#10-CULLWICK Family History  

son of William Cullwick & Susannah Fox

5 CHARLES FOX CULWICK 1803-1847 - bt 13 Nov 1803 SHIFNAL C048862 - 24 Nov 1847 - a yeoman and a Burgess of Bridgnorth (before the 1832 voting Reform Act). He was a master saddler and an employer - respectable but poor middle class saddler at SHIFNAL. JC
+ MARTHA OWEN - 1800-47 - Marriage: 24 Dec 1829 SHIFNAL - M048863
Martha was lady's maid to the wife of Rev John EYTON, Rector of Wellington before marriage in 1829 at St Andrews, Shifnal. Martha's parents (John and Anne OWEN) lived in the Red House at Tong (lovely house opposite the church). JC

  • 6 JAMES (Jim) CULLWICK 1830-1910
    - bt 14 Nov 1830 SHIFNAL - Batch #C048861
    Wheelwright - still alive when MUNBY died in 1910.

    + EMILY GRIFFITHS 1856-1920
    - Bapt 27 Apr 1856 at Shifnal

    • 7 EMILY GRIFFITHS CULLWICK - bt Shropshire 1857 - 1920
      + GIBBS - of BEARLEY, Warwickshire - Later Mrs GIBBS (husband was grandson of Hannah Bonehill GIBBS of Bearley near Stratford-on-Avon. Buried in YARDLEY cemetary in Birmingham with her daughter Ada PERKS (1882-1970). Emily had a second daughter, who lived in Birmingham (Mrs ROUSE?)
      • 8 ADA CULLWICK - m PERKS of Bankes Road, SMALL HEATH
      • 8 Mrs. ROUSE
    • 7 WILLIAM (Willie) CULLWICK - Died young, of measles in July, 1865
    • 7 ARTHUR CULLWICK - Also died young of measles in Aug, 1865.
      Mother Eliza died of a "decline" shortly afterwards
    + ELIZABETH (Lizzie) BEETLESTONE - nee CULLWICK - b 1825 approx - Daughter of JOHN CULLWICK 1780-1854 first cousin of JAMES and widow of Henry BEETLESTONE (1822-55) of Shifnal. JIM b 1830 was living in Burying Lane, WOMBRIDGE with his second wife ELIZABETH nee CULLWICK (his cousin) and their 12 year old son GEORGE (an elder boy CHARLES had died the previous year).

  • 7 CHARLES 1867-80

    - b 14 Oct 1869-1953 only nephew of Hannah Munby - Marriage 1st Oct 1894 Parish of WOMBRIDGE, Salop by Banns in parish church, according to established church. George Horace CULLWICK, 24, bachelor, wheelwright, residing WOMBRIDGE, father James CULWICK (sic), wheelwright. Sarah Jane PARKER, 25, spinster, no occupation listed, residing WOMBRIDGE, father John PARKER, collier. Both signed. Witnesses James PARKER and Emma PARKER, both signed - this is the marriage of GEORGE of the Coffee House, SHERIFFHALES - the only surviving nephew of HANNAH MUNBY. d 26 April 1953 at the Coffee House, SHERIFFHALES Shropshire.

    - (died 1919) - married 1894 at WELLINGTON

      - (HORACE) b 3 July 1895 (went to CANADA)

      - (CHARLES) b 25 Mar 1897 lived in Sherriffhales. One daughter.

      - b 2 Apr 1899
      Married an Ipswich vicar. Esther (Hetty) went to IPSWICH when she was 9 and was looked after by her aunt Polly (Mary Ann, youngest sister of Hannah Munby). Polly (1844-1924) had a large haberdashery shop on the Buttermarket. The premises now contain the shops of Rymans and Contessa in Ipswich.

      Hetty took over the business after Polly's death, and married Rev HAROLD GREEN of Ipswich in 1938 and they had one daughter Judith Green. Judy is married to David MELDRUM. One daughter

    • 8 GEORGE CULLWICK - (1901-1918)

    • 8 GEORGE JOHN CULLWICK - b 1903

    • 8 MARY ANN CULLWICK - (Mary) b 13 Jan 1905 - unmarried
      lived with father in Sherriffhales)

      - b 2 Aug 1907
      emigrated to Ontario Canada, joined eldest brother HORACE in Nova Scotia - 2 daughters

    • 8 WALTER CULLWICK 1910-1983
      rests at SHERIFFHALES church yard

Sheriffhales parish church yard
in Shropshire

north of Shifnal was found resting in the church yard
- CULLWICK & PACE ancestors

As John & I - Gordon Pace
were strolling through the churchyard,
looking for mutual ancestors graves,

I found grave of GEORGE PACE
(portrait of GEORGE on web page) whose son
WILLIAM CHERRINGTON PACE and 2 daughters emigrated to IOWA USA in 1851

to see picture of GEORGE PACE
which hangs on wall of descendents living room in California USA

the following CULLWICK grave site
It was a productive day.

8 WALTER CULLWICK (1910-1983)
was a bachelor and lived with his father
GEORGE HOARCE CULLWICK (1869-1953) and unmarried sister Mary (b 1905) in the Coffee House in Sheriffhales.

GEORGE was a son of
JAMES "Jim" CULLWICK 1830-1910

Apparently, GEORGE was a wheelwright and carpenter for the DUKE of SUTHERLAND on his LILLESHALL estate.

At some point, the Duke leased a large property to him that was called The Coffee House. In about 1921, the SUTHERLANDS sold their Lilleshall property, and the houses in Sherriffhales were sold to the County Council. So GEORGE and WALTER then became council tenants.


that GEORGE was the only nephew of HANNAH MUNBY, so these are her closest relatives. The only niece of Hannah Munby was EMILY GIBBS (1857-1920). When the boxes of MUNBY were opened in Cambridge in 1950, a lady called ADA PERKS was present. She was a daughter of EMILY.

