAM, who lives not far from me in KING's NORTON, is trying to find info about JOHN BENNETT and his wife ELIZABETH ROGERS both born about 1856 in Birmingham. Another coincidence therefore, the JOHN RODGERS above was born about 1858, so I wonder if he could have been brother to ELIZABETH ROGERS, hence the reason he is staying with the BENNETT family because of her connections.

    Alf says:
    Can find no entry in St Catherine's for a marriage of JOHN BENNETT to ELIZABETH ROGERS in the years preceding 1881, nor an appropriate registration of the death of JOHN BENNETT prior to 1898. have checked logical fiches in the 1891 census, but not found them yet have checked numerous parish records for marriage of JOHN/ELIZABETH together with the baptism of WILLIAM and ADA, but have not found them. Substantial reward offered to anyone offering evidence to confirm parentage and birth of WILLIAM

    Interesting int it.
    Dave, Redditch Wor UK

    Subject: WILLIAM BENNETT of Warwickshire UK
    Date: Wed, 5 Jan 2000 ...From: "Alf" ...To:

    died 2nd battle Ypres 1915 private 4304 Royal Warwicks

    married ROSE ADA KNIGHT age 19, 31 July 1898 @ Birmingham St Gabriel, age 20 Bedstead maker, father JOHN BENNETT decd engraver. witnesses Ada BENNETT and James THOMPSON (subsequently married 1899 age 21)

    registered birth certificate:
    born 25 February 1880, father JOHN - engraver, mother ELIZABETH nee ROGERS

    1898-20 =1878 not 1880. OK can live with that, maybe he wanted to be older than his wife.

    1881 census:

    JOHN BENNETT age 25 engraver
    ELIZABETH age 25 wife
    ADA age 3
    WILLIAM age 1

    Can find no entry in St Catherine's for a marriage of JOHN BENNETT to ELIZABETH ROGERS in the years preceding 1881, nor an appropriate registration of the death of JOHN BENNETT prior to 1898. have checked logical fiches in the 1891 census, but not found them yet have checked numerous parish records for marriage of JOHN/ELIZABETH together with the baptism of WILLIAM and ADA, but have not found them.

    Substantial reward offered to anyone offering evidence to confirm parentage and birth of WILLIAM

    Kings Norton, Birmingham UK

    The surnames I am interested in are WILLIAMS and BENNETT
    (my great grandparents were JOSEPH WILLIAMS (a grocer, born 1834 in Kingswinford, Stafforshire)and JANE BENNETT (born 1840 in Dudley) who moved to Yorkshire with their family (children Thirza b. 1860 and Mary b. 1865) from Staffordshire around 1870.

    Their marriage cert. (18th Aug, 1861) lists BOTH as aged 21 - so the previous age problem is clarified and it looks like both were born c. 1839/ 1840. Joseph ( a miner( is listed as residing in Gornal, Jane ( a nailer) as Gornal Wood. Jane's father was JOSEPH BENNETT (miner) and Joseph's father a WILLIAM BENNETT (labourer). They were married in Lower Gornal Church in the Parish of Sedgeley.
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    Some 1851 STAFFORDSHIRE Bennetts from north west of BIRMINGHAM

    JOHN BENNETT 42 shoemaker b Shropshire
    MARGARET BENNETT 38 wife b Shropshire
    RICHARD 12
    JOHN 7
    GEORGE 3 b Cannock, all other children born Shropshire
    43 Cannock (could be address)

    THOMAS BENNETT 68 head bachelor farmer of 130 acres b Church Eaton, Staffs.
    JOHN STEVENSON 69 relation un bailiff b Church Eaton, Staffs.
    53 Church Eaton, Staffs.

    HENRY BENNETT 27 mar aglab son-in-law of Jane James 60 head widow b Church Eaton
    MARIA BENNETT 25 wife b Tong, Salop
    EMMA BENNETT 8 b Church Eaton
    ANNE BENNETT 6mo b Church Eaton

    WILLIAM ANSLOW 45 seedsman shoe dealer b Lapley Staffs.
    ANN ANSLOW 40 mistress b Leominster Hereford
    ELIZABETH BENNETT 11 scholar b Checkley Staffs.
    LOUISA BENNETT 9 scholar b Mitton Staffs.
    SARAH BLAKEHOUSE 8 scholar b Wolverhampton

    GEORGE BENNETT 40 head farmer of 4 1/2 acres b Sandley Salop
    Elizabeth BENNETT 33 b Ryton Salop
    54 Broadhole Road Lapley Wheaton Aston Staffs.

    GEORGE BENNETT 53 wid head aglab b Worcester
    48 Low Street Acton Trussell Ecclesiastical district of Berkswich

    THOMAS BENNETT 49 head farmer of 217 acres b Wolstanton, Staffs.
    MARGARET BENNETT 47 wife b Wybunbury Cheshire
    RALPH BENNETT 19 son b Wybunbury
    MARY BENNETT 18 dau b Wybunbury
    THOMAS BENNETT 10 son b Wybunbury
    EMMA BENNETT 3 dau b Penkridge Staffs.
    EDWARD BENNETT 45 brother un farm servant b Audlem Cheshire
    16 Beacon Hill Penkridge

    JAMES BENNETT 27 un head farmer of 207 acres 3lab b Audlem Cheshire
    21 Mitton Lodge Penkridge Village of Mitton

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