LONDON - Society of Genealogists meet May 1 2004
CULLWICK Desendents get-together

from left to right
  • Don Soppitt
  • Barbara Heenan
  • Jackie Whitley
  • John Cullwick

from left to right
  • Don Soppitt
  • Barbara Heenan
  • Jackie Whitley
  • Jane Marriott

Don Soppitt says:
Dear fellow SOG 2004 visitors,
It was great to meet you all "in the flesh" (as it were) rather than etherially! I feel sure that there are some more breakthroughs to be made fairly soon. (Many thanks for the photos. Jane.)

Dear everyone else!
Sorry not to have met some of you yet. I expect that we are getting close to uniting the trees, and that a celebratory party will then become appropriate! Anyway, happy researching to all, and (as Dave Allen used to say) may your Lord go with you.
Best regards to all,

William Molineaux 1830-1902

William Molineaux - an iron master in Bradley, Bilston (he owned 3 ironworks there) and was born in the village of Old Park, Telford and brought up on Shropshire Row, Bilston ( a small hamlet of folk who had moved to Bilston from east Shropshire). His dad Thomas Molineaux was a simple iron puddler and a Methodist lay preacher. His daughter, my gt grandma Jenny Molineaux (1862-1949) married my gt grandfather in 1884. I apparently met my gt grandma just before she died - I would have been almost 3 at the time.

The young chap is
Arthur Samuel Cullwick 1855-1937

Arthur was the third of the 5 sons of my gt gt grandfather Edward Cullwick (1819-1869), my gt grandfather Josiah Frank (1857-1923) was the fourth and Evelyn's (Don's wife) grandfather was the fifth - Herbert Ernest (1859-1945).

Arthur became the owner of a lock company and lived in Douro House, Waterloo Road in Wolverhampton. His daughter Doris married Reginald Tildesley, who owned the Ford franchise in the Wolverhampton area till he died in a motor accident about 1955.

All 5 Cullwick Brothers, I believe, were Methodist lay preachers. And I rather think they were all Councillors or Aldermen at various times. The eldest - Edward Lewis Cullwick (1848-1909) died in office whilst serving as Mayor of Wolverhampton.