- born abt 1845 BROMSGROVE 1851 Rednal census - shows as 6 years old
+ PHOEBE NAYLOR of Sedgley m 16 May 1864
    All Saints West BROMWICH

    EDWARD, x, 22, bach, carter of West Brom, father VICARAGE, carter and PHEBE, (x), 23, spinster, father JOB NAYLOR, miner.
    Witnesses SAMUEL CULLWICK (signed) and PHEBE ANN JUKES, (x).

    EDWARD was a coal miner in Laney Green, Staffs. He died there on 6th November 1873 from bronchitis and pneumonia - informant EMILY PACE (sister) of Laney Green, present at death (she signed).

    PHOEBE NAYLOR was bt at Sedgley on 11 Apr 1841,
    parents JOB and MARY NAYLOR. She appears to have been named after an older sister PHOEBE born 1831, who died aged 3. PHOEBE married, secondly, JOHN FASEY on 9 August 1880 at Sedgley (VTR).

    JOHN FASEY was an inmate in Stafford Prison in the 1881 census and PHOEBE was housekeeper to her elder brother DANIEL, a widower, at 7 Burton Road in Sedgley. She describes herself as "Phoebe Culwick, a widow". By the 1901 census, she and JOHN FASEY are living together in Sedgeley - both 58 and he is a carter and ironworker.

was son of VICARAGE.
His wife was PHOEBE NAYLOR
of Gornal near Sedgly.

EDWARD died and PHOEBE married again in 1879 to JOHN PHASEY who was in prison in Stafford in 1881C. Though they were together in 1891 and 1901.

Barbara found that the parents of an EDWARD Cullwick born in Shareshill in the 1870's were EDWARD and SARAH!!
Now read on.....

was born on 1 September 1873 at The Inhedge, Upper Gornal
(cert from GRO);

this was close to EDWARD's address in C1861.

The fact that this EDWARD
was a double baptism with EDWARD and EMILY PACE's son at Shareshill in October 1873 would seem to indicate that this *is* 'our' Edward.

Edward and Sarah Ann Porter married in June 1/4 1873 in Dudley RD and I've requested that cert.

But when EDWARD married Phoebe Naylor at West Brom in 1864, his father was named as Vicarage, and everything points to this being the real one!!

PHOEBE was of course a widow by C1881, but so was SARAH ANN. She was living with her widowed mother MARY and her 7 year old son EDWARD, surname shown as Culric.

I've tried to think of all the possible explantions, but bigamy is the only one I came up with. Hopefully the cert will explain things.

Jane Marriott wrote
Didn't Edward, son of Vicarage, die in 1873? If so, can't have been long after his marriage to Sarah Ann. Did first wife find out and go looking for him, or did second wife discover she wasn't really married at all? How did he die? Gunshot wounds?????

All fascinating - will be interesting to see how it pans out.

Lorra LOL, Jane. Think it will be gunshot wounds, and I would suspect Phoebe's second husband John Phasey - the one in Stafford clink in 1881C. Perhaps in 1873 he was her hit man.
Bw John

Story So Far
Edward/Edwin Cullwick was son of Vicarage. His wife was Phoebe NAYLOR of Gornal near Sedgly. Edward died and Phoebe married again in 1879 to John PHASEY. He was in prison in Stafford in 1881C. Though they were together in 1891 and 1901.

Barbara found that the parents of an Edward Cullwick born in Shareshill in the 1870's were Edward and Sarah!! Now read on..... (unless of a nervous disposition)

On 30 June 1873
at St Edmond's Church Dudley
Edward Culwick (signed) age 32 *bachelor*, labourer, father Vicarage Culwick, labourer to Sarah Ann Porter x age 21, spinster. Father William Porter, miner. Witnesses Benjamin and Sarah Dudley, both signed.

There are 2 churches in Dudley town: St Thomas, known as Top Church, and St Edmonds, Bottom Church.

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