SUNRISE....... on the BAY of FUNDY
near SAINT MARTINS.....New Brunswick, Canada

sunrise on the bay

QUAKO, New Brunswick near the picturesque village of SAINT MARTINS

where you can get two covered bridges into your photo, or a light house. With the tide, boats tied to the dock go up and down a great distance, every six hours. .

Where is it, you ask?
In Eastern Canada's Maritime province On the BAY of FUNDY shores
where tides are said to be the highest in the world, a differential of 50 feet can occur in a six hour period

GEORGE & MARY PACE have a Guest House for tourists to rent

Mull of Kintyre
a newly built, 2 bedroom plus loft cottage,
perched high on the cliffs next to a working lighthouse
overlooking the Bay of Fundy & St Martins village,
which contains not one,
but two picturesque covered bridges,
used daily by local traffic.

Relax and marvel at the Bay
in all its moods
and ever-changing sunrises.
Explore the 5-acre property

to learn more - CLICK HERE -
or Contact GEORGE & MARY PACE directly - 506 833-2304

George & Mary Pace

George & Mary Pace
Address: 95 Lighthouse Road
St. Martins, New Brunswick, Canada E5R1M8
Phone: 506 833-2304


George & Mary Pace

What's the odds of this happening?

My daughter CLARINDA and I were on a short hike to see the lighthouse which looks out over the water between NEW BRUNSWICK and NOVA SCOTIA, about 25 miles across the BAY of FUNDY at this point.

On the way back to the car we came across a local couple, out for a walk, and began to talk. The lady had an English accent. I asked where were you from in the UK. She said STAFFORDSHIRE. I said I have a web page for people of my family from STAFFORDSHIRE.

The gentleman said he came from MALTA. I said I also have a web page for people of my surname that come from MALTA.

I introduced myself as GORD PACE.

The gentleman's breath seemed to hesitate,
..... then said, "I'm GEORGE PACE"

Maybe I should have gone to the store and ploughed my money into lottery tickets. As I get older, these strange coincidences seem to come more often, or is it, we become more aware of simple things in life and grow to appreciate what there's left in life for us.

Needless to say,
we were invited back to their house where we had many cups of tea, etc. and discussed all kinds of PACE business, looked at pictures on their computor. They had already known about the PACE Websites, of course.

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