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28/06/2002 - Several topics
I am very glad to hear that you are planning to investigate the mystery of John Pace of Middlesex. This mystery needs someone with your skill and experience to uncover new clues.

I was wondering what you think of the Baptism record in Hungar's Parish in 1662 which shows a John Pace born to John and Mary Pace. Is Hungar's Parish in Middlesex County? Couldn't this John Pace, b. 1662, be John Pace of Middlesex?
And who was this older John Pace?
Gordon W. Pace

John Pace-July 20
This could be very important!
I recently ran across a reference to an immigration record for a John Pace showing he arrived in Maryland in 1679. In the limited information I was able to find online, it appears he arrived in Baltimore and was the only Pace on board. Is this John Pace of Middlesex? If it is, he would have been about 14 years old. If not, who is he, where did he go, and does he have descendants? I'm not having much luck finding additional info online. This is something we certainly need to pursue. Any help would be appreciated. Here is what I have so far: Index from manuscript by Arthur Trader, Chief Clerk in the Maryland Land Commission, 1917. And see nos. 4507-4511, Land Notes. SKORDAS, GUST, editor. The Early Settlers of Maryland: an Index to Names of Immigrants, Compiled from Records of Land Patents, 1633-1680, in the Hall of Records, Annapolis, Maryland. Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Co., 1968. 525p. Repr. 1986. Page: 345

Gordon T Pace
- John, let's look at some important arithmetic - 1679-14=1665 -
this year 1665 is the birth year of JOHN PACE of Middlesex County, Virginia.
You may have come across some interesting info here.

John Pace
We need to follow up on this.
If anybody has addition info or finds something related, please post it here.

Gordon T Pace
You mentioned - only PACE on board, if he was the 'John of M' he would be about 14 years old - What is known from Shropshire parish records - JOHN PACE b 1665 Wrockwardine had an OLDER SISTER - ANN PACE b 02 NOV 1655 Rodington, Shropshire - would be 24 y/old in 1679, I found no later record of her in Shropshire records. Of course, she may have been on the same ship arriving at Baltimore in 1679 but married, a different name, surname not known.

The father JOSEPH may have died, his age in 1679 - 1618 = 61 years old - brother GEORGE was 9 years old, would likely stay with mother. As was usually parish practise to save dependence on PARISH ALMS BOX, emigration opportunity was available, I figure - JOHN being 14 emigrating with other parish members to Virginia as names showed up in Middlesex County, Christ Church records, as we know, even PALMER & BLADEN, while GEORGE being 9 years old likely stayed with mother MARGARET. - This is my speculation - if the father had died - the parish church warden or priest may have encouraged JOHN to join other parishioners emigrating to Virginia.

Later known record - 1697 burial of MARGARET PACE at Norbury, Staffordshire parish - this is where JOHN's brother GEORGE PACE (b 1670) married 1693 at Norbury, Staffordshire, father Joseph/Joshua not indicated - back to JOHN PACE - arriving 1679 Baltimore with other folks or sister ANN (unknown married name, if married) - father likely died prior to 1679 - parishes did arranged emigration to avoid family dependance on parish ALMS box - JOHN emigrating - mother appears with son GEORGE at her death at Norbury in 1697 (my 6X gg/f) when GEORGE would be 27 years old. - speculative story I'm thinking, then later at Christ Church, Middlesex PALMER-BLADON union - no doubt, a related family from Wellington, Shropshire - did ANN play a part in this too?

Gordon T Pace
John - I'd suggest to have a look at the surnames of those who were already arriving with this JOHN PACE 14 yeas of age. If you go to - you'll see a list of names, some may have been on that ship which would support the idea that he came with folks he knew, maybe after something happened to his father. I think 14 year olds were rather mature, in those days, marriage in England, those days was merely 12 years old and legal and churches would sponsor people to migrate to avoid them cashing in on the parish alms box.

John Pace
I'd like to see a list of all the surnames that were on that voyage. Haven't had any luck.

Gordon T Pace
There was a surprising influx of people from Shropshire to colonial Virginia - as we've been learning in this Pace Society community, the past decade.

Gordon T Pace

Gordon T Pace
There was a PACE that showed in a Maryland parish, HUNGERS parish which I think is near where the Chesapeake Bridge-tunnel is today, on that Maryland peninsula - I think that was a JOHN PACE too.

Gordon T Pace Tue, 18 Jul 2000 13:16:28 -0700
Is it possible that the John PACE of HUNGERS Parish Northampton/Accomack county VA is the same John PACE, the servant, sold by John NEALE, a VA large landowner and merchant, 2 October 1644 to John ROZIER in the same locality? John PACE is not listed with others in the area as an owner of sheep in 1670.
Ruth Keys Clark, Kansas

Gordon T Pace
Jack Pace answered - Ruth: I did a time line on these two and decided that the servant would have had to be very young at sale time to fit. Jack pace - GTP-maybe this eliminates this JOHN PACE of Hungers parish but I've always wondered if this was another JOHN PACE from my Shropshire family ancestry that also migrated.