  • WALTER CULLWICK - 1910-1983
    rests at SHERIFFHALES church yard

  • 6 HANNAH CULLWICK 1833-1909
    - bt 23 Jun 1833 SHIFNAL C048861- m - 1873 - d 1909
    + ARTHUR MUNBY - son of Joseph and Caroline (nee FORTH) MUNBY of Clifton Holme, near YORK.

    click here - TRINITY COLLEGE Library description - married 1873 clandestinely (secretly) in CLERKENWELL (London)

    ARTHUR MUNBY, a famous poet and barrister, was interested in working women, and was a founder of the Workers Educational Association. He persuaded Hannah to write down everything - what she did, what she thought. Most is very tedious, but some of it isn't!

    Hannah moved back to Shropshire (Hadley) in 1890's and finally moved to Shifnal to a little cottage just off the High St. Her brother Jim Cullwick was a wheelwright and carpenter and her nephew George Cullwick (1869-1953) lived in the Coffee House in Sheriffhales.

    She wrote about her visits to Shropshire and her relatives. Apart from the names above, these relations included SHERRATT, PHILLIPS, YATES, BALL, OWEN, MORRIS, BEATLESTONE.

    In the 1901 census, Hannah was living in Trench Road, Hadley with Arthur MUNBY. Nephew George CULLWICK was living at Beveley, Wellington - married to Sarah J PARKER, 32, born Wellington. Brother Jim CULLWICK was living in Wombridge (Burying Lane, I believe, in a cottage he built himself) and was a wheelwright aged 70.

    Hannah really was a fascinating person - full of independence and determination. Hope this new book does her some justice.
    John Cullwick

    click here - NOTES - HANNAH MUNBY

  • 6 RICHARD CULWICK 1836-1883 - bt 22 May 1836 SHIFNAL C048861 was a saddler living at 13 White Cross Place in LONDON. The head was John Fetter, 54, German, married, fur skin dyer. Richard died in 1883 aged 46

    (Ellen) b 5 May 1839 SHIFNAL d 4 Aug 1919
    + WILLIAM COOK - East London Registrar. No children.

  • 6 MARY ANN CULWICK 1843-1929
    bt 18 May 1843 SHIFNAL Batch Number: C048861 - a shop assistant in Ipswich aged 36. She is living with SARAH MASH, 69, b COLCHESTER, widow, haberdasher. They are living at the Old Butter Market, IPSWICH (St Mary atte Tower). Polly died in 1929 and presumably she was a haberdasher in IPSWICH until she died.

    Hannah Munby

    "Love and Dirt:

    The Marriage
    of Arthur Munby and Hannah Cullwick"

    by Diane Atkinson

    a new book about Hannah Munby,
    from Shifnal

    Hardback, 250pp;
    Pan; ISBN:033378071X.
    List Price 18.99.
    Launch date 24th January 2003

    Fuller details are on

    An ancestor of mine (John Cullwick)
    is Hannah MUNBY (Hannah CULLWICK was her maiden name) and she was from Shifnal in Shropshire and has had books written about her.

    In "The Diaries of Hannah Cullwick, Victorian Maidservant" by Liz Stanley, the author quotes from Hannah's 1882 diary that Hannah (1833-1909) stayed with her Granny GIBBS at BEARLEY, near Stratford. "She was her mother's mother"

    As her mother's mother died about 1840, is buried in TONG churchyard in Shropshire and was Mrs. OWEN, this must be incorrect, but who is Granny Gibbs? and what sort of place is Bearley?

    So many people have ridiculed the diary of Arthur MUNBY, QC when he stated that his lowly born wife Hannah CULLWICK of Shifnal was a distant relation of Lords Truro and Penzance.
    - CLICK ON THIS to learn more.

    On the 1881 census
    there is the following family listed which appears to be the right one.
    • Hannah B Gibbs head widow 76 b Shottery
    • John B Gibbs son unmd 46 agric labourer
    • Edward B Gibbs son unmd 41 agric labourer
    Hannah refers often to NED in BEARLEY, which must be EDWARD. It also appears that Granny GIBBS had a daughter called JANE (described as Hannah's young cousin). Jane Gibbs was in service at HARBORNE in 1885. By 1887, Jane was "a parlourmaid at Pinley House, by Coventry".

    It may be just a coincidence but Hannah left her not inconsiderable estate (about 25,000) to her neice EMILY GIBBS in 1909. She did have one neice born Emily Cullwick in 1857 - so did niece Emily marry one of the Gibbs in Bearley?

    I just cannot see the connection between Hannah Munby nee Cullwick (aged 48 in 1881) and Hannah B Gibbs (aged 76). One lived all her life in the Shifnal/Telford area and the older lady seems to have lived all her life in the Shottery/Bearley area near Stratford.

    Hannah Munby (nee Cullwick)'s mother was Martha OWEN b abt 1805, incidentally.

    I would be really interested in any comments about this. Hannah obviously had a link with the Gibbs and Bearley, and Liz Stanley's book is obviously wrong at this point. But what might the relationship have been? - John Cullwick

    James CULLWICK
    + Amelia ROWLESTONE - marriage in 1793 at Worfield.
    • Thomas CULWICK bp 16 June 1793 at Pattingham
    • Joyce CULWICK, bp 6 Mar 1796 at Pattingham
      + William PORTER at Claverley on 1 Mar 1824
    • James CULWICK, bp 8 July 1798 at Pattingham
    • Charlotte CULWICK, bp 28 June 1801 at Pattingham

    info by John CULLWICK - Blakesley, Northants - email John