John Pace I was thinking he may have come as an indentured servant.
July 20 at 2:04pm · Like

Gordon T Pace
He bought 150 acres, having the money to do that may indicate he had money, and I doubt if he was a servant, he'd have the money to buy 150 acres.
July 20 at 4:14pm · Like

Gordon T Pace
Around the time he left Shropshire, his parents lived in a few different close-by parishes which may indicate his father wasn't a farmer, but a tradesman, maybe a carpenter, building houses, barns for agriculture and when he died in 1720, he left his carpentry tools to a son.
July 20 at 4:18pm · Like

Gordon T Pace
If he arrived in 1679 at 16 years of age, then in 1693 bought 150 acres, that would make him 28 in '93. Evidence indicates father Joseph/Joshua was likely a carpenter too, he lived at Wrockwardine, Rodington and Prees, we know that from Christenings, then married at High Ercall in 1653, 1st child Ann 1655 Rodington, 2nd John 1665 Wrockwarding, 3rd George 1670 at Prees. All these mentioned places are within about 15 miles so it does appear he may have travelled to do his carpentry trades work.
July 20 at 4:25pm · Like

To get an idea of distance between Wrockwardine and Rodington - click on this Google Maps link
- notice - 1 inch = about 2,000 ft.
Rodington & Wrockwardine

picture of Rodington Church - click here

John Pace
So far, all I have is a reference. We need to first verify that the name is correct. Hopefully we can determine the name of the ship to maybe see the passenger list. Or maybe find the immigration record.
July 20 at 4:51pm · Like

Jonathan A Pace
Didn't Bruce Howard discuss this John Pace in his book? I will check. July 21 at 10:52am · Like

John Pace
Anybody find out more on this? July 31 at 10:31pm · Like

John Pace
So far, I have only found evidence of one ship arriving in Baltimore in 1679. The Encrease from Youghal, Ireland. Is it possible John went to Ireland and left from there? Is it possible he arrived before 1679 as did not make the immigration records until then? August 5 at 9:58am · Like ==== PACE Mailing List ====

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Map - Eng., Wales, Scotland in American History
Regional map of England, Wales and Scotland, showing the cities and localities important to American history, particularly immigration from the United Kingdom to the United States prior to 1900

To view this map, go to:
ENGLAND IN AMERICAN HISTORY - MAP longer available........

For best results viewing maps, download the free MrSID image viewer at:
Betty A. Pace

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This is a marvelous site for those interested in U. S. History, especially the link to www.history on the right side of the first screen. Forwarded from another list.
Betty Pace

Subject: A link to the past...
A link to the past
Pace's in National Cemetery
Hello Listers,
While going through National Cemetery Website, I found these Paces. Hope they will fit into someone's family.

3568 Townes Ave
Memphis, TN 38122

PACE, AJ, d.02/12/1884,
PVT M 1 ALA CAV, Plot: 1336

PACE, THEOPHOLUS B., d 07/05/1937,
PVT L 33 US VOL INF, Plot: 5414941,
bur 07/07/1937

PACE, WILLIAM H. d. 15/05/1864,
bur. 05/05/1864, Plot: A1985

PACE, WILLIAM,d. 04/12/1863,
PVT CO F LA INF, Plot: A 2281

PACE, WM H. d. 05/05/1864,
bur May 5 1864, Plot: 1955

Nina Williams

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Thomas Pace - London clockmaker

I accidentally came across a library book here in London and noticed a long clock made by Thomas Pace. I think the date was around 1620 but can't remember exactly. (I should carry pen and paper!) I looked in another library and found a smaller clock, also by Thomas Pace, from the "Regency Period". It looks likely that my Pace line centred around E. London so I would suspect a connection. Does anyone know of this Thomas? I intend to go web surfing for more of his clocks.
To learn more about THOMAS PACE and London Pace family of Clockmakers - Click Here
Re: Thomas Pace - London clockmaker
THOMAS PACE - London, 1630-1662
member of the Clockmaker's Company

- a trade guild which means that he could employ apprentices and other workmen
- more accurate records for this Thomas will doubtless exist still with the Worshipful Company of Clockmakers

There were quite a few PACE clockmakers in LONDON. The dates given are those which have been estimated by a study of known clocks.

from Geoff White, Helsinki Finland
another Shropshire, Staffordshire family researcher

John - London. apprenticed 1720
Thomas - London (Whitechapel) 1784-1825
Henry - London (Whitechapel), early 1800s
Henry - London, 1832-1863
(this Henry may well be the previous one.
The first is more a guesstimate)
Charles - London, 1839-1851, successor to Henry
Thomas - London 1828
Edmund - London, 1839 - 1844

Some non-London Paces which may be interesting:

John - Bury St. Edmunds, 1825-1855
H. - Loughton, Essex, 1855
Hugh - Newry, 1865 - 1892
Thomas - Chelmsford, c. 1800

Then it seems that some moved out:

Henry - Ottawa, 1875
Henry - Brampton, Canada, 1862
C, San Francisco, c. 1850

from: 'Watchmakers and Clockmakers of the World'
by G.H.Baillie, 2nd edition 1947,
which lists clockmakers up to 1825.

The best clock library in the world is at the headquarters of the National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors (NAWCC) in Columbia, PA.

Geoff White
president of the Finland Chapter


the following appeared in

THE EDMONTON NEWS - Edmonton Alberta
November 12 1907
in reference to FRED PACE, brother of the above HENRY PACE - Ottawa, 1875 who came to Canada from London and appears in the 1871 census of Ontario.

"He came of the family that made the old time clocks upon so many of which the name of Pace will be found inscribed in the old country, and was for a time with Lloyd's in London and was always a very clever business man."

Henry Pace ran a jewellery store at 29 Sparks Street, Ottawa 1877 78 79 later, Lethbridge Alberta where he ran a shop, adjoining the LETHBRIDGE HOUSE.

Henry Pace died 1899 Lethbridge and was buried at St. Paul, Minnesota where his daughter, a Mrs. KITTSON, lived at that time.

Gord Pace - Colborne, Ontario Canada
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